July 2010

Buckcherry have done it again MUSICALLY that is...with the release of their fifth album in just over fifteen years entitled "All Night Long". By building up a solid ground of material Buckcherry have managed to successfully return to their past creations "15" and self-titled release that were released a while back. "All Night Long", has the band at its best, talking about nothing but sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

The album begins with the title track that pretty much returns to the past era that once was "15", it’s nothing but an old fashion groovy in-depth reality check. Whereas "It's a Party", becomes a block party sensation that keeps the music rolling right along, "These Things", tones it down just a tad keeping the music at a steady beat thanks to guitarist Keith Nelson. Now as for front man Josh Todd he makes what Buckcherry is and always will be, with the respect of course to the rest of the band, Josh's abilities is what has built the band from the ground up and he's easily capable of covering just about any given style of song attics known to mankind.

With this said, some captivating tunes includes "Liberty", "Our World", and "Bliss". Now if you're not an everyday type of rocker then perhaps you prefer the softer material such as the ballads that are offered as a special bonus disc only available through Best Buy I'm afraid. But in the long run Buckcherry manages to still bring it all home when it's all said and done.

Since the dawn of time punk, psychobilly, as well as horror punk have seen better days... since the beginning bands like the Sex Pistols and The Misfits have overshadowed some of today's later work in this case Stellar Corpses. A Californian twist on a well balanced mix of psychobilly meets horror punk and then some. It should come as no surprise that a band whose debut EP "Respect the Dead", released in 07 would have had such a roaring success as it had. With a success such as that Stellar Corpses went on to write, record, and later release their first full-length debut "Welcome to the Nightmare”.

The instrumental title track is really what makes this album tick that track alone is what gets this album pumping being followed by a numerous amount of sing-along anthems; “My Shadow.” “Cemetery Man,””One More Day” and “When You Don’t See Me” that keeps the music bouncy and persistent. If that wasn't enough the album is perfectly complemented by some creepier stakes at hand, "Teenage Witchcraft", and "So Long Goodbye”. But the standout track has to be "Hate Bopp”, which features samples of a spooky news-cast entailing the deaths of 39 members of the Heaven's Gate occult.

Now if that doesn't send chills running up and down your back side then perhaps the lyrical context will do the trick, with lyrics such as "Come on baby don't hesitate/We're knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's Gate/There's something better on the other side/But the only way is mass suicide", these lyrics are destined to become a psychobilly enthusiasts nightmare come true.

"Welcome to the Nightmare", exceeds expectations by far by allowing Stellar Corpses to be embedded by their own creations giving that axiomatic thirst for wanting to rock out long into the night.

Ever since their formation on 9-9-1999 Japanese industrialists/modern day rock n' rollers D'espairsRay (ディスパーズレイ Disupāzurei, or typeset as DéspairsRay or +DéspairsRay+) has spent the past 11 years being lead by its founding members HIZUMI, Karyu, ZERO and TSUKASA. Over the course of their musical career D'espairsRay has since released several singles, EPs, as well as released three full-length albums along the way including a fourth album due out this summer entitled “Monsters”. But besides the music being their main accord, the band has also toured across Europe as well as toured over the North American Terrance. Thus included such stops as the 2006 Wacken Open Air Festival, as well as the JRock Revolution held in 2007 and also embarking across the 2008 Taste of Chaos Tour which would later be turned into the Uproar Festival in 2010.

As far as D'espairsRay is concerned, "Monsters" was produced by Toshiyuki Kishi (Abingdon Boys School) that includes their 10th anniversary single "Final Call", and latest singles "Love Is Dead", and "Death Point". While the album only includes 10 tracks altogether it rounds off to being a piece of heavy duty material that remains to the classic D'espairsRay formula. For instance opener "Human-Clad Monster” has this dark but fierce industrial beat of bouncy guitar riffs that keeps the music energetic but vicious throughout. Whereas “Death Point", displays a more tenser guitar riff with powerful blasting beats and soaring chorus lines that really captivates "Monsters" ability.

"Final Call” and "Love Is Dead" pretty much stay to the same formula previously discussed these songs remain heavy and energetic keeping the vocals and instrumentals constantly flowing never wanting to stop. As far as D'espairsRay goes their style remains to their method and will by far never fade away.

For the fans of Dir En Grey meets MCC fans will surly fall head first after listening in to what D'espairsRay has been up to as of lately. Also fans can look forward to capturing D'espairsRay up close and personal on the Human-clad Monsters World Tour currently doing its run across the world’s surface.

Formed in 1999 with 11 years added to their name as it were Huntington Beach, California Californians Avenged Sevenfold comprising of M. Shadows (vocals), Synyster Gates (lead guitar), Zacky Vengeance (rhythm guitar) and Johnny Christ (bass), the band achieved mainstream success during the mists of their 2005 release "City of Evil" that included such singles as "Burn It Down", "Bat Country," "Beast and the Harlot" and "Seize the Day." The band had remained to continue that success following with a self-titled release that included singles such as "Critical Acclaim", "Almost Easy", "Afterlife", "Scream" and "Dear God".

