May 2015

Melodic metalcore act, Just Like Gentlemen have released a new single and video for "Whorecrux" off their new album "Asylum". Both have been gaining attention for the band, so much so, that they don't plan on stopping, doing what they love, by creating this style of music. Frontman vocalist Caige Hall gives the rundown on the band, single, video, and album plus so much more that's in-store!

1. What type of band are you?

Caige: We are a metal band.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Caige: Technically the band started in early 2011. I was playing bass at the time. We put out a 7 song EP and two singles, but I don't think it's fair to say that that JLG was the same band as we are now. JLG didn't really start until I moved to vocals and Henry joined on bass in fall of 2012. We put out two singles in 2013 and recorded our newest album, "Asylum", in 2014. It came out in April, and that brings us to now (laughs).

3. Just Like Gentlemen is your namesake, but do you think that saying still stands the whole gentlemen stance?

Caige: If anything, Just Like Gentlemen is a more fitting name now than it was in the past. We take pride in the way we carry ourselves and the band, and especially when it comes to our fans. In the past, we had some members who didn't represent the band the way we wanted the band to be represented, which is ultimately why they aren't in the band anymore.

4. How would you be Just Like Gentlemen?

Caige: I believe that to be a gentlemen, you have to be honest with others and true to yourself. You have to be respectful and understanding of everyone. Treat people as people. Fuck racism, sexism, homophobia, and all of that. There is no place in the world for bigotry.

5. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Caige: Personally, Landon Tewers and Brendon Urie are my main musical influences. They're both extremely talented and can write a variety of styles of music. Not to mention, The Plot In You and Panic! At The Disco are my two favorite bands. As a band, it's very hard to pinpoint influences because we each have so many that impact our writing in so many ways. But Chelsea Grin is one that we all agree on, especially after recording with Pablo Viveros and Stephen Rutis. They're awesome dudes with killer music. Non-musically is a bit harder; everything we do somehow related back to music. But I know family is a big influence for all of us. For me personally, my grandparents and my siblings have helped me and inspired me more than I can possibly explain.

6. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Caige: Most of the songs start as guitar tracks. All five of us tweak the instrumentals, so it's definitely a group effort. I write the lyrics. I write about things that are real in my life, and with this album, we wanted a common theme. The title track is about the general idea of dealing with depression, and the other six songs tie into that somehow. For example, "I, The Jury" was a song I wrote for my sister about keeping a positive mindset and "Conscience" is about my initial reaction to leaving the naivety of childhood behind and seeing the world for what it really is.

7. Why did you go with wanting "Whorecrux" as a single and video choice?

Caige: "Whorecrux" stood out to us the most. It's heavy, but it has a catchy chorus and a melodic bridge. It's the most well-rounded song on the album, so we felt like it was a good song to have as a single. As far as the video goes, we wanted to film something with a good storyline and felt like "Whorecrux" was the best choice for that. It's about family issues I've had, which made for an epic storyline like we wanted.

8. How would you say that "Asylum" and "Mannequin" differ, compare, and have evolved from one another?

Caige: "Mannequin" was the EP we wrote with our previous lineup. We aren't the same band that we were when that album was written. Honestly, I'd say that it was a different band with the same name (laughs). "Mannequin" was not Just Like Gentlemen. We're grateful for everything that came from that point in the band, but we're working to separate ourselves from those songs entirely. "Asylum" represents what this band is, what it stands for, and the family that we've become.

9. What's your take on “Asylum” as a whole?

Caige: I think I speak for all of us when I say that it's the greatest thing we've done. We literally put our blood, sweat, and tears into this album, and I am so incredibly proud of everything that we have accomplished. The album means everything to us. The craziest part is that, despite how much this album means to us and despite all the positive feedback from our amazing friends, family, and fans, we're more than ready to keeping moving forward and work on the next album.

10. What's your favorite song on the album right now?

Caige: That's a tough one, but I'd have to say "Surely Mistaken". "Whorecrux" is my overall favorite and has been since the beginning, but "Surely Mistaken" is faster and more challenging to play live, so working on getting used to playing that song has been my focus.

11. Is it important for you to paint visual pictures with the songs?

Caige: For me, it's the single most important thing about a song. On this album, we wanted to have a common theme for all the songs without writing the same song over and over. Once I looked at my writing and figured out what that theme was, I pushed as hard as I could to make these songs accurately portray the exact feelings I had when I first wrote them. I had friends critique them and I'd analyze the shit out of them until I could read the lyrics and feel all of those emotions again. Some things may seem over the top, yes, but that's the way I felt at that time.

12. What would be the cinematic equivalent of “Asylum”?

Caige: That's a tough one too! I'd have to say I Am Legend. They're both about living in a cruel world and feeling all alone, not knowing what comes next or what to do about it. They're both ultimately about survival.

13. What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

Caige: We love it! The more we get our name out there, the better. Plus, we've met some awesome people through promoting the band, so really it's a win-win.

14. How do you guys feel about the classifications in music? Like those subgenres and how some get a negative rep. What's your take on that?

Caige: We hate sub genres (laughs). We are a metal band. People will say we are metalcore or whatever, but we don't like that. Music doesn't have genres. People created genres to easily identify and categorize music, not for labeling and separating it. Listen to whatever you want, write whatever you want. Art is art.

15. What is your opinion on the current state of music?

Caige: A lot of musical styles are blending together and I think that that's pretty awesome. Things will be changing soon, and I don't know who is going to change them, but I feel like music in 10 years will be totally unrecognizable.

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Caige: Definitely some more variety to our music, more music, more tours, and some epic music videos.

17. Anything else you'd like to add or would like to say?

Caige: Thank you for talking to us! These questions were really fun to answer. And to all of our fans, we'll be touring the East coast this summer, so come out to a show and pick up our new album!

Conquer Divide, the six-piece, all-female metal band whose passion for aggressive music oozes from every note of their songs and extends way beyond their gender, will release their self-titled debut via Artery Recordings on July 24. It was produced by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada, We Came as Romans). Guitarist Kristen says "This record is the culmination of many years of hard work. It's a representation of where we've been and where we are headed musically. It's something we are all proud of." The album is available for pre-order HERE.


1. "Sink Your Teeth Into This"  
2. "Self Destruct"
3. "Eyes Wide Shut"  
4. "Nightmares"  
5. "Lost"  
6. "What's Left Inside"  
7. "At War"  
8. "Despicable You"  
9. "Heavy Lies The Crown"  
10. Broken"

Cadaveria has announced that they have a new bass player with the following statement;

"We are very pleased to announce Peter Dayton as CADAVERIA new bass player. Peter‘s musical tastes and artistic roots come from Swedish Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal. He has a long experience in the extreme music panorama as bassist of Enough to Kill and Necrodeath, where he is known as GL. Besides his talent and his maturity as musician, the main reason that led us to let him join our group is the fact he is really into CADAVERIA mood and he is truly motivated to enter our shadows’ realm as a steady member of the band. As CADAVERIA tradition wants, the band members names deal with the characters of David Lynch’s filmography. Peter Dayton comes from the Lost Highways to join CADAVERIA’s path. Welcome Peter!"

3 Years Hollow will be hitting the road alongside Powerman 5000 and Soil. Kicking off on Tuesday, June 23rd in Ringle, WI and wrapping up on Saturday, July 18th in Arlington Heights, IL, the three-band tour is sure to be one of the summer's most rocking. The set of dates (17 shows total) will feature a new 3YH line-up with original members Urquiza, Tony Reeves, Neil Kuhlman being joined by new drummer Ryan Bennett, formerly of Eye Empire.


