Torment Id - The Shadow of Satan

"The Shadow of Satan, EP comes out of Huntington Beach, Californians Torment Id whose start began back in April 2007 and now three years later the band has outdone themselves by having gone through the writing, recording, and gigging process and now all of their hard earned work has paid off thanks to this little piece of torment.

This EP consists of five solid tracks each more brutalizing than the last. For starters “Frozen Wasteland”, opens everything up with its slow yet steady pace that’s all it can withstand is that slow yet steady rhythm that keeps to the same formula from start to finish. “Anthem for the Dead”, continues to maintain this formula but with the addition of vocalist Joey Engel he adds this raw and aggressive ability that cannot be ignored. The title track again goes through this same ordeal except after 20 seconds the music builds up to a more faster style and manages to make the music that more listenable.

“Hell’s Legion March”, is the last track on the EP and its recording is done live and its sound is just scratchy and just sounds out of line the quality is rather decent but it doesn’t get any better than that ranking. When it comes down to this EP overall Torment Id’s standards are good but aren’t good enough. 

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