December 2009

Maryland does not just expose the up and coming whether it’d be movies or music or what have you, but it delivers in introducing to you the latest developments that deal with monsters? You heard right real live monsters or shall I say a melodic set of monsters if that makes it any better. I’m talking about Fallen Martyr, whose reigning terror has truly decreased itself, as surely as their EP “The Six Roots of True Will”, has done.

2005 brought together Doug Albers (bass), Gabriel Luis (guitar), Ryan Rawlings (vocals), Michael Gerlash (guitar), along with Jake Ford (drums) to establish this melodic force field of disaster that has caused so much more than it was meant to create. "Reverse Metamorphasis", and 'All In", both combine the melodic sound waves that clashes together some modern American metal inspiration mixed in with some euro power metal with a dash of progressive attitude with aggressive thrash metal thrown to top it all off. Instantly recognizable is the influenced merging affect, you can tell at first glance the styling’s of Testament, Dream Theater, Arch Enemy and more modern aspects, Into Eternity and Mutiny Within, which breathes in that craftsmanship that has built this album to work with such meaningful lyrics to maintain its structure.

"Scars of Dissociation", is the brief intermission as it slowly entangles itself leading into "The Man Becomes the Prophet". Which hands down unleashes such technical tactics with such memorable melodies and grasping solos with overwhelming riffs the music consume its listener right on target having them eagerly wanting more. Fallen Martyr has mastered their styling sound waves and can structure together a well rounded song alignment and then some, so surly these metal monsters will be causing a lot more mayhem than mischief once the 2010 term ignites.

When we were first introduced to the kids of Death Valley High, we were greeted with distorted guitar riffs mix-matched with pop-punk groove tones, which were later defined as “Doom Pop”. But that was then during the mists of Death Valley High’s critically acclaimed, “The Similarities of the Loveless and the Undead”. Now is the time for, the follow-up’s turn, hence DHV presents to you “Doom, In Full Blood”.

A self produced effort that has boasted the mixing talents of Alex Newport (Mars Volta, At The Drive-In, and The Locust) and long time collaborator Eric Stenman (Thrice, MSTRKRFT, and Senses Fail). Death Valley High features Reyka Osburn (Tinfed, Ghostride) on vocals, guitar and synths; Adam Bannister on drums; Chris Sanders on guitar along with Huffy Hafera on bass for what Reyka calls “DHV’s strongest and most dedicated lineup to date; Inglorious Basterds-style”.

Now to the fun part, this highly anticipated follow up album precisely brings out that “doom pop” sensation that is truly over written when it gets thrown about in every possible direction. Opener “Black Friday,” immediately overrides the listener’s hearing rights, by screaming directly into the ear cannel that gets bang right against the ear cannel’s eardrum. This echoing vibration of drum ethics that instantly bounces against the guitars segmental is unbelievable. Having the vocal effects lash out at you like a tiger ready to lash out upon its prey.

“She Wants To Kill”, “Days and Days”, and “Thru Hell”, are truly the attention graspers that overrun the music altogether by which the music constantly rushes right at you, all of the instruments working together as the lyrics being out spoken is considerably in deep discussion about the pain, suffering and ethics of fear that keeps the listener in anticipation of more. Death Valley High is back in session and accepting enrollment into their pop-punk courses with promising doom pop ethics that won’t leave utter disappoint in its signature.

We've all been to the circus at least once in our lifetimes but when it comes to the rock n ‘roll stylings of The Venetia Fair their type of circus is simply out of this world. Would you believe that their album is titled "The Circus"? If you couldn't guess that by now then I guess your head isn’t screwed on properly.

Any who, The Venetia Fair takes you on a bumpy ride that is purely justified as absolution. Why is that? Well perhaps this debut album of theirs tends to do something most new comers cannot. The first half portrays itself as “The Overture”. That showcases nothing more but your average lyrics, instrumental segmentations, harmonies mixed with melodies that manages to untangle itself every so often the music loses it’s meaning of bounciness. The instruments lack in procrastinating that uplifting feeling of progression. The lyrics are the ones maintaining all of the work, being rolled right out like a red carpet to a movie premiere, just get thrown out there and a few words are spoken of and everything is moved right along. Plain and simple is the indication here.

While the second half is the invitation to “The Circus” that should be more embracing and entertaining should it not? Wrong! The second half does get the job done but again it manages to lack but has a different quality all its own. "Because You’re Lonely (The Circus)", "The Ringleader (Nonus the Hobo)", "The Animals Tent (Decimus the Tramp)", and "The Performers Tent (Mortus The Bum)", all directs the music to lay itself according to each song. For instance the keyboards tend to play a lot more often to whereas the vocals and other instrumental segments only getting several minutes to shine in the spotlight.

The Venetia Fair showcases pure talent but the music doesn’t quite live up to its fullest determination here. These guys can easily dish out a catchier energetic atmosphere that doesn’t get overrun with lacking qualities.

With the anticipation of a soon to be released full length by punk go getters Death Valley High straight out of sunny but chilly California. Death Valley High is more than ready to show their fans some new songs. In the midst of touring, the band have written more than a bountiful amount of songs and are on the edge of their seats to see what comes next. Surely, the fans are doing the same. Vocalist Reyka Osburn gave me the 411 on what can be expected.

1. What type of band are you?

Rey: One of the best responses I've heard is "Doom Pop". Most of the time, any combination of the words: "doom", "punk", "dance" and "core" fit the marquee. I think we're best described as any of those "post" this-or-that movements. Post-Punk or Post-Hardcore, maybe we're Post-Indie... Post-Indie-White-Belts!

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Rey: I started writing music for my former band, TINFED, that was a little unexpected. Instead of re-inventing the band, it was really the best idea to shed the name, unload the baggage and deliver the new sound as Death Valley High.

3. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Rey: Killing Joke to Godflesh to Adam Ant, Noisy bands, and Dancey bands. We want to create an atmosphere musically and visually. If you were to compare us to film; something like Battle Royale set during 28 Days Later while Fight Club was happening wouldn't be too far off.

4. What are your dreams and goals?

Rey: We want to carve our own path. It's the whole "the path less taken" thing. There's no respect or longevity being followers. We want to be pioneers.

5. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Rey: I write the songs... they tend to reflect several degrees of horror. It strikes me as having this very *human* appeal. You can draw similarities of survival, in horror contexts, to daily survival. Every day, every job, every relationship bare some HORRIFIC challenges.

6. How do you promote your band and shows?

Rey: Normal tactics but using the guerilla style: posters, flyers, online networking... ground level stuff. We just hit it like our very lives depended on it.