While these two releases may have been Avenged Sevenfold's brighter days the band had come to a darker era in their lives, with the sudden passing of their drummer and founding member James "The Rev" Sullvian during December 2009. Whilst this death was indeed a time of sorrow for the band and their fan followers, the band chose to continue onward with recruiting Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater to replace Sullivan as a "rebound" drummer for their fifth album "Nightmare". Portnoy will be joining the band on the upcoming touring runs until the end of 2010 from then on there is no telling as to where A7X will end up next.

Though the band has been very successful with the releases of 05-07 the band wouldn’t have had that much success if it wasn’t for their earlier works, "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" (2001) and "Waking the Fallen" (2003) the 03 release consisting of "Unholy Confessions" and the "Second Heartbeat" some of the band’s most enthralling singles to ever exist. But enough about the past, on towards the present and later the future but right now is the present’s domain to shine. “Nightmare” release just three years after the band’s self-titled release has recaptured the bands essence and what has made the band so captivating to begin with, it’s uncanny as to how well it’s all worked out.

Mike Portnoy was a major influences to The Rev as well as the rest of the band had this to say after agreeing to finish the recording process for the drumming tracks on the album: “Even under normal circumstances, I would've been happy to help the guys out in any way I could as I think Avenged Sevenfold are a great band; But under these incredibly sad and tragic circumstances, I must say I am truly honored to have been asked to play with them and I didn't even have to think twice about saying yes. ... These guys are a true family and it is an incredibly emotional experience to be here with them for the first time without their lost brother. But they have welcomed me into the family with open arms and there's a real excitement to make the record they had set out to make. I am treating my participation on this album with the utmost respect for Jimmy's memory and am remaining as true as possible to the drum parts that he wrote for the songs and the record he wanted to make.... Although I wish I could stay on board with Avenged Sevenfold in a more permanent capacity; I will need to resume work with Dream Theater to start a new album at some point in 2011. However, I will be able to join my brothers in Avenged Sevenfold for at least the duration of their touring throughout 2010, and hopefully this will give them the time to continue to heal and get comfortable back on the road.”

As you'd probably expect to hear, the titled track opens up quite slowly then enters the drums blasting both guitars playing a slowly dramatic riff quite typical dueling style you'd expect coming from Syn and Zacky. Then M. Shadows follows in with a scream, a reflection of death and despair. The album goes into a lot of tempo changes being very upbeat and catchy but Avenged Sevenfold does return to the classic style as they had done on their previous self-titled release, for example "Buried Alive' brings back to life that same essence that "Dear God" had done -recapturing that same momentum of energy that was preserved within its melody presents. The Rev's spirit is crafted within the album's entirety Portnoy nailing The Rev's style right on target. "Natural Born Killer", "Victim", and "Tonight The World Dies", all portray a darker presents taking the music to a whole another level.

This is a nightmare that has yet to be completed.

Straight out of Hunting Beach, California, some heavily influenced heavy metallers known only as Torment Id, pronounced just as it sounds Torment Id, two words Torment Id need I remind you again? With that said, the band started with guitarist David D or Beast during April 2007. The idea and band name came from a mix between the action, tormenting and an old term used to describe the ego of the subconscious part of the human brain. The Id. The concept: tormenting the subconscious human mind......

Thus Torment Id was created, from the depths of a tormented mind! After a year had past and 2008 had awoken the band started playing various gigs sharing stages with some very local but yet very awesome bands. After a few line-up changes the band was set to record their first EP. Flash forward two years and now that 2010 is within our current existence, the band has successfully continued to play and write music and with that was approached by Invultated Records, an indie Record Label and were offered a place into the label's family. Now that the years have surpassed us, Torment Id will embark on a much higher depth of achievements that no other band would ever expect to endure.

1. Tell us how the band formed?

Beast: I formed Torment Id back in 2007. Bunch of people said, “Hey, you should start a band.” So I did. I posted ads on Craigslist and MySpace, and backpage. And here we are.

2. What tracks work well live and which ones are getting the best reaction?

Joey: “In the Shadow of Satan”.

Slade: I think all the songs are pretty well received. But, I notice Anthem and Satan as the bigger reactions. I love In the Shadow of Satan because it is the first song written by all of us, and because it I feel it is the future style of Torment-Id… as seen with our newer song Legion.

Beast: For me? I think “In the Shadow of Satan” is a very “In your face” kinda song very fast and flowing. “Anthem for the Dead” is another really fast and heart pumping! But, “War of Souls” is a more “lift your feet and MOSH!” song...for me.

3. Who are your influences?

Joey: Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Suffocation.

Beast: Dark Funeral, Vader, Immortal.

Slade: I play all sorts of music and listen to just as much. Specifically for metal, I have to say Metallica's Justice, Morbid Angel's Covenant, Death's Spiritual Healing, Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos, and anything Iron Maiden. These bands and albums have inspired me to pick up the guitar and bass, displayed great songwriting, and shown the professionalism required to stay relevant.

4. What about all of these bands you've played with, would you say that they fall into the influence category as well? How does it feel to have played alongside Goatwhore?