Tue 23 Jun - Ringle, WI - Q & Z Expo Center
Wed 24 Jun - Spring Lake Park, MN - POV's
Thu 25 Jun - Joliet, IL - Mojoes
Fri 26 Jun - Battle Creek, MI - Music Factory
Sat 27 Jun - Beckley, WV - Muncheez
Wed 01 Jul - Winchester, VA - Blue Fox Billiard
Thu 02 Jul - Washington DC - 9:30 Club
Fri 03 Jul - Patchogue NY - Emporium
Sun 05 Jul - Portland, ME - Asylum
Tue 07 Jul - Rochester, NY - Montage Music Hall
Wed 08 Jul - Albany, NY - Latitude 360
Thu 09 Jul - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar Bar
Fri 10 Jul - Flint, MI - Machine Shop
Wed 15 Jul - Janesville, WI - Back Bar
Thu 16 Jul - Ft Wayne, IN - Pierre's
Fri 17 Jul - Traverse City, MI - Ground Zero
Sat 18 Jul - Arlington Heights, IL - Home Bar

Lindemann, the new project from Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann alongside Pain and Hypocrisy’s Peter Tägtgren, have released the first video from their eagerly awaited debut album Skills In Pills, out June 23 (Warner Bros. Records). The video for lead single “Praise Abort” is the creation of director (and longtime Rammstein collaborator) Zoran Bihac, and showcases the song’s dark, gruesome lyrics with a little help from some swine friends. It’s a disgusting, gory, NSFW, and a perfect introduction into the Lindemann world. Check it out below!


Kontra had announced this past March about their reunion. Since then they have gone on to make another announcement of their new line-up! Next to the only original member Marco Barraco, singer and rhythm guitar, now there are: Luigi Di Meglio on lead guitar, Luca Buonanno on bass guitar and Francesco Verrazzo on drums (former drummer of Manach Seherath). The band is currently rearranging all the old songs and has in store for the next  months a surprise for the fans. Stay tuned via their official Facebook profile -

Children Of Bodom have parted ways with their guitarist Roope Latvala, whose been there for the past decade. The band had said "As we parted ways with no bad blood, we wish him nothing but the best and thank him for allowing us to share the last twelve years of our lives with him. [We] hope [the fans] know that this will not affect the upcoming shows or the new album as we recorded it as a four-piece and it is already mixed, mastered, heavy as shit and ready to go!"

Electronic rocker and self-proclaimed "King of Negativity" Justin Symbol whose debut album "V Ω I D H E A D" made quite the commotion, since his appearance in the alternative club scene. Has gained himself and his band mates the attention worth seeking. As such, their controversial subject matter of their music, videos, and live performances is quite something else. They have created such a unique sound that combines such unique genres of alternative rock, EDM, and industrial metal that it all fits so well, it's the talk of the town! Justin Symbol himself, took some time while out on the road, to discuss his band's beginnings, middles, and ends? Well ends in a sense of what is happening now that will lead to future heights, sounds, and embrace them as a whole, like never before.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Justin: This band began as just me performing alone with a drum machine. I was in another band at the time, and unhappy with the lack of momentum. I felt stifled artistically, and I was bottoming out on alcohol and substance abuse. I needed to reinvent myself and believe in myself again. That's why the project is called Justin Symbol. It really was me alone for those first shows, kind of building everything from scratch. Shortly after, I hooked up with Baba Yaga, whom I had been working with musically on and off for nearly ten years. He was instrumental in the creation of the debut Justin Symbol album ''V Ω I D H E A D'. Baba and I did a lot of shows as an electronic Industrial duo, but then the band morphed into more of a rock outfit with the addition of guitarist Matt Minion, bassist Kevin Vonesper, and drummer Will Evil.

That lineup lasted for about a year, then Matt and I parted ways due to artistic differences. The current touring lineup features bassist Fox and guitarist Soda, both from the NYC band Nox Cult, and Will Evil on drums. It's a lineup specifically for the Punishment Tour. Baba Yaga is still in the picture, but could not join us on this tour. I believe he will be involved in the next album. Was that confusing enough? That's actually the short version! There were more people involved along the way!

2. You share the same stage name as the band, were you already performing as a solo artist prior to the formation of Justin Symbol and why is the band named after you?

Justin: See answer to question 1.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Justin: We are based out of NYC. I can recommend Nox Cult, whom we currently share two members with, and another band we're friends with is Candy Brain! We were happy they opened for us on two separate dates of the Punishment tour. We also like The Amatory Murder, Crystal Noir & The Obscurity, SYKA and Vonesper.

4. How do you describe your music to people?

Justin: Alternative, Digital Rock, Industrial Rock, Electronic...we've been called Shock Rock and I actually don't mind that term but I believe it refers more to theatrics and breaking cultural taboos than any specific sound.

5. You have not one but two albums out "V Ω I D H E A D" and "'F U C K H E A D" the remixed album, why release the two and what was the purpose in releasing an entire album of remixes?

Justin: 'F U C K H E A D' was a chance for me to do something I'd always wanted, which is to have other artists I love and respect reinterpreting my songs. It was really a pleasure to put together and it enabled me to work with many artists whom I admire, and to hear their take on the songs, spinning them in entirely new directions. It also gave me a chance to do two completely new songs, "Scarecrow" produced by FLO and "Kingdom of Fear" with Verena May produced by Jabbath Roa of EVA & Her Virgins. Those both started as me trying to do remixes but then ended up spinning into new directions, and I love the result! 'F U C K H E A D' is really an in-between kind of album, between eras of the band so to speak, and it captures where I was at when I made it.Chaotic and all over the place...frantic and with infinite possibilities.

6. Aside from the album releases you released 5 videos for various singles why go with 5 and will there be more to follow?

Justin: In addition to doing music, I am also a video editor and a visual artist, so I knew with the Justin Symbol project I wanted to have a strong visual element from the beginning.The music videos that accompanied the release of 'V Ω I D H E A D' were done in this burst of creativity that happened between myself and Director Dee Wassell. We started with "Digital Penetration" and we had such a blast out in the woods at night, with coyotes howling and all these TVs everywhere. It was just surreal!  After that we had breakfast after not sleeping all night and we were so excited and said "Let's do more!" So we did "Control" next, which was much more ambitious. It was filmed at an abandoned mental institution with a whole cast of friends. And that was just beautiful and so much fun! So we kept going!

We did "Killing an Arab" literally the next day after "Control" on my roof in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It took us forever to get that damned beheading right and I got a wicked sunburn with corn syrup everywhere from the fake blood! Then we ended with "Voidhead". I was happy my cousin, alt. model Cat Ropo could be involved in that because I'd seen her again for the first time in forever at a family reunion and I said "my God you are gorgeous and amazing! We have to work together!" and she was so cool and into so many of the same things artistically so it was just a magical collaboration. The last video was "Purgatory", and that was done with a different team entirely...led by Director Jeff Turick whom I'd done another video called "PCP" with a year or two prior. That was very different, more of a bigger budget, pro kind of thing, and more strict! And once again I found myself crawling through dark tunnels into abandoned insane asylums...and churches! It was such an intense time doing these videos, it was really magical and I am so lucky to have worked with everyone involved!  As for more videos? Yes, absolutely. Fans can expect the visual art quality that I am known for to be taken to the next level with the videos for our next album, 'G Ω D H E A D'!!