7. Describe your show, visual and musically.

Rey: Our shows are like a wall of cacophony, sonics, and battery. The stage (if there is one) becomes this sort of cathartic playground. We know what WE wanna see, so we try and bring it our show. It’s one of those shows that’s got to have it all, the lights, violence, and action, it being full throttle all the way!

8. What's your outlook on the record industry today?

Rey: We're witnessing a tsunami size change, turning things upside down and shaking it out. I'm interested to watch this dramatic shift in things. I'm happy to see that fans will dictate what goes in our ears and not some industry fucktards who have been manipulating what we listen to for the past several years.

9. Tell us a story about a day in your life.

Rey: Coffee, water, skateboards, horror, comedy, alcohol. Normally spread apart by band stuff.

10. What inspires you to do what you do?

Rey: Nothing in the universe completes me like music, music and film, and the arts definitely do it for me. If I can't do something important with music/art in this lifetime, I truly don't think it'd be worth living.

11. What advice would you give to fellow bands?

Rey: Everyone has their own opinions about how to MAKE it in a band. There's no formula. Time and place is EVERYTHING in this business. Never listen to just anyone's advice. Practice your brains out. Make music you FEEL and deliver it like it was the very last time you would... Never give in. Then quit what you're trying to do and get on to some DOOM PUNK DANCE CORE!

12. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Rey: It's my therapist, best friend and drug pusher. See question 11.

13. What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs/venues?

Rey: Performing is like medicine to our disease. The opportunity to kill it, or break rules trying to, is the best part. The worst part is the dirty bathrooms!

14. Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.

Rey: We're playing West Coast shows to promote our newest record, "Doom, In Full Bloom". AND honestly, even if you don't like our music - we go the extra mile to bring the smiles. If we don't make you smile somewhere in the set... you're one hard cookie to break.

15. Any last words?

Rey: I'll quote Battle Royale... "So today's lesson is... you kill each other off 'til there's only one left. Nothing's against the rules." See ya soon!

When it comes to the era that "once was" as in "classic rock" that time was surprisingly enough dead and buried wasn't it? Well that's what the classical roots want you to think. But that's just not happening because with the California stylings of Wooden Jesus that’s precisely what you receive. Taken the influences from such acts as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, among others, Wooden Jesus is due to be the next big thing within the classic hard rock n’ roll category. Vocalist/Guitarist Andrew Thrasher and Bassist/Backing Vocalist Zach Lucero spoke to me briefly about the band's formation along with what the future holds for these upcoming rock stars.

1. How did the band pick the name Wooden Jesus?

Andrew: Fuck, Well... Zach and I were over at my old place playing a bunch of old songs on our acoustics having a beer or two, or three when we started thinking about a name for the project we had been writing for, and one of the songs we had just finished playing was a song by Temple Of The Dog called "Wooden Jesus". We kind of joked around about using that for the name and then about a week or so later, I'm not quite sure how I ended up in this situation but I distinctly remember being drunk as all hell standing on the table in my living room with a bottle of wine in one hand yelling to Zachary on the phone about how I don't give a fuck if anybody thinks it’s weird or too different, If we like the name than we should just use it because that's what’s real and all this shit it was a good time. Next Question please.

2. Where are you guys from?

Andrew: We are mostly from Modesto CA. You know..., the place where everybody keeps getting murdered. We make the news all the time. I'm sure you've heard of it, there are some good bands out here.

3. How long has the band been together?

Zach: We officially got together with Roger in April 2008 went through a couple of rhythm guitar players and got Kevin around June 2009.

4. What genre would you classify your music as?

Zach: I describe it as Hard Rock

5. Who are some of your influences?

Andrew: DOWN, The mighty Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, GnR, Corrosion of Conformity, Soundgarden there's a ton really.

6. The band has a demo out, what can be said about that - has the reactions been good or bad?

Zach: It’s an 8 song demo that turned into nine. The original eight songs that are on there were picked from about 11 songs that we actually played in our set around the time we made it which was the week of the New Years in 08-09. My brother in law had this weird office space that he rented but didn’t use because he only used the shop portion of it for storage, so I convinced him to let us record there. It was perfect for us, It was freezing around this time of year and it had heat, lights, bathroom, everything we needed. Andrew, Roger and I locked ourselves in this office for three days (total of 36 hours recording time only leaving to run errands) and recorded the demo.

We had a lot of fun doing it because we just smoked cigarettes, drank beer and played music for three days straight, it was great. The demo is pretty rough but sounds great considering we slammed it out ourselves. Andrew had about 95% of the lyrics complete except for some of the lyrics to Pill Freak so when it came time to record vocals Andy and I each took a piece of paper and went to separate sides of the room, played the music and finished it up right there on the spot before he recorded vocals. The song that has been added to the demo is a newer song called 4 letter words that has been playing on Rock 96.7 up here which we added to it because we wanted to try out some of Kevin’s recording software.

7. What inspired your lyrics for this CD?

Andrew: I kind of have the tendency to just write about anything that's bothering me at the time so it pretty much ranges from inner personal stuff to people who do shit that doesn't make any since to me. Like Obama for example…what the fuck is his problem?

8. Do you have any personal favorites off it?

Zach: At the beginning of 4 Letter Words you can hear Andy and I fucking off talking shit into the mic which is fantastic because it shows us being the asses we really are. I also love the way Pill Freak came out on the demo for two reasons, the first being that was the first song I wrote some of the lyrics to and second reason is the solo at the end of the song. Andy had just finished all of the leads so we were listening to it as a whole and on that song I got up and said it needs the gnarliest lead right there, just completely obnoxious with bar dives and shit, like Jerry Cantrells lead on Rain When I Die. It was fucking hilarious Andy had the whammy bar tangled in the strings and shit, it was perfect.

9. Do you have any plans for a video?

Andrew: Actually yes, when we get out of the studio that's the first thing I would like to start work on. I think shooting a music video would be a hell of a lot of fun. If I was the director of course otherwise no.

10. When do you think we'll be seeing a full length?

Andrew: Were going into the studio at the beginning of the year so I would like to have something out by say March early April. We’re also going to record an acoustic record so hopefully that will be out shortly after.

11. Have you had any luck with getting signed by a label - have any spoken to you?

Zach: Not really, we actually have just recently started talking about it realistically and it seems to be a topic that always comes up, at least with me. I recently contacted a couple of different labels Warner, Road Runner, another one I think it was Atlantic and the receptionists pretty much told me to fuck off, if you don’t know somebody then get fucked. Nobody has contacted us yet, but It seems like our shows are all worth something as of late, whether it be with this band or that band, this place or that place they all carry more and more value, and that seems to be the trend, which is a good thing, we haven’t been a band very long and we have accomplished a lot so far.

