Killing Moon - Twilight Holocaust

Having been formally named WhipKraft, Killing Moon has been making music for quite some time and has since released a full-length as well as various singles, which includes their last release “Twilight Holocaust”. Since this release Killing Moon’s style is surrounding the black/death metal genre as well as going over the lines of melodic metal sounding quite similar to Dimmu Borgir meets Cradle of Filth.

Their use of style marks the same formula as Dimmu Borgir uses as far as drum and guitar structure is concerned. As far as the vocal chords go those fall between the lines of sounding a lot like Cradle of Filth because their very modern yet heavily focused on the mood and vibe it tends to send out.

Killing Moon’s skill and source of ability is built solid maintaining that eeriness but manages to keep the darkness alive and well.

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