Vampires Everywhere! Dwell Long into the Night

When the moon is high and full of life, you know that there’s likely something going bump in the night. That could be anything from ghosts, goblins, witches, zombies, or even blood thirsty Vampires. In the long run it all leads up to one source of outcasts, Vampires Everywhere! Who just formed not too long ago and have already made a name for themselves.

These blood dwellers have done nothing but touring, writing, and recording and tonight was the night that they would yet again play tribute to being the “opening” act as they have done since hitting the road this past summer. But this time this night would be very different than all the rest. For this night is the night of the full moon which makes these blood dwellers that more eager to want to bite.

Vampires Everywhere! went on to play a solid 30-minute set list that comprised of such tunes as “Bury Me Alive”, “The Embrace”, and “Immortal Love” that kept the crowd begging for more. Whilst their journey has just begun, these blood dwellers will be roaming long into the night. 

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