February 2010

If you were to put Bert McCracken front man of The Used and former front man Sonny Moore of From First to Last into a blender, you'd likely windup with front man Nicolas Matthews or what he prefers "Story teller-Nicholas" of Get Scared. Where this is going is simply this, Nicolas may possess the looks of this fellow front man but does he possess the same vocal abilities? Yes he does actually with Johnny B and Bradley Iverson on guitars and Dan Juarez drums and Rj Meza bass. Get Scared's EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics”, takes complete control of what every other band in current unsigned formula is pursuing in accomplishing, getting signed to a label.

So having such tunes as "Lock The Doors", "The Finer Things", and smash hit single "If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do", manages to show the determination that Get Scared is ever so wanting. With screaming vocal chords being used every other minute with minor clean vocal chords passing through on occasion, the guitar riffs that are layered from start to finish is the correct formula of creativity that will without a doubt make heads turn. Get Scared is surly to become the next big thing within the 2010 term unwilling without even trying.

With the constant buzz about everything in relation to Vampires what more could possibly be said? We got the Twilight die-hards and the new comers stake shredders the Vampire Diaries where everything else falls somewhere in between such as music? Indeed there are a handful of variety out there, Aiden, H.I.M. I Am Ghost, The 69 Eyes, Vampires Everywhere!, and now Arizona has gotten bitten by the Vampire bats that fly high above all the rest.

This trio being family oriented, brothers Davey (Drums), Bobby (Guitar/Vocals) and Jimmy (Bass/Vocals) – takes their last name to a higher ranking, as the Calabrese brothers tend to combine gothablilly looks with B-movie paranoia, and in-depth lyrics with a Death Rock sound, this Vampire brotherly love has maintain to terrorize us over and over again. Now in their seven year run, and the initial past far behind them, including previous releases, "Midnight Spookshow" (EP-2003) and debuting two blood soaking LPs "13 Halloweens" (2005) and "The Traveling Vampire Show" (2007), what else was there left for the brotherly Vampires to sink their teeth into? Well why not a third installment, taking the title from a fan submitted contest that was held over the net, a title was chosen entitling their third LP “They Call Us Death”.

With titles such as “The Machine of Instant Death”, “Venmonwolf”, “Summon The Beyond”, among others, we were first introduce to such tracks as “Black Anathema”, “Deep In The Red”, and “Violet Hellfire”, giving us that Vampstar taste that kept our months watering for more. These handfuls of tracks not only persist in re-capturing the classic gothabilly Calabrese trends of the past, but present us with a future welcoming message of pure “Vampire Rock”. For instance, “Summon The Beyond”, captures Davey as his finest method of drumming attics, for he manages to repeat this texture of drumming so fast in rhythm it keeps the music at a fast going rate it makes your heart felt right out of your skin. “The Machine of Instant Death”, mellows down the fast neck pace bringing down about one or two notches really showcasing both Bobby’s and Jimmy’s vocal abilities more thoroughly.

"Blood Of The Wolf", and partner in crime "Venmonwolf", both pay their debts in honoring the werewolf whose vicious crimes have tortured our hearts and souls from the inside out, these tunes repeating that same structure that was done in “Summon he Beyond”, except adding a more thought out pattern of beats that keeps the music constantly bouncy.

Calabrese is that one horror punk act that will be forever staked directly into your hearts without you ever knowing it.

Spanning a career of 30 years, Exodus have gone through what most bands would call "daily rummaging" hence line-up changes, label switch-offs, hiatuses, and even death threats. Exodus on the other hand has faced these consequences but has dusted them off and moved onward to unleash a dozen albums to date, including live recordings and compilations with various acts they’ve most likely encountered beforehand.

Which brings us to discussing Exodus 3-disc combo, entitled “Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live at Wacken and Other Atrocities”, this addition should tide the anxious fans over for the time being, as they anxiously await the arrival of the soon to be released ninth installment "The Atrocity Exhibition...Exhibit B: The Human Condition" due out later this year.

This 3-disc set includes two DVDs and a CD, the first disc comprising of the band’s 2008 performance at one of the many popular metal festivals within this industry known as Wacken, the band’s set up consisting of opening up with "Bonded By Blood", and wrapping it up with "Shovel Headed Kill Machine". Front man Rob Dukes works with the crowd quite nicely as the pits tend to stir up, the band's sound sounding razor sharp with crisp clear video quality to heighten up the excitement sprawled across the many faces witnessing such an unforgettable night. The CD included is the audio version of that same show.

As for the second DVD offered on "Shovel Headed Tour Machine: Live At Wacken And Other Atrocities," it’s packed with over 4-hours of material, the masterpiece being the documentary "Assorted Atrocities", which chronicles the band's recent past including the recording segments of "Shovel Headed Kill Machine", dating back to the vintage 1985 interview that had taken place way back then, with other bonus goodies including, deleted scenes, live performances, photos, and music videos.

Exodus fans will without a doubt not be disappoint as far as Exodus goes because Exodus exceeds the meaning of what thrash metal is truly all about.

"GODAMN THIS WORLD.... GODAMN MY LIFE.... I DIDN'T CHOOSE HELL.... HELL CHOOSE ME!" is the precise message being stated throughout Carnifex's newest release "Hell Choose Me". With the band having been together for a solid five year run, Carnifex previous works "The Diseased and the Poisoned", (2008) delivered its maximum response but now that the past is behind them, Carnifex has chosen to move forward with a more in-depth approach through the eyes of what makes the deathcore genre come alive.

Going back to the quote given at the start this was taken from the title track that promises to give nothing but the best brutalizing intensity around. The guitar work is smooth and solid sticking directly with the music as it smoothes itself out. While the vocal chords bring out this heavy duty momentum of adrenaline it overpowers the music altogether. Now the first couple of tracks do bring out Carnifex's heavier roots but that soon evaporates, when "Heartless", breaks its silence of mellow dramatic acoustic that clearly demonstrates Carnifex's more emotional conflicts. For instance, while listening to "Heartless" may think this is that typical "emo-cry-for-help" but that isn't the case, Carnifex turns that dramatic emotional outcry and does a 360 with it -showcasing Carnfiex classy abilities returning to the older styles that made them whole.

As far as the rest of the album goes it rounds off with its heavier effects just as it had done at the start with "By Darkness Enslaved", and "The Liar's Funeral", both being the most overwhelming to consume in just one session. This in conclusion leaves the listener asking "Why did Hell choose me?"