12. What does the future hold for Wooden Jesus?

Andrew: At the beginning of next year we are going to focus mainly on recording but we do have a couple of shows coming up. One with Primer55 in January and another with Prong/Green Jelly/Skinlab and a bunch of other bands hosted by Metal Sanaz in March which is brought to you by 209 Productions and is going to be at The Fat Cat Music House and Lounge in Modesto which is a kick ass venue. We have played a lot of good shows there and have seen a lot of great bands play at that place. I remember one time Jerry Cantrell almost broke my damn neck there. Zach and I were at a show a couple years back and Jerry decided right at the moment I wasn't paying attention he needed to stage dive right on top of us. It was such a fucking killer show. Ever since then I've wanted to wait until some dumb ass in one of our crowds stops paying attention and stage dive back on his ass...or face...or whatever.

13. Finally, what would you like to say to all of your fans?

Andrew: I just want to say look for our record early next year hopefully it'll be out by March maybe early April and make sure you pay attention at our shows because you might just end up with my ass on your head. Thank you.

Still Phantoms is one of those bands you find yourself listening to in a small dark four walled room with no way out and nobody to turn to. They present this Ambient Dark Rock speculation that is influenced by all styles of music ranging from hard rock to hip-hop straight to the core of it all, with metal meeting its electro beats. The music is nothing that unusual but can be heard at this point and time within this particular music scene. Simply Still Phantoms says quote “Interpret what you Hear, Not what you are told to Hear".

When it comes to breaking down this thirteen track enlightenment,” Translucent Hymns”, you may notice the number 13 labeled across the amount of tracks enlisted, but don't let the number fool you just yet. These tunes have possessed this type of “dark energy” that manages to overrun the music itself. For instance “He Walks Amongst Us”, the introduction alone has that rattling marching undertone that sends this eerie sensation running instantly down your backside. Whereas the music itself doesn’t start up until 30 seconds later after, the marching of the drums has decreased pushing out this overwhelming power of vocal chords sung by front women Ashley Martin. Who’s amazing voice sets off this darkness vibration that cannot be explained.

"The Man That Wasn't There", seems to dish out the same energy source that the intro song had done, procrastinating the music which undoubtedly allows the keyboards to partake in their share of segments and allows the vocals to come in on their own accord - bringing out this dark method of awe that resembles that of Evanescence meets I Am Ghost. Whereas other tunes tend to be instrumental “Sounds of the Shadows”, and briefly upon "A Haunting Realm", those they still lash out that “dark energy” that keeps the music that more interesting to listen in on.

"Echoes of the Past", and "Time Stood Still", still unleashes that same momentum as the other tunes had done which showcases that Still Phantoms is definitely that dark gloomy sound wave of music that has maintained a worthy image of themselves to look upon day in and day out, never misleading it to undergo a day without the need of darkness.

Four out of the five members of the gothic dark rock act Still Phantoms of Orange County, California, spoke to me hours before their headlining appearance that same night out at the Whisky A GO-GO in Hollywood. James, Aaron, Frank, and Matt talked to me abruptly about how the band came to be, what lyrical concept was hidden behind their latest album “Translucent Hymns” and soon to be released follow-up with everything else thrown in between. It was a spooktacular setting of absolute darkness.

1. How did the band pick the name Still Phantoms?

James: Basically what happened was that Matt and I had wanted to start a band. With I Am Ghost being that dark type of band we looked up to, we knew that with our singer having that Evanescence style with those systematic beats. That these dark styles of music that our message was simply that, Phantoms aren’t in motion they stand still.

2. Where are you guys from?

James: Orange County, California.

3. How long has the band been together?

James: What happened was we recorded the album just Matt and I and when it was done and we recruited Ashley, Frank and Aaron and the band has been a full band for what about 4 months.

Aaron: It’s been like 4 months our first show as back in August.

James: Since September we’ve played like over 15-20 shows. So our next album should be out next year.

4. What genre would you classify your music as?

James: It’s kind of hard it’s a little bit of everything. Aaron is the rock drummer and Frank comes from a metal background and Matt and I grew up playing and listening to indie bands. The genre would have to be systemic rock. So it has a different vibe.

5. Who are some of your influences?

James: It’s all different but for this band in particular it’d be Eye Alaska, Evanescence, Thrice, Blink 182, and I Am Ghost.

6. The band has a new album out called 'Translucent Hymns' what are your thoughts on the album?

James: It’s doing well it’s on iTunes and websites, we’re just out promoting it and I Am Ghost has been really good to us along with other friends so everything is running smoothly.

Matt: It was just me and you and Ashley sitting in a room for days on end was cool.

James: We recorded the album backwards doing everything backwards since then we just played shows and everything went well after that.

7. What inspired your lyrics for this CD?

James: For the lyrics it was mainly based off this video game, Silent Hill. Kind of dark writing about love and lost stuff like that.

Matt: Taking a scene from Silent Hill and format it into a song. “A Ghost of the Past”, is based off of Silent Hill.

8. Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

James: I would say “A Man That Wasn’t There”, “Gather Around”, and “Sound of the Shadows”.

Aaron: I love “He Walks Amongst Us” that marching snare beat and I love “Gather Around”, very catchy and upbeat and I agree with James on “A Man That Wasn’t There”. I like that one especially that was the first song when I first came into the band. That was really fun to write and perform as well.

Frank: I’d say “Apperception, it’s one of those hard hitting songs.

Matt: I have to agree with Frank on “Apperception”, probably “Gather Around”, and “Her Walks Amongst Us” and “Illusions” is amazing.

9. Do you have any plans for a video?

James: Right now we’re finishing up the new album once that’s done we’re going to work on creating a video.

Aaron: I’m a film major and our manager has worked on movie sets and other music videos so that works out pretty well when the time comes.

10. What venues do you like in LA to play?

James: We’ve played the Trouble, Airliner, Viper Room, Slidebar, Chain Reaction, and this is our first time playing here at the Whisky so it’s cool to be able to finally play here.

11. What about plans for the second album what can we expect from that?

Matt: Right now we finished guitar, keyboard, still tracking bass and planning on going into the studio with Eugene Perez whose worked with producers of Incubus, Coldplay, Sound of Animal Fights Home Grown, probably be doing vocals by next week and finishing the bass and likely see it by January late March. We plan on doing a CD Release Show for it along with just playing, playing, playing.