7. Why do you want to record and release your own music? (Be very honest.)

Justin: It's not so much a want as a need. I am consumed on a constant basis with my art. Ask my close friends and family, or anyone I've ever dated!  I was born to do what I am doing now. I firmly believe that my artistic vision will reach millions of people before this is all over.

8. Who is your fan/customer?

Justin: We've gotten so much love on this tour...and it just keeps growing! I think our fans, whom we affectionately call "fuckheads", are usually people who are young, beautiful, open-minded, artistically vibrant and creative people, and sometimes a little crazy!

9. What image do you think your music conveys? ( Do not avoid the image issue!)

Justin: I think my music conveys many images and colors. So many bands in similar genres are all wearnig black and their music is very one-dimensional. I also like to say and do things that others are afraid to say and do, or to admit they even want to say and do. The attention whore aspect of my personality...the compulsive need to be creates an air of theatricality and drama that surrounds everything this band does.

10. What are your immediate music career goals?

Justin: Completing the Punishment Tour successfully, kicking ass every single show, and gaining new fans and friends as we go!

11. What are your long-term career goals?

Justin: Like Rob Zombie, I may cross into film at some point, but I will never leave music entirely. I know I have a story to tell and it's going to be BIG. I've also begun writing an autobiography called 'Nothing's Shocking', to tell my story.

12. How would you define the word “success”?

Justin: It used to be about achievements, but increasingly it's become more about being happy and in harmony with the Universe, and then the achievements and creation manifests naturally.

13. Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?)

Justin: I think a label like Metropolis would be a good fit right now vs. a Major which would likely just censor me rather than helping me grow.

14. What live performance experience have you had? (Any industry showcases?)

Justin: The Punishment Tour is our first national tour but prior to this we did a mini tour called the Tri-State Whore Tour last winter.

15. How do you rate your live performance ability? (Be very critical. No cliches)

Justin: I think I am really developing a strong command of the stage and a sense of identity as a performer, and a strong and unique singing voice, which improves nightly due to the rigors and demands of touring and playing night after night, and I am so grateful! The band as a whole is also gelling wonderfully and we have found our stride and chemistry musically and as performers.

16. Speaking of performance, you are on The Punishment Tour, what could one expect from a Justin Symbol show?

Justin: A powerful, theatric, energetic live performance that will take you out of your own head and into mine for 30 minutes! Beware of what you might find in there!

17. When the show ends every night and the band walks off the stage; what happens does the band head backstage or straight to the tour bus/van, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

Justin: I normally come right offstage to the merch booth to meet people and the other guys clear the stage, then we all try to hang around the venue all night. We are hear to meet people, form real connections with fans, and also to support our fellow Punishment Tour bands while they perform. Rarely will you find us hiding in the dressing room or van!

18. Who is the last one to get on the tour bus/van?

Justin: Definitely me (Justin) because it takes me an hour to get out of my stage costume and gather all my props and other stuff together!

19. Who has the worst tour hygiene?

Justin: I'd say our bassist Fox because he wears the same Pentagram shirt every day.

20. Who has the worst dress sense?

Justin: It depends how you define good or bad. I think my dress sense is wonderful but some people have said that the assless leather chaps, red evil clown boots and sequin glitter pants with huge safety pins over the crotch are a bit over the top...

21. Do you remember the first show your band played?

Justin: Yes I was alone with a drum machine, wearing a torn dress and fishnet stockings, screaming incoherently about Michelle Obama's vagina while drunk/high on whiskey and coke. Not a good look. In fact the drummer from William Control, Ben Tourkantonis, was there, but somehow he forgave me!

22. What was the first concert you attended as a fan?

Justin: Probably Skinny Puppy on their Greater Wrong of the Right Tour.

23. Tell me about your spooky dance, how can one learn this dance?

Justin: Ha! You must be in a graveyard. Just go there and stand on people's graves disrespectfully and awkwardly while their relatives give you disapproving looks...let yourself feel the vibes of all the ghosts and boom! You'll find yourself doing the spooky dance!

24. Once the tour in the USA is over what do you have planned afterwards?

Justin: We'll start work on the next record, G Ω D H E A D, and also do our own touring and weekend runs around the East Coast until we jump on another national tour next Spring!

25. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Justin: In the next 6 days, please support our Indiegogo Tour Fundraiser:

You can get awesome merch packages in exchange for helping the band with donations that go towards gas, van repairs, hotels etc.!

After that, the best place for all things Justin Symbol is:

Toronto act nTTx has released it's first single "Falls Beautiful" from their debut EP. The project consisting of Gord Clement (former singer/songwriter in Atomzero), has taken his music to a melodic, vocally driven form of EBM with some synthpop and disco influences thrown in. Mainman Gord Clement discusses the single, new music direction, and future.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Gord: nTTx is just me in the studio, I actually started back in the late 80’s with just one synth, a drum machine and a mic but I didn't do much with it since I was more involved in the pop-punk scene at the time, and just did it as a side hobby shared with friends. (Where I lived, electronic music was not popular at all) This current formation was intended to be a side project of mine off of Atomzero, but Peter and I disbanded over unresolvable problems. So nTTx became my focus.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Gord: In the 80’s I called myself NTT, so the ‘x’ is just a growth that started and I never got to see a Doctor about. Eventually it became an unextractable part of me that writes lyrics. It is just a way of spelling Entity.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Gord: I call Toronto my home base. The scene here is kind of struggling, EDM has taken over EBM in many places we used to call our dark corners. The bands here all seem to get along well, with little to no animosity towards each other and we have a few good clubs still giving us stage time. DJ run nights still draw more than live bands at times, even big acts, so I’m not sure what is happening here.. but the people that do show up are fully involved and awesome! We have great promoters here such as 132 Productions that have given up and coming bands a stage to play on. Local bands that are awesome are Glenn Love and Peter Turns Pirate who are both playing Aftermath Festival in Toronto this year. For traditional gothy goodness, Double Eyelid. I recently did a remix for them which should be out soon. Scrape is also another local industrial act that puts on a great live show.

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Gord: I’m not one of those artists that get offended by people saying I sound like this or that band or worry about staying steadfast to one specific genre. So many different bands and stylistic choices go into my music from the obvious EBM to disco to gabber to punk… I want every song to stand for itself and have a variety of sounds and moods. Bands that influences me? I hate to sound cliche but number one has to be Kraftwerk, when I first heard Trans Europe Express back in 1978, I was hooked. Then came DAF, blending my punk heart with my electronic brain. Then came Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 further pushing the boundaries of aggro electronic beats to my consciousness. Finally I had Depeche Mode show me texture, romance and passions could also be expressed by samples and synths.

5. What's the story behind your single for "'Falls Beautiful"? Why was it picked out to be a single and will there be a video accompanying it?

Gord: I am really fucking clumsy at times so I... no, seriously I wrote the chorus first, and the rest just fell into place. I guess it is something about loss and deception, but my lyrics are usually written from an unconscious stream and somehow come together in the end. Almost like a in trance state where they just appear in my head. I’m kinda lucky that way. Falls Beautiful stood out early because it was a great example of what I want nTTx to be...a simple arrangement, driving rolling drums and bass, with heartfelt singing. A lyric video will be up on YouTube in the next couple of weeks and I am working out details on a full “proper” video to be shot soon.

6. How would you describe your new EP as a whole and when can we expect to see it's release?

Gord: The EP will be 4 original songs, plus some remixes by bands I like, and it will be out around September to go along with the live shows… oooh lights and lasers and fog machines!

7. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Gord: Music is my full time job. I love to perform live and hope to bring my show to the masses. I take pride in putting on a great show with fully programmed, synchronized lighting. I’ve spent a lot of time programming and designing my own unique lighting show. My goal is to have people leave saying ‘that was fucking awesome’.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Gord: When the EP is released I will be performing live. Joining me on stage will be Lance from The Grey Disorder (on synths) and Mike on drums (previous live drummer for Atomzero) Playing live is my passion and I bring a full show. Lasers, programmed lights and the whole shebang! I believe just because it is a club sized show, it doesn't mean it can't feel like a stadium show! Further after that, I will be releasing EP after EP unless management or whatever decide on a “normal” album.. but I’m managed by my cat Sir BooBoo Shadow and sometimes he just sits in a shoe box and glares at me.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Gord: (Free Dowload) - iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Rdio, Beats Music, Tidal and most streaming services.

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Gord: Don't pick it, it might get infected.

The All Stars Tour will be back this summer for it's fifth and 2015 edition to feature headliner Upon A Burning Body with support coming from Dance Gavin Dance, A Skylit Drive, Iwrestledabearonce, Within The Ruins, Oceano, Dayshell, Come The Dawn, Chasing Safety, Conquer Divide and more! Check out the current list of dated below with more to be announced soon! The official website has also been launched HERE.


7/17 - San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall**
7/18 - El Paso, TX @ Summer Showdown Festival*
7/19 - Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater**
7/20 - Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall**
7/22 - Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
7/23 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
7/24 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Live
7/25 - Pico Rivera, CA @ Pico Rivera Sports Arena
7/26 - Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater
7/28 - Dallas, TX @ The Bomb Factory
7/31 - Freehold, NJ @ Gamechanger
8/01 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
8/02 - Reading, PA @ Reverb
8/07 - Flint, MI @ Dirtfest*
8/09 - Montreal, QC @ Heavy MTL*
8/11 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theater
8/12 - New York City, NY @ Webster Hall w/ Summer Slaughter
8/15 - Austin, TX @ Empire Garage
8/16 - Houston, TX @ Scout Bar***


This fall, Dutch symphonic metal titans EPICA and Swiss folk metallers ELUVEITIE will join forces to co-headline across North America. This trek, sponsored by Revolver Magazine, also has Canada’s THE AGONIST supporting on all dates. There will be VIP available and the tour dates are listed below.

EPICA front-woman Simone Simons says the following about the upcoming tour: “We are ecstatic to finally return to North America. It is time to nurture our long-distance relationship with our fans over in North America. We'll have a wonderful time together and will perform songs spanning our entire discography. You guys better be ready for us.”


09/08/2015 – Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
09/09/2015 –  Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA
09/11/2015 – Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC CANADA
09/12/2015 – Imperial Theatre – Quebec City, QC CANADA
09/13/2015 –  Phoenix Concert Theatre + Toronto, ON CANADA
09/15/2015 – House Of Blues – Chicago, IL
09/16/2015 – Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
09/18/2015 – O’Brians Event Centre – Saskatoon, SK
09/19/2015 – Union Hall + Edmonton, AB
09/20/2015 – MacEwan Ballroom + Calgary, AB CANADA
09/22/2015 – Vogue Theatre + Vancouver, BC CANADA
09/23/2015 – Neumos + Seattle, WA
09/25/2015 – Regency Ballroom + San Francisco, CA
09/26/2015 – Fonda Theatre + Los Angeles, CA
09/28/2015 – Gothic Theatre + Denver, CO
09/29/2015 – Sokol Auditorium + Omaha, NE
10/01/2015 – Mercury Ballroom + Louisville, KY
10/02/2015 – Agora Ballroom + Cleveland, OH
10/01/2015 – Irving Plaza + New York, NY

The Relapse Symphony will release their sophomore efforts "Born To Burn" on June 23rd 2015 via Standby Records. This is the follow-up to debut EP "Time Running Out", debut album "Shadows" and acoustic album "Shadows The Acoustic Sessions". The album features 11-tracks including their new song and single for "A Perfect Lie". Pre-orders via iTunes, Google and merch bundles are available HERE. The album's artwork and tracklisting can be seen below!

Frontman vocalist Bret Von Dehl says "The band really learned an incredible amount with the creation, release and touring of our first record, Shadows. That was quite a dark and emotional time for the band and that album definitely reflected that period. That time has passed and we've all moved on and to say that The Relapse Symphony is "back with a vengeance" is honestly, an understatement. We worked vigorously for months and wrote a ton of material to make Born To Burn and I'm exceedingly more excited than I've ever been for the world to hear the work we've created. This album makes some statements we've had burning inside of us all for some time and Born To Burn really captures the true aggression and intensity that this band possesses. It's bigger, heavier and more pissed off than ever. It's a brutally honest and important album for Rock music."

The Relapse Symphony will also be on the Vans Warped Tour from June 19-July 12 this summer! Check out the new song HERE.


1. The Beginning
2. A Perfect Lie
3. Die Alone
4. Tear Me Down
5. Born to Burn
6. Dirty Little Tricks
7. Terror Generation
8. Down in Flames
9. Goodnight, Goodbye
10. Comatose
11. The Bitter End

Asking Alexandria have revealed who their new frontman is which is Denis Shaforostov (formerly of Down & Dirty and Make Me Famous), who replaced long time vocalist Danny Worsnop. But that's not all that's new with the band, they have also gone on to release a new song called "I Won't Give In", featuring Denis in all his glory as Asking Alexandria's new frontman. You can check out Asking Alexandria's new formation on the Vans Warped Tour this summer and expect a new album soon! For now, check out the new song HERE.

Female-fronted rock band Hour 24 has announced their month and a half long Suit Up tour with California based alternative rockers Racing On The Sun. The tour will be nationwise with guitarist Dan Quigley commenting, “Thank you so much to everyone who attended one of our shows last year! We've had an incredible time meeting new people and seeing old friends out on the road. We have been writing and recording our debut full-length record with Dan Korneff (Motionless In White, Crown The Empire, Pierce The Veil) and are thrilled to get back on the road.”

The tour begins July 10th in Toledo, OH before ending August 30th in Allen Park, MI. Key stops on the tour include Indianapolis (July 12th), St. Louis (July 14th), Seattle (July 22nd), Los Angeles (July 26th), Las Vegas (July 30th), Dallas (August 7th), Austin (August 8th), Virginia Beach (August 16th), Baltimore (August 18th), and Philadelphia (August 20th).
7/10 - Toledo, OH - Frankie's
7/11 - TBA
7/12 - Indianapolis, IN - Irving Theater
7/14 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird
7/17 - Greeley, CO - Moxi Theater
7/18 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Loading Dock
7/19 - Boise, ID - The Crux
7/22 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
7/24 - Sacramento, CA - The Colony
7/26 - Los Angeles, CA - TBA
7/29 - San Diego, CA - Lestat's
7/30 - Las Vegas, NV - OMD
7/31 - Tempe, AZ - 51 West
8/1 - Tucson, AZ - Space Galeria
8/3 - Albuquerque, NM - Duke City Sound Stage
8/6 - Lubbock, TX - Depot O Bar
8/7 - Dallas, TX - RBC
8/8 - Austin, TX - Lu's Place
8/9 - Houston, TX - The White Swan
8/11 - Little Rock, AR - Vino's
8/12 - Nashville, TN - Foobar
8/13 - Marietta, GA - Swayze's
8/14 - Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
8/15 - Charlotte, NC - The Milestone
8/16 - Virginia Beach, VA - Retro Cafe
8/18 - Baltimore, MD - Sidebar
8/19 - Dover, DE - Tom's Bullpen
8/20 - Philadelphia, PA - Bull Shooters
8/21 - West Babylon, NY - Evolution Sound Stage
8/22 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Brewery
8/23 - Providence, RI - DV8
8/25 - Hamden, CT - TBA
8/27 - Buffalo, NY - Broadway Joe's
8/28 - Clarksburg, WV - Main St. Cafe
8/29 - Akron, OH - Empire
8/30 - Allen Park, MI - Simon's After Dark

