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Metalheads ARCTIC DREAMS have an EP, album, and some single's out there, with the band hard at work upon their next album. No plans for shows or touring yet, but wanting to play someday, releasing more music, and to meet everyone is set in stone. See what else the band had to say about themselves and music below.


1.Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

[ALEX_Y]: “Our story started back in 2009, when I moved to St Petersburg and met Sydius on one of the music forums. Then we found our first bassist and drummer and started rehearsing. A lot of things have happened since then, you could write a whole book.”

[SYDIUS]: “ In the beginning there was the Click. And came the Produser. And it was Good. And said the Produser, let there be Beat. And came the Drummer. And there was the Beat. And said the Producer, let there be Bass. And there was the Bass. And came the Singer. And there was the Word.  And came the Guitarplayer. And spoiled everything with 20 minute shred”  

[GENA]: “ I just came to hang out at a studio in Belgrade, and it just went from there. ” 

[NENAD]: “ I’m still the new guy here, I can only recall for the past year or so. Lot’s of meetings, lot’s of rehearsals and a lot of work creating the new music.”

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

 [ALEX_Y]: “ Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia))) There was a famous at that time club "Arktika", where metal bands from all over the world very famous, famous and underground came to perform. The first year of our project's life we rented a flat near this club and went there all the time. Unfortunately, it closed down in 2014.”

[SYDIUS]: “ First our name was Beatles but we couldn’t work it out cause life is very short and there’s no time for that ”  

[GENA]: “ It's a great and terrible secret  ” 

[NENAD]: “ Alex knows best, haha. ”

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

 [ALEX_Y]: “ Well, our base is in Belgrade, Serbia. This is where our recording studio and most of the participants of the projects are located. Except Sydius, he lives in Berlin. From local bands I can recommend: XSUS, Rapidforce, Violent Chapter, Dead Joker, Father of Serpents, Infest.”

[SYDIUS]: “ The band is based in Arctica. But we live in different cities ”  

[GENA]: “ Most of the band is now in Belgrade. The Serbian metal scene is in a better state than in Russia at the moment ” 

[NENAD]: “Apart from St. Petersburg, it is now in Belgrade as well. THe music scene is somewhat healthy, but there are a lot of crossover thrash/punk bands. Some local metal bands I’d recommend are Father of Serpents, Xsus, Dawn of Creation, The Stone, Kolac, Infest.”

4. How would you describe your style?

[ALEX_Y]: “Arctic-metal”

[SYDIUS]: “ Fairy unicorn discodjent ”  

[GENA]: “Vegetarian progressive grindcore  ” 

[NENAD]: “Progressive, death, black.”

[ROMAN]: “Extreme Death Metal”

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

[ALEX_Y]: “We've managed to release two singles, one EP and a debut full-length album. You can read more about our work at our resources provided later in this interview.”

[SYDIUS]: “ Yep, couple of notes ”  

[GENA]: “ A bunch of music that nobody cares about =) ” 

[NENAD]: “I was a session studio guitarist for the band Demist and recorded their album Guilt and Pleasures back in 2015. From my side, if it clicks and is catchy and melodic but brutal to give you goosebumps, that is how I would describe my style.”

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

[ALEX_Y]: “ We are currently working on the second full-length album and will release a single from it very soon. Stay tuned for more news))”

[SYDIUS]: “ Only old music in the works ”  

[GENA]: “ Lots of things in the works and so little time to get it all done ” 

[NENAD]: “I’m working on the debut album of my progressive industrial project Antares, 2 other solo albums and a doom metal project with a singer from Vienna.”

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

[ALEX_Y]: “  ”

[SYDIUS]: “ Everybody does that. Let’s just write interviews ”  

[GENA]: “ Looking forward to suggestions from festival and club owners =) ” 

[NENAD]: “Nothing so far, probably in the fall.”

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

[ALEX_Y]: “Our drummer Roman has recently joined us.  The absence of a drummer was a big problem for us. Finally we started to prepare a live programme and soon we will please you with live performances.”

[SYDIUS]: “ To meet each other ”  

 [GENA]: “Releases, live shows, drinking beer  ” 

[NENAD]: “Play as much as we can in as many countries to meet fans old and new and play our new music.”

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

[ALEX_Y]: “ We have a number of resources on which we regularly update:

[SYDIUS]: “ Call my friend, he can sing you some tunes by phone”  

[GENA]: “ As far as I know, on every possible platform, spotify, youtube, etc.  ” 

[NENAD]: “Bandcamp, Youtube…”

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

[ALEX_Y]: “Our energy and pitch. We know and believe that after hearing our music for the first time, he will come back to our music again, and then come to our show”

[SYDIUS]: “ Remember 20 digits of pi ”  

[GENA]: “ So that the listener will remember our band name and come to the next show  ” 

[NENAD]: “Getting goosebumps.”


Hungarian Death Metal band Skog released their debut EP "Imprisoned Silence". The release was recorded in the band's home studio and mixed/mastered in "Spiritside Studios" by Dániel Czakó.

Check out the EP linked below:

Skog was formed by Kristóf Katona (Guitars) driven by the passion for the genre. Later Botond Kasper joined on drums and Dániel Márton on guitar. The current line-up added Kristóf Vicei on vocals and Csaba Berényi on bass guitar.

