The Dreaming – Etched in Blood

Since their formation just eight years ago Hollywood rockstars The Dreaming have been hitting it hard and heavy since "Etched in Blood" hit the streets in its release of 2008. But before that the band had released four EP’s all of which frontman Chris Hall states that their first had sold over 7,500 copies internationally. Altogether the band has sold close to 30,000 copies. The first of the four was sold in limited qualities of only 500 and only those lucky enough to receive one through the band's old website or get one at one of their showcases was very considerate.

"Etched in Blood", came about in 2008 since then it's 11-tracks of electro based heavy metal hard rock material has given wave to quite an audience. "Dead to Me", "Bullet", "Ugly (Beautiful)", "Let It Burn", and "Sticks & Stones", is what makes this album stand out above all the other releases. Like for instance take “Dead to Me”, this solid electro metal tune is built upon a solid ground of hard hitting tempo beats with fast pacing guitar riffs that keeps the energy full and focused. Whereas “Let It Burn”, lays all of these methods out keeping the music at a stable base being not so driven.

“Ugly (Beautiful)”, and “Bullet”, play out to being quite the competitors having the same momentum of energy that makes the songs go through so fast you wouldn’t even know when one song ends and the other even begins. Their made up of fun energetic rhythms it’s hard to resist.  Lastly comes “Sticks & Stones”, that pulls off a rather bouncy effect that keeps the music in that techno electro beat keeping it all synced together really gives this tune that extra kick.

Once their second album “End in Tears”, comes out in the spring time of the New Year the outlook should become better than ever. For The Dreaming this is just the beginning.

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