Rock n' roll veterans Lotus Crush best known from The Voice, Driveblind, Candlebox and Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, released their sophomore album "Rabbit Hole", with great success. Frontman vocalist Terry McDermott discusses the album and some backstory on the band.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Terry: Pete and Scott are best known for being founding members of a multi-platinum American rock band: Candlebox. When I came to the US I was in a band called Driveblind from my hometown, Aberdeen, Scotland. We were on Geffen Records and I think we toured 10 months in 2006. Four of them were with Candlebox. That’s how I met Pete and Scott. We were kind of “Candlewho?” since we were from the UK and missed the fact these guys were selling millions and millions of records. When I saw these guys play for the first time when we joined the tour, I knew they were the real deal. Pete shared some demos he’d knocked together for another project he had going and I instantly heard overtones of The Verve, Pink Floyd and The Shore. We found a common love of these bands when we talked more and I guess that was the seed for Lotus Crush. Island Styles and Mark Mattrey have joined more recently but both are serious players. Real bad ass musicians. Mark played bass on all of Rabbit Hole and came highly recommended by the co-producer. He was so bloody good we asked him to join the band.

2. Why did you pick the name Lotus Crush?

Terry: We tossed the hand grenade of naming the band around FOREVER. I think all bands do, but when we recorded our first album Half Light Morning, there were all kinds of talented friends chipping in here and there to help move the record on. All with same attitude, all hopelessly addicted to making music and scraping by. We joked about the Lotus eaters of Greek mythology being a good analogy for the poor souls we counted ourselves amongst. A “crush” would you believe, is also a group of something. Hence, Lotus Crush.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Terry: The band was formed in Seattle, the label is based in Seattle and most of the members are from Seattle. Which I get a kick out of, because I never imagined when I was coming up in Scotland that I’d be in a Seattle band. I spend a lot of time up there and have done since Pete and I formed the band. It’s kind of like a weird second home and I have people there that I think of like family. I love the musical vibrancy of the city. It’s co-operative but with healthy competition. And of course it has a glittering history of producing great music. I’ve caught a few killer acts up there. I remember seeing Cody Beebe and thinking “ok….this place has got some players.” I think the best live rock show I’ve ever seen was in Seattle, but it was Scottish band Biffy Clyro at The Crocodile Cafe so my country gets that point not Seattle. Ha!

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Terry: We’re half indie band, half space rock band. You can hear all the influences like Floyd and The Verve in there, and I think in more recent years I’ve personally been shaped by harder edge British indie bands. I’ve yet seen someone sum us up and thought “yeah….that’s it” so I love when people toss names out there.

5. What can people expect from Rabbit Hole, why should they be interested and check it out?

Terry: This is the best record I’ve ever been part of. It felt like it HAD to happen. Sometimes the timing sucks and you’ve got great songs but not the opportunity to make a great record. In this case we got both. I wanted to talk about the fucked up world we live in and the elephant in the room about the world turning to shit….and other such light hearted topics. I think the musical vision, coupled with the content is pretty damn concise and the way we wanted it to be. Oh….and it SOUNDS awesome.

6. Do you play live as well? What do you have planned in terms of shows and touring, if any?

Terry: I’m typing this in between packing for our European tour. We’ll get a few weeks off and then we tour the US. We’ve got a second video coming out around then too (Death From Above). It’s going to be a busy year. The people in our team are all believers. They’ve heard the record. They know what we’re trying to bring to the audience out there. Have songs. Will travel.

7. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Terry: We’re a Scottish/American misfit creature of a band with a bizarre roller coaster past and these are real songs. This is a real album. That might sound obvious, but I’m tired of hearing style over content. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with anything out there. I don’t believe we dropped the ball on a single song. There’s heart and soul all over them. If you don’t like it we’ll give you your money back* (*that last bit was actually a lie).

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Terry: We plan to be the Scottish/American touring equivalent of Cain from the TV show Kung Fu. We’re just going to roam the earth but instead of using martial arts to fight injustice, we’re bringing songs about how much deep shit we’re all in to people’s ears. That’s kind of the plan.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Terry: You need not roam the earth. We’re on all digital retailers, Spotify, Pandora etc. @lotuscrush for Twitter, for FB. You get the deal. Cheers!

Emerging singer/songwriter Anna Pena is more than a red-haired, blue-eyed model with a beautiful smile. Her voice has captivated thousands of fans and viewers on YouTube and has paved the way for her forthcoming EP; The title is still in the works. Slated for release this summer, the EP is Anna's first musical recording. An avid YouTuber, she has created a dedicated fan base of over eight thousand subscribers who enjoy her weekly renditions of the industry's most popular songs: To check out her latest covers visit

Produced by Scott Byrne, the new project features five all-original tracks written by Anna. The songs on the EP offer an assortment of her musical styles with a piano driven doo-wop (jazzy) inspired song, an acoustic ballad, an upbeat folk pop song (ukulele), and songs that are more alternative pop rock. Her effortless vocal pitch highlights the natural talent and ability, both of which will take her far as an artist.

"The songs I wrote on my E.P are personal and have been written from my real experiences," says Anna. "The songs range from the subjects of getting through breakups, heartbreak, personal family struggles, and my own 'fickle heart'."

With a style somewhat reminiscent of Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri, and Tori Kelly, Anna Pena is a talented singer and songwriter in her own right. Trained in musical theater, choir, dance and acting, her drive and passion combined have helped her make it past the live celebrity auditions on America's Got Talent season 9. Known for her timeless renditions, Anna's musical presentation of Taylor Swift's "Style," Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and Demi Lovato's "Warrior" remain a few of her most popular cover videos to date.

She grew up performing in musical theater. By the time she was ten, Anna had performed shows at Casa Manana and Bass Performance Hall. She attended a fine arts high school as a teen and is continuing to train in piano, voice, acting and songwriting at Septien Entertainment Group in Dallas, Texas.

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Anna Pena has it all &mdash training and experience in singing, songwriting, film, TV, theater, stage performance, instruments, and dance. Attending professional lessons for all of her talents and a fine arts performing school have assisted Anna on her journey to singing stardom. Recruited to sing onstage with child star, Gregg Russell was one of the many moments that made the young talent realize, the stage was her true home. Making it past the live celebrity audition on America's Got Talent boosted Anna to run full force at her dreams. Currently, the multi-talented modeling bombshell is set to release her first EP this summer. As a creative genius who puts her heart and soul into each of her original songs, Anna Pena will quickly be on everyone's radar.

One year after their well-received debut EP release "Nowhere", Australian Groove Metal band Humality have just released their next film clip and single "Trajectory"off their forthcoming EP ‘Now Here’ which is set for release late June, 2015.

"This new single really encompasses the direction of where the band is headed in relation to future releases. We are really excited to finally release it and see what the fans think", said drummer Matthew Lynn.

