War Tapes – Fever Changing

Six years have come and gone for Los Angeles foursome War Tapes. Who have successfully released an assortment of releases; "Self Titled EP" (2008), "The Continental Divide LP" (2009), along with two more EP releases, "Turtles", and "Fever Changing", both released this past year. “Fever Changing”, is the most recent out of the bunch, and this time, War Tapes hasn’t done any changing whatsoever. Their style remains the same as it always has.

Its sleek upbeat rock with hardcore new wave attitude keeps the music pumping yet smooth. Like take, "Sheets Unknown", this catchy yet satisfying tune really rotates back to their original abilities that were found on their "Self Titled EP" released in 2009. The guitars, bass, and drums keep up with one another while the vocals just follows through, keeping everything in proper tune. Now on "Silhouette", this resembles a lot of what "Dreaming Of You", was built upon. Recreating the same sort of melodies with vocal tactics yet had that extra push.

"Best Around", completes this release by kicking it up a notch or two because the music presents a techno rhythm that brings out that outer spacey beat. It is surely without a doubt, which War Tapes will continue to expand their knowledge of music and what more they can build with it. All it takes is time, energy, and effort that these musicians have a solid ground of.

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