After The Burial – In Dreams

After The Burial has released not just one but two albums thus far and a third is on the way, “In Dreams", captures the rupturing riffs with chord progression so strong it's hard to tell that this crushing new album was even done by After The Burial.

With that said, "My Frailty", starts off the album with its industrial background noises that quickly descends into a rampage of guitar driven rhythms with overwhelming vocal attics it makes the music just shake all around. "To Carry You Away", breaks from the shakiness and presents a mellow dramatic vibration that captures the band at a slow pace than usual. Like the guitars are fast but not as they normally would be because this song decrypts an acoustic guitar intro that fades away bringing out that fast but steady pace of beat that sets the music for a smooth course.

"Promises Kept", uses this same dramatic method except provides an energy so strong it drives the music to a more stable ground its uncanny of how well it lays out. After The Burial has found a style all their own and given the time it will all channel together. 

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