"Now Here" was again mixed and mastered by the bands vocalist/producer, Clint Curtis at BIMA Studios in West End, Brisbane. Check out the video HERE.

Extreme metal titans ARCH ENEMY will return to North America this July/August to headline the 2015 installment of "Summer Slaughter"! Featuring BORN OF OSIRIS, VEIL OF MAYA, THE ACACIA STRAIN, OBSCURA, AFTER THE BURIAL, CATTLE DECAPITATION, and BEYOND CREATION as support.

ARCH ENEMY founder and guitarist Michael Amott comments: "Very pleased to be returning to North America on our current 'War Eternal' campaign...It's an absolute honor to headline the 2015 edition of the legendary Summer Slaughter tour! See you all very soon!"


July 28, 2015 - The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO
July 30, 2015 - Val Air Ballroom - Des Moines, IA
July 31, 2015 - Skyway Theater - Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 1, 2015 - Mojoes - Joliet, IL
Aug. 2, 2015 - The Agora Theatre - Cleveland, OH
Aug. 3, 2015 - The Northland Performing Arts Center - Columbus, OH
Aug. 5, 2015 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 6, 2015 - Club 77 - Hamilton, ON *
Aug. 7, 2015 - Heavy MTL - Montreal, QC
Aug. 8, 2015 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA
Aug. 9, 2015 - Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ
Aug. 12, 2015 - Webster Hall - New York, NY w/ The All Stars Tour
Aug. 13, 2015 - Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
Aug. 14, 2015 - Gwar-B-Q Fest - Richmond, VA *
Aug. 15, 2015 - The International - Knoxville, TN
Aug. 17, 2015 - Gas Monkey Live! - Dallas, TX
Aug. 18, 2015 - Empire Control Room & Garage - Austin, TX
Aug. 20, 2015 - The Marquee - Tempe, AZ
Aug. 21, 2015 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA
Aug. 22, 2015 - City National Grove Of Anaheim - Anaheim, CA
Aug. 23, 2015 - The Regency Ballroom - San Francisco, CA
Aug. 24, 2015 - Regent Theater - Los Angeles, CA *
*=recently added

Alternative/Rock/Industrial Band "White Pulp" with Italian songwriter and singer Sonny Lanegan raging from their hometown Los Angeles, California, had taken some time to pursue other projects but during that time, things changed and White Pulp came back! All new material, new line-up, new shows, and touring, all a work in progress for Sonny Lanegan and his gang of misfits in White Pulp! Frontman vocalist Sonny Lanegan discusses their return, the new material, line-up, past, present, and future!

1. First of all, who are you, and what do you do in the band?

Sonny: I'm Sonny, singer and songwriter for the band White Pulp.

2. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Sonny: I started White Pulp in 2009 while I was still living in Italy. At the time I was touring as guitar player with two successful bands, one called "Posthuman" which was a tribute to Marilyn Manson and the other one called "The Spiral", a tribute to NIN. After performing with them and other bands all around Europe, playing more than 200 shows in two years, I decided to start writing my own music. The result was White Pulp's first album "Ashamed of Yourself". I went into the studio with Nuke (who at the time was producing the album and also the bass player of the band) and we recorded the full album within two months. "Ashamed of Yourself" was released under the German label Echozone, followed by a second album called "Lost Inc.". In 2012 the label Full Effect Records/SONY took over White Pulp and released our third album "Vulgarity is Not a Felony" on American soil. You can also check out our full bio on our Facebook page..

3. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Sonny: It's always hard to answer this question I listen to all sorts of music. But if you wanna label it, then I would say: alternative-rock-industrial without the excessive make up. One of my main influences are NIN and TOOL, but on the other hand I also love Mark Lanegan. This is just to make an example about how many different influences and music styles I'm into.

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Sonny: It really depends from where you are at in your life at the moment you are writing an album. The first two albums "Ashamed of Yourself" and "Lost Inc." here both very critical towards the way I was looking at the people surrounding me and how we changed (obviously for the worse). "Lost Inc." in particular was literally representing all the good thoughts you were setting yourself, but everything was falling apart, because you were getting completely lost in something else on the way. Too many temptations which seem to be more fun and kind of an escape from boredom and growing up.

"Vulgarity is Not a Felony" was our first release in the US. Since we were new on the US market, we chose the best songs from the first and second album and just added four brand new songs to it. Both music and lyrics were pretty sexual and that's how I got the name for the album. A big playground for all the lost souls who wanna be filthy in a darkroom.

Nowadays I have a complete different approach towards life and in a way also towards my writing process. I didn't wanna write a concept album and to be honest I can't really feel like focusing only on one topic right now. It took me a long time to finish this new album. I took the human body as an inspirational point for the lyrics and I played around with it. It was very interesting and exciting. It was actually the first time I got excited about writing lyrics (some of them). For example there is a new song called "Self Medication", I'm really excited and satisfied about the way the song came out. The sound is creepy, slow tempo, heavy guitars, but in the chorus the songs open up and you get a sense of hope out of it. I love it. Sometimes I like to think that there is hope.

5. When we first spoke back in 2009, White Pulp was in Italy now that have transplanted themselves into the U.S. Of A. How has the transition been going for the band?

Sonny: The band didn't move, I did! My other band members stayed in Italy, so I had to look for new ones to fill in their positions. I got in touch with other musicians and we pretty much started playing shows. We had a great response from the audience right away, but as you can imagine it's not that easy to keep a band together, especially in a town like Los Angeles, California. I decided to pause the band for a while and see if I was gonna get excited about White Pulp again. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if people like your music or not, you are the one who needs to feel great about it otherwise there is no point. It's 2015, there is a new album and a new line up. The band is back.

6. Do you missing being out in Italy, would you ever go back for good or is the U.S. your calling card from here on out?

Sonny: Everything is possible. I miss Italy and I mostly miss my family but at the same time I love LA and I really like living here so who knows?

7. White Pulp has gone through it's member changes, do you see this current line-up to be "the one" to stick it out for the long haul?

Sonny: I love the guys I'm currently having in the band. There is a great chemistry between us and we are also friends which makes things a lot easier and pleasant. I don't think there is something like a perfect line up. Each and every musician is different This line up is working great and that's all that matters.

8. You had also mentioned back then that, White Pulp playing some shows acoustically, how did those turn out and will we be seeing acoustic material being released?

Sonny: We played several acoustic shows while I was in Europe. It was working out great and gave us the chance to reach more people and different crowds. Acoustic sets are intimate and can be very challenging. We never did it here in the US. Maybe one day we will play shows here and release music.

9. Are you guys signed or unsigned?

Sonny: We were signed. As of right now there is no contract on the table, even though I'm currently talking with three A&R about our new album. If we can find an agreement which will make both parts happy then ok otherwise we'll go out by ourselves.

10. You guys were in hold but during that time you did manage to play a handful of shows between then and now. So how have the gigs you guys been doing been going?

Sonny: We started playing shows pretty much right after I started working on the album. So far it was fun and I think we did great. Awesome response from the audience and great energy. We can't complain!

11. You decided to place White Pulp on hold during 2012-2014, how come and why did you see fit to bring it back again?

Sonny: I kind of answered this already but like I said, the main point was the struggle with other band members and that at the time I lost the excitement for whatever was going on related to White Pulp.