12. What does the future hold for Still Phantoms?

Band: A lot we’ve planned a tour and have started talking to labels and A & R people, we don’t want to sound cocky but we’re friends with Aaron’s mom’s Boyfriend so he’s become our manager and he’s a self-made millionaire and he believes in us. The future plans for the band is just to keep playing and get on a label.

13. Finally, what would you like to say to all of your fans?

Band: Thank you!

Aaron: For the fans from other states we will be there soon!

James: Texas, New York, Washington, is all the big “music states” so don’t worry you guys out there we’re coming!

Aaron: Keep a look-out for us check out our MySpace ( and our website (

It was the week before Christmas and not a single person was stirring except perhaps some ghosts? On December 18, 2009 a handful of loyal followers gathered at the world famous Whisky A GO-GO In Hollywood, to oversee the mischief misfits I Am Ghost with their counter partners Still Phantoms.

The night itself was slowly unfolding itself as a line formed outside the doors of that cold but crisp chilly winter night the sea of black flocking into the club taking their positions as they sat in awe of the first arrangement of performances. But after the clock had struck 11 the real fun was about to begin and for a loyal fan base to follow them Long Beach go getters I Am Ghost were ready to please.

Playing tribute to the timeless classic Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas, I Am Ghost’s introduction was a crowd pleaser for everybody awaiting the band’s arrival to the stage. After the intro had ended the band came abruptly to the stage and did they did for the night, throwing together as always the old meets the new, with hits that included "Bone Garden", "Killer Likes Candy", "Burn The Bodies TO The Ground", "Saddest Story Never Told", "Those We Leave Behind", "We Are Always Searching", "Don't Wake Up", and "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps".

I Am Ghost interacted with the crowd of on-lookers from throwing their fists in the air to jumping up and down in energetic proportions keeping the momentum constantly flowing long into the last act of the night, Still Phantoms. Whose ghostly image maintained what I Am Ghost was producing but the Still Phantoms managed to rattle up the spooktacular night. “Translucent Hymns” is the band’s first LP to hit the music scene and the band hands down let the music roll with “He Walks Amongst Us”, “Ravens Dive, “The Man That Wasn’t There”, “Chasing Shadows”, and specialty encore “Awaken”.

It was a night filled with spirits, spooks and Christmas nightmares that were surly follow you long into the night.
Written/Photographed By: Natalie Perez

Drummer Dave Lombardo, best known for his work with thrash metallers Slayer, took time out of his schedule of interview arrangements to talk to me during our phone conversation about his oddest fan experience, upcoming plans and the latest buzz on the band's newest release.

1. What can be said that hasn't been said about World Painted Blood?

Dave: What can be said that has been said about the new album? Ya know just about everything, maybe only 98-99% of it is really good while the other 1- 2% has your occasional has the points on what our whole goal was when making this album.

2. Have any remaining plans for this year leading into next year?

Dave: Just constant touring, get out there and play for the kids and have a good time.

3. Will we be seeing another chapter in the Unholy Alliance Tour - I saw you guys for my first time on the first round in 2006.

Dave: I’m sure there will be, those doors have never been closed but absolutely look forward to that when it arises.

4. Do you get ever tired or annoyed by Journalists?

Dave: *Laughs* Yes I do, but I’ve had my share of moments.

5. What would you like a listener to remember the most after hearing "World Painted Blood" all the way through for the first time?

Dave: The drums of course.

6. Come 2011 you'll have been a band for about 30 years, how does that make you feel, plan to celebrate in anyway?

Dave: No actually - no I’m not one to celebrate those types of things when they come around. Our management keeps track of those types of things, not me.

7. If you had to run into yourself as a child and tell yourself what you're in store for what would you say?

Dave: My Ex-Wife she is insane.

8. What has been one fan encounter that you will never forget?

Dave: This one fan got his foot bit off by a shark. That was the oddest experience; I of course signed his foot.

9. How did the signing go in Hollywood?

Dave: It was great.

10. Anything else you'd like to add?

Dave: Nope pretty much got it all covered.

Originally posted via Disarray Magazine's Website.

It's been three long years since we last heard of Boys Like Girls and the wait is finally over, because the arrival of their sophomore album "Love Drunk" has arrived and the guys have come a long way since their self-titled debut in 2006, not to mention the massively positive reaction they've received to their hit single of the same name. So, if you haven't gotten your hangover from the mighty anthems of Boys Like Girl's second achievement, then it's time you've begun. Check out the interview conducted with their lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni.

1. You just released your new album "Love Drunk," along with performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live the day of its release, how does all of that make you feel?

Paul: It’s awesome, it’s something we’ve been waiting for a while now - it’s been over three years since the last one came out. We’ve been touring forever playing these songs from our first record so now we feel so ready and pumped and excited about this release.

2. Before this album hit stores, you guys played a handful of shows this past summer, one being at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. How was that show?

Paul: It was awesome, we had just finished recording the record so we had decided to hope back out on the road, doing a more smaller imitate tour, that involved smaller clubs having all the shows being sold-out and packed was a great experience to interact with our fans in a smaller setting.

3. What can be said that hasn't been said about "Love Drunk,"?

Paul: I don’t think so…. We just want everybody to hear the record – a lot of people have been obsessing over the single. The record was written and recorded in a front to back format, the progression to every song being very important to us, just being able to listen and enjoy the whole thing.

4. When it comes to a Boys Like Girls show, is there any mosh pit action?

Paul: Yeah every night actually, sometimes out in other countries the kids will just do it automatically or sometimes out in the U.K. where we’ll be playing smaller shows the kids would get pretty crazy. Sometimes in Japan, but normally when the energy gets pretty crazy, we’d stop the show and just call everybody out and do a little mosh pitting action and just go crazy.

5. Ever get tired/annoyed by hearing the same questions asked by Journalists?

Paul: *Laughs* There is definitely a few that we get asked all the time but I think that’s changing since the second record has been out. But I think we’ve moved on from those introducing the band type questions. We all love doing press and getting our word out there it’s for the love of the game.

6. Did you find any crop circles – noticed your Twitter message.

Paul: *Laughs* No, we didn’t. We had just landed so we’ve been to just BIG cities like New York, Chicago, and we landed in Wichita, where a bunch of farm lands and stuff and I was watching that sci-fi show Fringe, so I was feeling a little nerdy but unfortunately we had not found any this time.

7. What are the upcoming plans for Boys Like Girls?

Paul: We are going to Asia in about a week, for 2 weeks and then a bunch of countries we have done and then a bunch we haven’t done, and then off to some foreign countries - we love doing that. Then do a fall tour, with Cobra Starship, The Maine, The Rock to the Moon, and Versaemerge so that’s going to be going on all fall. We've toured with most of those bands before, so it’s going to be a cool little reunion a lot of fun for the kids. The record is out now and hopes for the best, hope everyone comes out and hangs out.

