Red Light Sky - Self Titled

Power house hardcore punks Red Light Sky from Los Angeles formed just one year ago have already done with many bands have been known to create, an EP. Let us not forget that this EP is a self-titled effort which is supposedly a "new trend" in 2010 because a lot of other acts have been doing nothing but releasing self-titled works.

But anyway Red Light Sky is made up of guitarist Marc Wysocki, drummer Steve White, guitar player Jussi Karvinen, bass player Derik Envy and main front man Matt Koruba. The band knew from the start that they had what it takes and had assembled the right team to complete that far out reach, no matter what it took to get them their either.

As far as their self-titled EP goes, it’s filled with power punk rock mixed with hardcore adrenaline that builds the music up on each individual track. Which includes 'The Summer Ends", that features guest appearances from Nick Thompson and Omar Zehery of Hit The Lights who add an additional effect that just makes this tune bounce. Other worth mentionable tunes includes the self-titled tune, along with "Face Lift (What They Want You To Be) which provides that progressive obsession of wanting to break stuff.

Red Light Sky has the skill and the motives to get to where they want to be next in their musical career but just how far will that exactly get them? Only time will tell for sure.

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