12. How would you say the new album compares to your previous records?

Sonny: I sent out a couple of songs to some friends and they said you can totally hear the White Pulp sound but that the album is completely different but in a great way! I guess time has also changed me and like I already mentioned, the writing process was really different. It took me 8 months to record the album and in 8 months a lot of things can change (especially in my mind). It wasn't expected but it was for the better at this point I'm really satisfied about the sound and all the songs. In a way I went back to the 90s. My best era. I believe we got so many good albums in those years unbelievable. I don't expect people to look at the new songs like I do but I hope they will find what I'm talking about.

13. Are there any surprises or any collaborations on the album?

Sonny: I co-wrote two songs with Giacomo Jac Salani. He co-produced the album with me and added his sound in some of the songs. In a way I think the album is a surprise, it's exciting and I believe it came out really good.

14. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

Sonny: Not really I woke up one day and while working on an instrumental track I realized that the sound was very familiar to White Pulp. I kept going and at the end of the day I had the song which was fitting 100% for White Pulp. In the next few days I kept going and I had the first ideas for some of the songs who made it into the album. That's how the recording process started and I definitely had no goals other than doing something that was gonna be different from what I did in the past.

15. Are you using any new instrumentation you've never used in the recording process before?

Sonny: I didn't. When I record for White Pulp I like to give myself limitations. I like to work with a few things but that I know how to use really well. That allows me to not waste any time and go straight for what I have in my mind. That works especially for the sound you can get lost in a crazy world when you start to fuck around with some of those toys in the studio!

16. It's been some time since your last material, so did you feel any pressure to do this follow-up?

Sonny: No pressure at all. I mean technically we were suppose to give the label I was signed to another album but we worked that out since I didn't wanna write a new album just because. There is only one thing that I didn't change since I started doing music and that's writing music that I would like to listen, to write the kind of album that I would run to buy at the store.

17. Have you been road testing any of the new material? If so, how have audiences reacted to the new material?

Sonny: We did. We only played 3 of them so far and for what I can see people are really into "White Dope" and "Psychosomatic". Which they are also two of my favorites.

18. Will you be touring this album? Is there a chance you will be doing a short tour before the album is released?

Sonny: We are gonna play a couple of shows in June and then with to without label the album is gonna be out. And yes we are definitely gonna tour!

19. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Sonny: Mid July.

20. Will we ever see The Dead Good, Posthuman, The Spiral, and White Pulp, playing a show or doing a tour together?

Sonny: I don't see that happening with Posthuman or The Spiral but MAYBE with The Dead Good! I'm sure it would be a lot of fun!

21. How would you say that The Dead Good, Posthuman, The Spiral, and White Pulp, compare, differ, and have evolved from one another?

Sonny: Well Posthuman and The Spiral were both tribute bands. The Dead Good is very different from White Pulp. The approach towards the music, lyrics, the image and especially the sound they are just different. I can't really compare them but I think they are all pretty cool. ;)

22. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Sonny: First off there is a new album and a new line up so I think that's already something good to start with. I can't wait to play the new songs live and sweat all of our energy on stage! I'm also working with Isabella Knight on the new album for The Dead Good, so there is probably gonna be something on the way pretty soon!

23. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Sonny: You can check us out on Youtube and Facebook. You can buy "Vulgarity is Not a Felony" on iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms. As far as the first two albums I don't really know you might find something on eBay or order them through some online stores.

24. What is it you'd like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Sonny: I usually fall in love with a band when I listen to them for the first time and when I can hear right away that there is gonna be a connection between the songs I'm listening and myself. That obviously goes on different levels but the most important thing is to relate yourself in what you are listening to. I guess that would be my main point.

25. Any last words of wisdom?

Sonny: #FilthyTits.

26. Is that your final answer?

Sonny: Pretty much and thank you!

Toronto band nTTx releases first single from upcoming debut EP. nTTx is the new project of Gord Clement (former singer/songwriter in Atomzero). His new music is a melodic, vocal driven form of EBM, with some synthpop and disco influences.

The new single is titled 'Falls Beautiful' with a b-side cover version of 'New Dress' (Depeche Mode).
The single is now available as a free download to the public via his bandcamp page: It will also be available through iTunes, Amazon, and most streaming services.

Check out the new single HERE.

Tennessee hard rock troubadour Charlie Bonnet III has released a brand new single and music video, titled 'Hillbilly Rock Star,' and is set to release his eighth solo album, titled 'A Hotel In Valdosta,' through Dammit Boy Records this summer.

Hailing from Nashville, Bonnet has flirted with mainstream success in the past, having had a stint as lead guitarist for A&E reality star Big Smo, as well as a four year run as co-founder, singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of minor league rock favorites, Moccasin Creek.  It was during this time that he caught the eye of major label producer Jon Conner, whose newly launched Dammit Boy imprint was seeking talent.  When the original Moccasin Creek met its demise in late 2014, Conner was quick to scoop up Bonnet from the ashes, and put him in the studio.  The result is 'A Hotel In Valdosta,' a solid slab of southern rock glory that showcases Bonnet's well-honed songwriting and delivery.  "It was my goal to take a classic sound like Skynyrd, and mix it with the energy of a band like Black Sabbath, but with a Waylon Jennings twist" he says.  "I'm from Nashville, but I despise commercial country.  Maybe it's because of my days as a heavy metal kid, but a song has to rock or I'm not interested.  Either kick ass or go home..."

Bonnet has strong ties to the hard rock and heavy metal community, releasing five studio albums as frontman for underground pioneers, Disarray.  He also served as co-manager for Steve "Zetro" Souza's post Exodus band, Hatriot.  As a member of Moccasin Creek he collaborated on songs with Bruce Kulick (KISS), Chris Poland (Megadeth), Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Glen Alvelais (Testament / Forbidden), and Tom Klimchuck (Pro-Pain).

Check out the new song and video HERE.

Monster High will be returning to the San Diego Comic Con this year and they of course have their own exclusive! It's unknown if it is a 2-pack or each doll is sold separately but a Comic Cone exclusive nonetheless.

So that said, this year's exclusives is Kieran Valentine and Dhinni “Whisp” Grant! These notorious villains are looking for a second chance to make things right! For those not familiar with these characters, Kieran Valentine was featured in the first ever CGI movie "Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love?" and Dhinni "Whisp" Grant was the evil version of Gigi Grant from the CGI movie "13 Wishes".

This year Mattel will be using a voucher system, which means you can pre-order your exclusives online and then use the voucher to pick up at the Comic Con. Here's the pre-sale info;

Early Access: Thursday, 5/28/15 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday, 5/29/15 at 8 a.m. PT (Club Eternia subscribers only).

All Access: Monday, 6/1/15 at 9 a.m. PT to Monday, 6/8 at 11:59 p.m. PT (open to everyone)

Pick-Up at SDCC: Thursday, 7/9/15 thru Saturday, 7/11/15 (pick-up times/location to be announced)

For those not attending Comic-Con, Mattel will also offer any leftover exclusives during their annual

SDCC After-Party Sale, scheduled for July 27 at 9AM PT.

Check out a photo below!

Your new favorite rapper has arrived! Attila frontman Fronz will release his long-gestating and much-anticipated rap album Party People's Anthem on June 30 via Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie.
As a rapper, Fronzilla is best described as the Eazy-E of the Tumblr generation, mixed with the recklessness of Schoolboy Q and the fashion-forward freshness of A$AP Mob.

Fronzilla debuted "They Still Talk," the first track from the album, featuring a guest spot from Issues' Tyler Carter, on his incredibly active social media channels today, May 21, and as expected, fans went absolutely nuts.