8. What's your reaction when/if a fan told you a very meaningful statement such as "Your music changed my life?" Has this ever happened to you?

Paul: Yeah we've heard, we were a band that blasted off with most interacts with fans, since the beginning we got our start from the internet. So we try to do as many meet and greet just anything that involves kids as much as possible. Anytime we can talk and let the kids tell us how our music has done anything to them. Kids have told us that our music has helped them through relationships which are cool and some serious ones where they've been in the hospital and it’s helped them pull through. It’s an awesome feeling, it’s always an incredible, that something we love to do can help them through the hard times is awesome.

9. You're about to go out on tour, looking forward to any particular city/venue?

Paul: I mean there are so many places we love going, we love hometown shows in Boston, New York, Chicago, L.A. that’s the great thing about touring, you wake up in a brand new place, with a clean slate, getting to do whatever you want, meeting new people, we were off the road when we rerecorded our new record, and our lives are based around traveling - we just want to get out there.

10. Any last words?

Paul: If you haven't heard the record yet check it out all the songs are on iTunes - we took a lot of time and we're really excited about it and want everyone to check it out and just enjoy it.

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In a recent interview conducted via email with vocalist Levi Benton of Miss May I the frontman discusses the band’s upcoming routines, current touring routes and everything there is to know about "Apologies Are For The Weak". Catch all the juicy gossip in the conversation enlisted below!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Miss May I and how long has the band been together?

Levi: I’m Levi Benton the singer of Miss May I. We have been together for around 2 years.

2. Where's the band from and what's the music scene like there, any bands you'd recommend?

Levi: We are from Dayton Ohio and the scene used to be huge due to Hawthorne Heights and TDWP coming from the same neighborhood but has slowly died out. We highly recommend our good friends in Let’s Get It.

3. Is there any story or concept behind the title "Apologies Are For The Weak"?

Levi: Well the most of the album was written after we signed to Rise Records and knew we had to start on a full length. The whole process of us wanting to tour and see the world by playing music didn't really seem so great in the people’s eyes that we were close to like our parents and friends. Some parents were upset that we were going to graduate high school and go straight to the road and friends weren't happy with us just leaving for long periods of times. So we had to make the sacrifice and go through so much to get to where we are today and go on with our dreams.

The whole album and all the lyrics go right along with the different struggles we went through. Girlfriends, friends, lies, trust, and so much more deeper topics it revolves around anything and everything. I enjoy writing to make you feel more than what I felt when I wrote it and feel what you want and get your own story out of it because it all is struggles we go through. But this is what I wrote it from so this is my view. The title "Apologies Are For The Weak" stands for all the album in a whole. It stands for how we couldn't apologize for our dreams coming true and we wanted to do this no matter what stood in our way. It was "weak" for us to give "apologies" and give up on our dreams. So the album was to show our journey and story of what we went through to get to this point. Never giving up and always going forward.

4. With so many metal bands out there, what do you think makes Miss May I stand out from the crowd?

Levi: Well we really try not and are the most brutal or like scene band. We really just like doing what we do and have a lot of fun playing what we do. And it’s just great that people like it and we don’t have to change ourselves to impress. Also we try not and are groundbreaking like every band. We try and just be good at what we do and strive to be a classic. Like As I lay Dying, Unearth, It Dies Today, etc.

5. What do you want your fans to say after listening to "Apologies Are For The Weak"?

Levi: We want them to really relate to the lyrics and really just know they can listen to the album all the way through without getting bored and tired and hopefully have a good time all the way through.

6. What bands have you had the opportunity to share the stage with?

Levi: We have shared the stage with, The Devil Wears Prada, A Day To Remember, Job For A Cowboy, Impending Doom, The Red Chord, Attack Attack! - And many others.

7. Have you ever had a bad interview experience with a Journalist?

Levi: Ehh not really, we have actually been caught way off guard in Canada when the interview turned into a political interview haha.

8. What can one expect from a live Miss May I show?

Levi: Well we hope that people will think our set is better than our album. We work really hard on our live set and really want it to be great.

9. You're currently out on the road, getting along with the bands? What city/venue are you most excited to go to?

Levi: We love the tour we on at the moment "Shred Till Your Dead Tour". Especially cause we are on tour with our hometown dudes Attack Attack! And we really love the city of Denver Colorado because, well.... it’s just a perfect town and we love snow.

10. How hard was it to get signed onto Rise Records, are you satisfied of being a part of their family?

Levi: Rise really great to sign to and came to us which blew our minds and was frankly just a dream come true in all. And ever since the beginning they have treated us like one of their own and it’s always been a great family. So we wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

11. Have any plans for the remainder of this year, and what should we expect from you come next year?

Levi: Well to finish off the year we are going out as direct support to: The Tour That Stole Christmas" with Iwresteledabearonce and some other great bands. Then we are starting the New Year with a New Years Eve show at home to spend it with the original great fans back in Ohio. Then we’re going out in January with Emmure on The Mosh Lives Tour 2 followed by hopefully one more tour in March before we go into the studio in May to record our September released sophomore album. And of course to top off all that we will be on a great summer fest.

12. Any final words of wisdom?

Levi: We just want everyone to know who reads this that if you really want something to happen and believe in it. It will happen and anything is possible for real.

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Interview with vocalist Tommy Rogers.

Which do you think got the better phase, the Colors CD or the DVD?

I think the cd did. I feel it was a big step for us and it really let everyone know that we are ready to take our music to the next level.

Going into The Great Misdirect, did the band want to branch off of Colors or go in a whole different direction?

Our main goal was to write the best record we could possibly write, and i think we did. We like each of our records to be stepping stones from one another and I feel its not a repreoduction of colors. Its a very dynamic dark heavy record, and i couldnt be happier with it.

Did you feel any pressure in following up Colors?

There is always a natural pressure, but you can't let it control how you write. We didn't ever think about colors during the writing process... it's a new record and thats all we focused on. That's how it will always be.

How was the recording process this time around for The Great Misdirect?

It was very similar to Colors. We recorded at the same studio with the same engineer/producer (Basement Studios, Jamie King). But this was the first record we've ever recorded where NOTHING went wrong at all. it was such a comfortable environment and everything ran very smoothly. We record right down the street from our practice space so that helped make things relaxing as well. Couldn't ask for a better recording experience.

Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

My favorite is Fossil Genera... i just feel it's a very unique song for us, and it really show how dynamic the record is.

How about the current tour, have any tour stories you'd like to share?

Hahaha... we are so bad with that! Honestly hardly anything ever happens. We do the same thing everyday, and focus on hanging out with the other bands and playing well. Other than robbing some banks we didn't really do much else. By the way, that would be a sweet story for a movie. A kick ass band that robs banks and gets away with it cause they are in a different city every night. You could also incorporate zombies in there as well... fuck vampires.

What are some of your more memorable concert moments?

My biggest moment would be Mexico City with Dream Theater. It was our first show with them and it was just us two playing in front of 10,000 people. i was so fucking nervous... hahahah... a great moment overall. The dvd shoot was amazing as welll... all of our family and loved ones watching us attempt to play as best as we can. Hahaha.

With The Great Misdirect being the last album under contract to Victory Records, does the band have any idea what the future holds in this aspect?

No clue yet. we are just focusing on touring and promoting this record. We'll worry about that when the time is right.

If there was one band you could tour with, past or present, who would it be and why?

Pantera.... the stories and visuals alone would make up for our bad "crazy tour moments" questions. That band changed my life... I would have loved to share the stage with them.

What is the most underrated Between The Buried And Me song?

Hmmmm...that's tough. I think there is one on every record... for Colors i would say 'Ants Of The Sky.' One of my favorite songs.

What do you hope to accomplish come 2010 as a band?

Tour EVERWHERE! Oh yeah, and sell a billion records. That would be cool. Hahaha.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I hate math. Thanks for the questions!! Stoked on this kick ass January tour!

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Interview with vocalist Frankie Palmeri.

Now that the summer has drawn itself to a close and its winter time, how was it to be a part of the Thrash and Burn tour?

It felt like one of the strongest tours weve ever been on.

What is your main goal you wish to accomplish with Emmure?

Hurt people.

Let's talk about 'Felony' What are your thoughts on the album?

I have alot of thoughts on it..I also have alot of thoughts off of it... you get it?

Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

Yeah but it's personal.

How has The Hardknock Life Tour been treating everybody, getting along with the other acts, have any favorite cities/venues?

It's been quite the journey , sometimes shit is crazy , sometimes shit is not so crazy , and we're always having a good time.

With all the tours you've been a part of what has been the most memorable tour moment you've experienced?

To narrow 4 years of touring down to one event would be preposterous ... but i'd like to say the culmination of events as a whole have really opened my eyes to the way of the world... and it's a beautiful and disgusting place.

When will we be seeing new material from Emmure, have anything written up yet?

You'll see it when we show you... and yes... we're always writing.

A young fan comes up to you and tells you your music has moved them and they want to become a musician like you. What advice would you give them?

Don't be a musician like me , do whatever it is that feels good and stick with it.

Is being in Emmure therapeutic for you? How does being in the band make you feel as a human being?

Music is not therapeutic for me... being in this band has given me the power to prove that selflessness still exists... I am not on stage yelling because it heals me... but it seems to heal others... so that keeps me going.

Who are some of the major influences that always have you say "This is why I'm standing here".

Fred Durst , Jonathan Davis ... my mother and all the disappointments I have felt in my short life.

While out on the road, which band member goes the longest without showering?

I'll just go ahead and say me , cause I really don't care about other people's hygene.

Your video for ‘False Love In Real Life,’ how’d you come up with the concept?

I love partying... and I love strobe lights.

Do you have anything to say to the fans of Emmure?

It's our turn to wreck someone's life.

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Nine bands, nine hours equals pure brutality! This day is the day of HELL with an arrangement of acts unlike any other, with this very special fusion of combining not one but two tours of pure adrenaline force you haven’t seen anything yet. Erupting from the sound barrier known as the Hollywood Palladium, this Sunset spot light was the ultimate sights and sounds of this unforgettable night.


Round one commenced with the likeness of openers Dirge Within who performed a solid 20-minte set up that consists of tunes coming off their recent album “Forced Fed Lies” getting the crowd up and running the blood rushing to their heads pumping with energy that could not be contained. Next up metal goers Hate Eternal rubbing off their black metal style interacting with the crowd on/off shaking hands and tossing guitar picks as the on-lookers grabbed with anticipation. Soon after Born of Osiris struck a chord with the crowd getting their keyboarding techniques under control while the rest of the band played right on through until the first round of acts was soon drawn to a close.


Round two soon got underway as Whitechapel took over the stage – all you would see every few seconds would be a blurry vision of a person being tossed or thrown directly onto the sea of people jumping and shouting right along to the beat of the music. The music did not stop there though because it was Unearth who had jumped upon the stage and continued to roll with this energetic madness. These guys dealing out all the energy they possible could having a repeating occurrence of the first round but maintaining it when it was all said and done. But as soon as they’re performance had commenced it had soon ended, and it was Chimaira’s turn to turn this place upside down and inside out. That is exactly the vibration that unfolded getting the crowd up and running somewhat during their set the fans eagerly awaiting for the band that was to come up after these guys were just to energized to concentrate on Chimaira’s actions.

Born Of Osiris:

Now that the first set of rounds was over with – it was time for the last three acts to take over and do their thing but was the crowd even up for it after those first arrangements of acts? Yes they were. Death metallers Cannibal Corpse were one of the three major headliners of that night and boy oh boy was everybody in anticipation of their arrival. Once they had appeared on stage all HELL broke loose and literally the floor was opened up in two different sections as the entire crowd of people was nothing more than a tidal wave of people. Everybody was being pushed and shoved around falling down and being picked right up right on into the last song of their set up “Hammer Smashed Face”.


Afterwards the crowd of people had disappeared and the second to the last headliners who everybody was in high hopes of witnessing was Trivium a heavy metal act whose current actions brought them humiliation. The floor had opened up and the crowd had returned but not everybody was quite into these “runner-ups” they’re performance lacked the quality of the music they’ve been known to dish out and this performance wasn’t all that great.


So once the “runner-ups” were dead and gone the final act of the night was about to draw an ending point of their musical career as front man Jamey Jasta says “This will be our last time here out on the West Coast, you won’t be seeing us until next summer – so everybody get moving!” Hatebreed’s hardcore metal styling’s brings out the punk era meets metal era and combines the two fussing together such sound it remains to the point of sounding great throughout the entire set. Jasta going down the lines of performing such hits as “Live for This”, “Destroy Everything”, “As Die Heart As They Come”, and paying tribute to an act that has always been there for them as Jasta says “This band helped us out while out on tour and let us use their instruments – that is SLAYER!” “This song is “Ghosts Of War”. Hatebreed literally tearing up the crowd ten times more than any of the previous acts had done wrapping up this night as the night that truly was HELL.