Neon go getters Eclectotron is a project that was created with the place known as Neotropolis in mind, as well as the other mind set of Reece Miller, founding member and lead creative of The Dread Crew of Oddwood, with this new project something totally unique and different comes forth….

With this, is a psychobilly, synthwave, and aspiring neo-nerd based band, that has been around for a short while, but has an EP, music video, merchandise, and has done some shows thus far, with a lot more in-store for them. In fact, this last weekend of June and Pride Month out in Long Beach, CA at the Que Sera venue, where the time of year has come again. MaintenanceBay54 presented the event, along with DJ’s like DJ Dsyfenit, DJ’s Tammagedon and TripWire, whose all had creatively fun and entertaining sets, with Cyber punk, EDM, techno, industrial, metal, thrown into a blender of fun!

The one and only band of the evening though was one that is called Eclectotron whose performance captured a 12-song set list, with song tracks including such as “Interstellar Woman”, “Hey There Baby”, and “Andromeda”, as well as “Face Ripper”, “Experiment 139”, and “Separate Ways”. Their set glowed out of this world, with the neon lighting, glow in dark appeal, and effects throughout by the audience, that made their performance very captivating. 


The audience of on lookers brought on their best dress attire, sporting a lot of glow in the dark aesthetics, glow sticks, light up coloring items, shiny attire, the whole works that brought this neon aspect to life. It was loud, colorful, and a so much event, that is worth attending again and again!


1. The Wings of a Boy (Gundamn Wing)
2. Interstellar Woman
3. Hey There Baby
4. Petroleum Swell
5. Face Ripper
6. Danger Inbound
7. Late to the Party
8. Experiment 139
9. Thunderhead
10. Konya Wa Hurricane
11. Andromeda
12. Separate Ways


Award-winning electronic metal band Esprit D'Air is excited to announce the release of a powerful remix of their hit single "Shizuku" by the acclaimed metal drum and bass producer .

Esprit D'Air, led by the multi-instrumentalist and guitarist of The Sisters of Mercy, Kai, has been making waves in the music industry with a blend of electronic and metal elements. Their debut album, Constellations (2017), earned the prestigious 'Best Metal Album' accolade at the Independent Music Awards, with judges including members of Slayer, Sepultura, and Amy Lee of Evanescence. Their second album, Oceans (2022), charted impressively, peaking at #8 in the Top 40 Rock and Metal Albums and #5 in Album Downloads. Featuring collaborations with Ben Christo of The Sisters of Mercy and Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake, Oceans captivated fans with hits like "Leviathan" and "津波つなみ ('Tsunami')".

The remix of "Shizuku" showcases Zardonic's signature style, blending aggressive beats with melodic undertones to create a track that honors the original while adding a thrilling new dimension. This collaboration is a testament to the innovative spirit of both Esprit D'Air and Zardonic, offering fans an electrifying fusion of rock, metal, and drum and bass.

"We are incredibly excited to share this remix with our fans," said Kai, lead vocalist of Esprit D'Air. "Working with Zardonic has been an amazing experience, and we believe this remix captures the essence of 'Shizuku' in a way that is both familiar and refreshingly new.".

Kai will also be touring in The Sisters of Mercy alongside Andrew Eldritch, Ben Christo, and Chris Catalyst on a 26-date tour in North America this Fall 2024, kicking off at Detroit's legendary Fillmore venue and stopping at prestigious venues such as New York City's Radio City.

The "Shizuku" remix by Zardonic is available now on all major streaming platforms, offering a dynamic fusion of rock, metal, and drum and bass that is sure to captivate listeners.

Check it HERE.


Finnish black metal band CURSE UPON A PRAYER is set to release their fourth studio album The Worship: Orthoprax Satanism later in July 26th 2024. CD version is released by The Cursed Order, Vinyl version comes via Folter Records and MC via Korpituli Productions. 

The band comments: "'A Heav'n Of Hell' offers a glimpse of the very core of CURSE UPON A PRAYER;
The unconquerable will & the beauty of the perfect Hell. True strength & might through true torment & suffering - In Spirit & in Flesh! Hail the True Darkness!"
Album pre-order is also now open via Bigcartel:  

The band released a last single A Heav'n Of Hell and it's available HERE.


Theatrical emo rock group THE FUNERAL PORTRAIT deliver massive riffs and a driving chorus while evoking a sense of fear on their new track “Suffocate City” featuring guest vocals from Spencer Charnas of horror-themed active rock outfit Ice Nine Kills. Out digitally today, June 21, “Suffocate City” is the second sample of new music from THE FUNERAL PORTRAIT’s upcoming new album due via Better Noise Music later this year. It follows the band’s latest track “You’re So Ugly When You Cry”–an upbeat anthemic pop-punk song which features Bert McCracken of 2x RIAA Platinum-certified iconic group The Used.

“‘Suffocate City’ speaks to our listeners’ sense of fear,” says vocalist LEE JENNINGS. “The fear of being stuck in a dead-end job, a dead-end relationship, or a dead-end financial situation. The fear of ‘never getting out’ is a ubiquitous experience that anyone can connect and relate to.”

SPENCER CHARNAS comments “Thrilled to team up with our good friends The Funeral Portrait on their track ‘Suffocate City.’ We had a killer time working with them on the song and the accompanying music video. Check it out now.”

 Stream/download “Suffocate City (feat. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)” HERE.

Watch the song’s tantalizing music video streaming below or directly via YouTube HERE.