Reactions to "They Still Talk" were varied, vast, and vehement. Sample comments? "Sick track man! Let them talk shit because they'll never be better than you"; "It's about time"; "Uh, yeah!"; "I'VE WAITED SO LONG OMFG AAAAAH IT'S PERFECT"; "a lot better than I thought bro I'm on board." There were lots of "Dudes!" and "OMGs!," too.
This is Fronz we're talking about and he is a cultural lightning rod. Nothing he does is met with a middle-of-the-road reaction, and that's to his credit.
Now that he has fully embarked on his career as a rhyme spitter with the same "IDGAF" attitude that he adopts as Attila's frontman, his artistic pursuits, combined with his entrepreneurial endeavors, make Fronz a true Renaissance Man for the millennial generation.

Catch Fronz on Warped Tour all summer long with Attila.
Fronzilla Party People's Anthem Track Listing:
 1. "Turn It Up"
 2. "Next Level"
 3. "In Too Deep"
 4. "They Still Talk"
 5. "Trapped"
 6. "Creeper"
 7.  "Party People’s Anthem"
 8.  "Funkylicious"
 9.  "Get Buck"
 10. "Zilla"
 11.  "I Ain't Trippin"

Check out the new song HERE.

Fernwood was formed in 2006 by Todd Montgomery and Gayle Ellett, having already released three albums thus far into their musical careers, they have gone to create contemporary acoustic music that is beautiful and elegant, with a strong cinematic and pan-cultural feel. By combining elements of pastoral acoustic music, with the sounds of Traditional American, Irish, Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern music, and a laid-back Southern California vibe, the music of Fernwood is quite special. With a deliberate focus on composition, arrangements and orchestration, they have created a new Americana hybrid style that is uniquely their own. One of the two members Gayle Ellett discusses their latest album "Arcadia" along with not knowing what the fuck has in-store for them!

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Gayle: Todd Montgomery and I formed Fernwood in 2006. Earlier, we were playing together in a different group, a 12-piece Topanga hippie commune-type band that played totally improvised music. Todd was playing sitar and I was playing analog mono-synth. And as we talked more about our love of interesting acoustic music, we decided to form a band to play this new sound. Todd has been playing Celtic music for many years, and he studied sitar with Ravi Shankar’s oldest student. Now he is working on a new solo album. I currently play in 7 bands (in many different styles, on many different instruments), some of which are mainstream, and some of them are quite out-there! We feel very fortunate to be able to play this great music that we do in Fernwood.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Gayle: We took our name from the neighborhood I live in, in Topanga, California. We live in the costal mountains high above the Pacific Ocean. Its very scenic and beautiful here. The name is a good fit, because we play beautiful instrumental acoustic music. And as we always say “All music played by hand, on instruments made out of wood!” Basically, we play music the old-fashioned way: by hand (not computers). Sadly, this is becoming a lost art.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Gayle: Todd lives in Malibu and I live here in Topanga. We focus on making albums, not on playing live, so we are not very connected to the performing music scene. In our music, there are often 15 to 20 different instruments being played on a single tune. So we do a lot of layering up of instruments in the studio, because there are only two of us in the group. We are a studio band. We did do one show, for a big radio station, but we had 7 people to help us create the music live. If we play live again someday, I’d rather have about 12 people in our group, to better realize our vision. Many the bands in my town just play at the local bar, and at raging 10-band all-night house parties! We like the music of our friends The Blue Dolphins, Joee Corso, Hani Naser, Jim Crawford, Killing Casanova, etc. Its a fun, but mellow scene.

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Gayle: Our music is rather calm, its beautiful, its acoustic music played on a very wide range of stringed instruments from all around the world. These include Greek & Irish bouzouki, sitar, dilruba, quirquincho, Chinese ruan, Turkish cumbus, Moroccan oud, harmonium, gimbri, rababa, bulbul tarang, jal tarang, dotara, surmandal, tambura, manjira, tumbi, bugchu, gopichand, violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, tenor banjo, tenor ukulele, bells & chimes, acoustic piano, rhodes piano, upright bass, field recordings and other sounds. I also write music for Film and TV, so our music has a strong cinematic/soundtrack-type feel. Listening to it, creates little mini-movies in your mind! We are a rather unique group, so we do not sound like other groups, and we don’t have very many groups that we follow. But we are somewhat similar to some of the music of Gustavo Santaolalla, and Tin Hat Trio. And we are also very influenced by our desire to better understand the root elements of “beauty” and how it differs from being merely “pretty”. It has a lot to do with understanding how to apply the artistic concept of “theme & variation” to the different elements of our music, such as dynamics, tempo, orchestrations & arrangements, as well as melody, harmony and rhythm, etc. It is this intellectual understanding of beauty, that helps us create music at this level. Our first album (Almeria) was “#4 Album Of The Year” on Echoes Radio (a nationally syndicated daily FM radio show broadcast on 150 stations from California to Maine). So we must know what we are doing!

5. What's your take on "Arcadia" as a whole?

Gayle: Its the best album I have created so far, and I've played on over 100 albums, so that says a lot! Todd and I are super happy with how Arcadia came out. We could not be happier! We worked really really hard on Arcadia, it was recorded over a 5-year period, and each song went through 100 to 500 revisions before we settled on the final arrangements. Every single note is in the right place, throughout the entire record. And some reviewers are even calling it a “masterpiece” (Lady Obscure Magazine, from TURKEY). Its our third album, and it follows in the same direction as the first two: Almeria & Sangita. Its also the first time we have released a Fernwood album … on vinyl LP! So we’re happy about that!

6. What's your favorite song on "Arcadia" right now?

Gayle: I very much like our song “Vision At Vasquez Rocks”. It has many of the classic dreamy/almost psychedelic elements heard in much of our music. And the sound is filled with the traditional tones of: sitars, dilruba, charango, surmandal, guitar, dobro, Rhodes, acoustic piano, harmonium, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, upright bass, etc, And you can hear/see it here:

7. What should people know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Gayle: We make music for ourselves to enjoy, and as a challenge. I aspire to someday be the peer of my music idols, and with Fernwood we try to do just that. We've been reviewed in most of the biggest music magazine throughout the world, and all of the reviews have been super positive! Todd and I have been playing and composing music for over 35 years each, so we are very experienced musicians. We make music for musicians, not your average ding-a-ling listener. So our music is not condescending. Its deep. Fortunately, our music is also not too complex or hard to follow…the complexity exists in how the instruments relate to each other. Not in tedious, hyper fast playing. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself what we’re talking about!

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Gayle: Todd and I are going to continue making the best acoustic music we can! There is nothing “broken” with our concept, so we won’t be making any big changes to how we approach what we do. We’ll just keep on keeping on. Who knows what the future has in store for us?

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Gayle: You can hear our music on our websites at: and also at: And you can buy our music directly from us, and also at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, BandCamp, etc.

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Gayle:We make Art-music. Not mainstream music. And the difference between these two concepts is huge. With our music, much of what really matters, is revealed slowly as the song unfolds or evolves over time, throughout the duration of the song. So it means that a listener really needs to hear the whole song, all of the way through, and pay attention to it. But the upside of that is that you will be rewarded for the effort: our music is VERY engaging, compelling, and its truly beautiful. Our music tells a whole evolving story, its not just a scene or a snapshot (as is common with mainstream music). Feel free to stop by our website and say hello, where you too can hear what Fernwood is all about! And many Thanks to Natalie for giving us this opportunity to talk about our music!