Written/Photography By: Natalie Perez

Cory Beaulieu guitarist of Trivium gets interviewed. Get the digs on what went down.

1. Introduce yourself and what you do in Trivium?

Cory: Names Cory I play guitar and back-up vocals.

2. How is the current tour going, getting along with everybody?

Cory: Its’ great today the two tours joined together. Other than that we’ve just been headlining. We have toured with Chimaira before one of the other bands we don’t know quite well is Whitechapel. Shaun of Dirge Within we’ve known him for years even before Dirge Within even began. Plus we’re good friends with the guys of Cannibal Corpse as well so it’s been a lot of fun.

3. Who do you think you've spent the most time with on this tour?

Cory: Have to be the guys of Dirge Within. We get along with those guys great. We hang out with them a lot showing them a good time. Every couple of days we have one of them come ride with us on our bus let them sleep instead of being cramped up in the van. Those guys are really cool and fun to hang out with.

4. How did this combination of Trivium and Hatebreed come to be, was it on purpose?

Cory: Our tour and Hatebreed’s tour we’re both booked playing Los Angeles so the promoter thought it’d be better to just fuse them together. By the looks of it – it’s a petty solid crowd. Only downside is having the bands play so early and people can’t make it out to the show because of work or other issues but other than that, we can’t really complain.

5. What was it like playing the Sounds of the Underground back in 06, that’s when I first saw you guys actually?

Cory: It was a pretty cool tour. It was the only one that was just like Ozzfest. Expect Sounds of the Underground was cooler because of all the underground bands that were a part of it and being able to expose them and share this opportunity to take over the stage. Now that Mayhem has arrived you don’t see Ozzfest or Sounds of the Underground as much because Mayhem is for the more stable metal acts that are out right now just focusing on those acts alone pretty much.

6. Out of all the music videos and albums to date, which is your favorite and why?

Cory: Favorite video would be “Throws of Proditiction” we watched some of our older videos and it was embarrassing. The last video for “The Crusade” we met up with this guy Ramón who’s done every video with us since then. He truly delivers when it comes to the videos and we’ve happy with them he really represents the band well. As for albums I think the ones that stand out the most would have to be ‘Ascendy” and ‘Shogun”.

7. If you had to run into yourself 10 years ago and tell yourself what you're in store for what would you say?

Cory: 10 years ago I’d still be in high school so I’d probably say “Get ready for some fun.”

8. Anything else you'd like to add?

Cory: If you haven’t heard of us already go check us out on MySpace and see what you like and take it from there.

Dirge Within’s guitarist Shaun Glass caught up with me while out on the road on the band’s most recent stop out on the current tour this one being a fusion of Trivium’s bill and Hatebreed’s. Shaun spoke to me about the current touring route, which band he spends the most time, down to the pranks he’s pulled while goofing off behind the scenes. Aside from those side effects he also threw out details regarding the band’s current music video release, and album output on what the low down is revolving around this reality world of music.

1. What's been the highlight so far of the Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour?

Shaun: The two tours were so near one another that the promoter’s decided to put them together into this big festival for the San Francisco and Los Angeles dates. But I think Los Angeles kicks ass better than San Francisco does which is rare.

2. Which band have you been hanging out with the most on this tour?

Shaun: Trivium, I ride a lot with them and hang with them. Cory, Matt, Paulo, and Nick are great friends of mine I just love those guys.

3. Is the economy affecting your tour attendance or merch sales? Is it impacting logistics or operation at all?

Shaun: Of course you see it. For the price we have to sell t-shirts they are 4 or 5 other bands you have to match it up with to keep it fair. So there are kids that have to miss out on buying shirts at times which sucks. Its reality so you just got to make the best of it I suppose.

4. What's the best prank you've played on bandmates or other bands?

Shaun: Gabe of Whitechapel who I call Cartman we bought him an Eric Cartman drivers license and put it in his wallet that was hilarious.

5. I'm sure you get stories from fans about how your music impacts their lives. What's one that really stands out?

Shaun: There was a girl in Hartford, Connecticut who said that our music helped her get through her illness. That’s always a very heartfelt to hear from our fans.

6. Tell me about your latest video for "Forever the Martyr".

Shaun: It was a long day of bombs and explosions, I think the director got a good vibe of the band and we’re known to be an aggressive type of band when performing live. I want to have fun and crush some skulls.

7. Why should the fans own a copy of "Force Fed Lies"?

Shaun: I think every song has a different vibe and has a good American metal and do our own thing.

8. Any last words?

Shaun: Thanks for having me, and keep supporting metal!

Drummer machine Paul Mazurkiewicz of death metallers Cannibal Corpse caught up with me while out at the band’s Hollywood stop on the current tour. To talk to me about the upcoming holiday season along with the good and the bad effects of the interviewing process and what the fans can expect from an overall Cannibal Corpse slaughter fest if not having already experienced one.

1. How was your Thanksgiving?

Paul: It was pretty uneventful but it was good. We had a day off after having 14 shows in a row. When out on the road I’m not with my family. So it was just another day but the fact that we had a day off was nice.

2. Looking forward to the remaining holiday season?

Paul: Of course we’ve been very busy while on this tour. We’re ending just before Christmas and everyone will be getting home in time for the holidays so they’ll be able to spend time with their family and loved ones so we’re all looking forward to that.

3. What do you hope to find underneath the Christmas tree come Christmas morning?

Paul: I don’t even know anymore to me I don’t want anything or need anything. I want to see my family, see my wife and daughter and can’t for that. That’s the most important thing to me.

4. What about your latest record, what can be said about it that hasn't been covered?

Paul: I don’t know good question really. It’s a great record I think - we felt that we did good job on it. Eric doing the best he can to produce it. We’re happy it’s doing so well and we’re out on the road doing better than we ever have been so it’s a good feeling all around.

5. Out of all the members of Cannibal Corpse, who goes the longest without showering?

Paul: (Laughs) Probably George, sometimes most of us it’s hard to do because you go and shower the night before a show and then have to go and shower again afterwards – so it’s like pointless. I think it would be a safe answer to say though that George is indeed the one that’s gone the longest without showering. There are going to be days where all of us play not showering and then some where we have showered. I would hope I’m somewhat clean so I would wait it out after a while before needing to shower so it happens.

