Escape the Fate - Self-Titled

Escape the Fate have come a long way since their formation way back when, having gone through the typical route of what band’s usually go through; line-up changes, label swaps, relentless touring, you name it they surpassed it. But through it all Escape the Fate had come together as a whole after claiming Craig Mabbit (blessthefall, and The Word Alive) as their leading front man. From this point onward this so-called war they so declared on 2008’s “This War Is Ours”, has become a whole another level of what needs to be achieved.

With that said, Escape the Fate just released their self-titled efforts as most bands have done as of lately going the “self-titled” route. But as far as this album goes, Escape the Fate has claimed that this album is their heaviest to date. Bassist/vocalist Max Green comments on saying that "This record is the cure for the modern day music epidemic; we are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it." Having said that the band went on to work with producer Don Gilmore who’s worked with such acts as Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine, and Hollywood Undead so this album rounds off to sounding a lot like those artists with minor indications of other acts hidden in the mix.

Like take "Massacre", for instance, the intro sounds an awful like Bring Me the Horizon’s "Chelsea Smile", as far as the intro is concerned. "Issues", along with "Massacre" are the pair of singles to come off this release and both go hand in hand with one another. "Issues", portrays that hard rock melody with heavy guitar riffs that keeps the music flowing right on through. Other tunes worth mentioning includes "Zombie Dance", "Gorgeous Nightmare", "City of Sin", "Prepare Your Weapon", and "The Aftermath (The Guillotine, Part III)". All of these comprise of bloodshed, melodies, harmony, yet remain very heartfelt and true. In short, as Escape the Fate put it, “This war has been won”. 

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