Rocky Loves Emily Lives the American Dream

Pop rock will never be the same after witnessing Detroit's finest act to date, Rocky Loves Emily. Who have full filled their dream of becoming musicians/ By doing so, the band discusses where the name came from down to how thankful they are about being able to do what they love so much. Percussionist Pete Kalinowski recalls this discussion.

1. Please name the band members and what instrument they play.

Pete: Brandon-Vocals Pete-Drums Andrew-Guitar Sean-Guitar Steve-Keys Wood-Bass
2. How did the band get its name?

Pete: Brandon, Steve, and I (Pete) were sitting hanging out at a cafe talking about childhood movies. It was kinda of a team effort when we were talking about the movie 3 Ninjas. One of the most memorable parts in that movie is when Colt and Tum Tum made fun of Rocky chanting "Rocky Loves Emily" over and over. So we kinda thought, yep, band name! haha
3. How would you describe your music style?

Pete: Pop, rock, with just a pinch of country/classic rock.

4. What have been your major influences?

Pete: I can't speak on behalf for all the guys, but for me personally, I would have to go with, Kiss, The Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Soundgarden, Def Leppard, and Lady Gaga! Wow, I just read that over, that's a weird variety of influences.
5. Have there been any changes since you first started your band or changes you would like to make now or in the future?

Pete: Well when Brandon and I first started jamming together.. We were going for like a weird grungy/indie sound. Basically we didn't really know what we were trying to go for then pop came to mind haha. As far as the future goes. We have a whole list of goals that we want to achieve but only God knows what will happen, so I guess we'll see what happens right?
6. Who writes the music for your band?

Pete: Well this is pretty much how it goes down...Brandon will bring an idea to the table, with a melody and a few basic chords and an idea of how the structure is gonna be. Then the rest of the guys (and by the rest of the guys I mean me) basically turn Brandon 's crappy ideas into gold! haha. By the way brandon is sitting next to me and he approves this message hahaha!

7. "American Dream" is your debut release, so by the title would you say that this is your dream come true?

Pete: Basically Yes! I couldn't be more thankful to do this with the dudes that I love the most!
8. What does you tour schedule currently look like?

Pete: We have a tour coming up that starts mid-January to mid-February. And that will cover the central/eastcoast
9. What is in store with the group in 2011?

Pete: We have a whole bunch of plans, but basically we're gonna be melting faces left and right just kidding, but seriously...for real though, we are gonna be going back into the studio sometime in the spring. Putting out a new record and being a touring machine is the basic plan. haha

10. Thanks for your time,and good luck in the future.

Pete: No... Thank you for your time.

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