6. What have been your best and worst interview/fan experiences?

Paul: Ya know I guess the interviews would be a hit and miss. The Most we do is being one of those a hit and some are like the ones where they don’t even know who you are. It seems like I have some knowledge of who I’m going to talk too. But those are the types are the ones that seem the most pointless. As for fans 99% of the fans are great and down to earth who just want to meet you and have a good time and then get some that don’t know when to keep their mouth shut. You got to take the good with the bad with the business we’re dealing with here.

7. You've toured with pretty much everybody, who do you prefer touring with the most?

Paul: We have toured with a lot of bands and befriended a lot as well. That is also a hard question to answer. We’ve toured with so many but as us being fans of music we full filled our dream of getting to tour with Slayer and watch them perform every night was awesome and we’d love to do that again.

8. What's it like going back to being a support act after so many years as a headliner?

Paul: It’s a little different as well. We’ve done headlining since the beginning but at the same time we’re one of the biggest death metal bands around so we look at it expanding the fan base as much as possible. Like we are today this tour is a combination so we got more an eventful chance. We’re not use to doing this type of thing but we’ll do it whenever we can and make it work.

There are of course the main songs that we’d “have to” perform and then there are the ones that we can toss to the side that wouldn’t matter as much as the main ones do. If we didn’t perform such songs as “Hammer Smash Face”, then we’d be facing a problem. I don’t think I could go without playing that song either way.

9. Who does most of the interviews while out on the road, and who do you usually get guys or girls or is it even?

Paul: It’s mostly I or Alex or George does a bunch as well. Unusually us three it’s always a mix. I’d say 60% male and 40% female it’s not like we’re just sticking with just females or just males. Everybody has their share.

10. Anything else you'd like to add?

Paul: Thanks for the support of death metal and Cannibal Corpse if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be here today so keep it brutal!

Lee and Joe of Born Of Osiris spoke to me talking about the current tour, what to expect from the band come the New Year and who they’ve spent the most time with while out on the road along with everything else thrown in between.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Born of Osiris and how long has the band been together?

Joe: I play keyboards and vocals.

Lee: I play guitar.

Lee: the band has been around for 3 years now.

Joe: I met Lee back in the day we’ve known each other for many years now.

2. Born of Osiris re currently on tour with Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse and Unearth, how has the tour been going so far?

Lee: We love each other with every single tour with do. We have a house together so everything is working out great.

Joe: We’re throwing down more this tour. We’ve pretty much toured with most of these acts before, like Unearth, Hatebreed, Whitechapel, etc so this time we’re giving it our all.

3. What can be said that hasn't been said about "A Higher Place"?

Lee: Skip this question.

Joe: Skip this question.

4. What do you want your fans to say after listening to "A Higher Place"?

Lee: It’s a growth from our last album. We have our own point of view from everything in life.

Joe: We want the people to expect the unexpected when it comes to the music we create.

5. Have you ever had a bad interview experience with a Journalist?

Lee: Oh yes.

Joe: We’ve had our interviews taken down at times. Or just straight out rude and people get the wrong idea when we’re drunk sometimes when doing the interviews.

6. Who did you think spent the most time with while on this tour?

Lee: We all have accounts for the World of Warcraft video game so we play that a lot with Cannibal Corpse.

Joe: I would say Hate Eternal because they go on right before us so they are our buddies.

7. Have any plans for the remainder of this year, and what should we expect from you come next year?

Lee: Well I think we’re doing another headlining tour.

Joe: All the bands we’ve played with we’ve been stepping it up quite a bit.

Lee: After this we’ll go home make a new album in January/February/March so watch out for that come next year along with more touring of course.

8. Any final words of wisdom?

Joe: Whitechapel rocks!

Lee: Check out our recent album “A Higher Place” and watch out for us in the New Year. We’ll have new material, new tours, new everything.

Doug and Chris of The Sleeping caught up with me on the last day of tour to talk about the band’s latest release and the upcoming holiday season along with the remaining plans they have set for this year leading straight into the New Year.

1. Introduce yourselves and tell me what you do in The Sleeping?

Doug: Hi I’m Douglas and I sing for The Sleeping.

Chris: Hi I’m Chris and I play the piano, keyboard and theremin.

2. How did you come up with the band name?

Doug: The Sleeping came from when we started the band I guess you would say it was an oath to people as a form of staying asleep when it comes to their dreams and not doing what they wanted to do. So we started The Sleeping to have those to be able to break out of that zombie state of mind no matter what they’re struggles may be.

Chris: Doug’s cute.

Doug: F**k yeah I am.

3. Today is the last day of tour, how was it? Get along with everybody?

Chris: Yeah great vibe on and off the road, texting each other every day.

Doug: It’s been a real cool vibe and has all become great friends and all of the dudes in Hollywood Undead have their logo on them and we have theirs on us. So it’s sad that this tour is over, because they’re our best friends and we’re going to miss them.

Chris: Tonight we plan to party.

4. What can you say about your current album?

Doug: It’s called What It Takes and it’s our newest album with our newest members Paul our guitar player and Chris. It’s very hard rock album to listen too.

Chris: It’s very catchy and upbeat and it’s fun to listen to really loudly.

5. Have any favorites off it?

Doug: Chris what’s your favorite?

Chris: My favorite song would probably have to be the last song on it called “Dead Beat”. It was a fun song to write and has a lot of different elements to it.

Doug: I also like that one there’s so much to say about that song. “One Night Stand” which is about sexual relationships - I had written that song in Philly and we won’t discuss that happened there but I did write that, it was cool that’s one of my favorites and I also like “Shallow Lungs” and that’s about drugs and the bridge on it is cool reminds me of Stevie Wonder.

6. The holidays are coming up Thanksgiving and Christmas what do you hope to expect to be under your Christmas trees?

Doug: Well he and I don’t give a crap about Thanksgiving. I’m down for stuffed mushrooms though as for Christmas I really want a PS3, new jeans and shoes and more records for my player and my tattoo artist to come move in with me.

Doug: Hey come here (Calls friends over during interview) this is the clothing companies you have to get into whenever you see this bird you know that – that’s the clothes for you.

Doug: Alright Christmas back on track ready go!

Chris: I want a moped, and record player.

7. What can we expect from you guys for the remainder of this year leading into the New Year?

Doug: We’ll be writing as much as we can and then go and record everything.

Chris: Just tour and write some more and then go and record it once it’s all done.

8. Anything else you’d like to say?

Doug: Yes everyone out there in this world I love and believe in you and take care of those around to and wash daily and triumph over evil I’m Doug I have to run and I would like to tell you one more time believe in yourselves.

Chris: This comes from BOO-YA who are our black jack in Vegas who says Doug is Satan.

Chris: Peace out we’re The Sleeping have fun!