Beast: Oh definitely. We make a point to book shows with “like” genres as us. Playing with Goatwhore was pretty damn epic for me! They are one of my favorite bands!

5. Why don't you tell me more about the band's name, Torment Id, what does this symbolize and what about the logo/artwork behind it what’s all the symbols that are encircled around the band's name?

Beast: Hmmm….funny. Yeah. Well, a coworker at a music store and I were talking about band names when I was starting the band. I showed him a list and he said, “How about....this and this one?” As it turned out, that was pretty much what I was thinking. The name of the band is Torment Id. It is two words. Torment. And Id. The Id is an old term used to describe the subconscious ego. So, tormenting the subconscious ego. Torment Id. The font was from some list of fonts I found online and just morphed it. Pulling the “T” down below the word “Id”, and giving the “M” almost batlike wings. As for the meaning of the symbols yes, they do mean......something. I am not at liberty to say.

6. So your guitar player known as Beast he seems to be the black metal guy while everybody else is just laid back with no goods or killer trends, why is this?

Beast: I don’t know it was something I wanted to do, and so I did it. I think the others feel “sheepish” about putting on make-up and spikes and leather armor. For me, it changes who I am. When I get into my gear, I become Beast. My attitude changes, my whole being changes. If I can quote someone, Abbath from Immortal, was asked in an interview, “Why do you put on Corpsepaint?” His reply was simple and it makes total sense. He said, “The reason we use make-up is to celebrate our inner demons.

7. What can you tell me about Invultuated Records who approached who? Are you satisfied with what they have to offer?

Beast: Invultuated Records made the offer to pick us up after a couple of informal discussions. So, I guess they approached us. I am very pleased with what they have to offer, and have the bands’ best interests in mind.

Slade: As I mentioned before, I play different styles of music in several bands. I only play in bands where I feel my bandmates are professional and where I really believe in the music. I was getting frustrated that some gigs were only available to signed bands, so I started Invultuated Records to stand behind the bands I am in, and those of any other group with great music and need of assistance. I have 4 bands signed, and a distribution deal with a 5th. I approached Dave with the idea of Torment-Id signing up. We have a contract for the recording and distribution of the nearly ready EP and we will be looking forward to doing a full-length album real soon.

8. How about 2010 what can be expected from Torment Id i.e. tours, future releases of any kind?

Beast: We are always looking for gigs to play and spread the tormented words of Torment Id. We do have a couple of big shows lined up, one in Oct at a Metal Festival. We are also slotted to play the Long Beach Metal Fest in September. Should be brutal! Other than that, maybe a West Coast tour and a Mid-West tour whichever comes first! They’ll come later this year, beginning of next. We’re also working on a full length album.

9. You guys are from California which locations would you say are the "hot spots" like the best places to hang out or even play shows?

Beast: I liked playing the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. They have a really nice sound system. Also The Blvd in Boyle Heights, as well as The Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach - especially that place. Huge stage, great sound system......room for lots of folks!

10. Torment Id tends to play black metal meets death metal when it comes to musical ability why did you want to go in this direction out of all of the other genres available?

Beast: For me, I like both, the brutality of Death Metal and the irresistible evil of Black Metal. It is a new genre that started about 2-3 years ago. It’s called Blackened Death Metal. Basically, Black Metal with Death Metal overtones, and Death Metal with Black Metal overtones. It was an amalgam of the two.

Slade: Dave, (Beast), loves black metal, I love trash and death metal, so I want to infuse our music with thrash and death. That's why I am happy with Satan and Legion; both because we wrote them as a band and because they show our next evolutionary step in songwriting. I actually believe these songs are Black Thrash. My term, patent pending!!!

11. This is for your guitarist Beast - how long does it take for you to get all dolled up put all of your black metal make-up and gear on i.e. spiked goodies etc.

Beast: Yeah....that takes on average about a half an hour to put on. It also depends on how hot or cold it is. The spiked armor, takes about 5 minutes to throw on......it is quite comfortable you know. Made it all myself....just don’t try and hug me!

12. What is the ultimate band you would want to play with?

Joey: Decapitated.

Slade: Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse!!!!

Beast: Dark Funeral.

13. Where do you see yourself in ten years? What do you want to achieve?

Joey: Being the best Death Metal vocalist to ever live.

Slade: I would like to be running a respected label and gigging enough to not have to have a regular job. Returning to music after a 6 year hiatus, I realize that my age it's an achievement to be in several gigging bands that can draw a crowd. So, I am good.

Beast: Still playing Blackened Death Metal! Real loud! I’d like to do a couple of world tours. Europe, South America, Asia.....

14. What would be "your last words" before you died?

Beast: WHAT?! Are you fuckin kiddin me?! Did that just happen?!

Joey: Fuck Your God!

Slade: I did it my way.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Beast: The music we play all has stories. Behind all the screams, growls, and blearing amps, there is a story in every song. You may not understand what is being said at the time, but, if you read the lyrics, it’ll all make sense......or will it?!

Out-cast: a person who is rejected or cast out, as from home or society, the dictionary explains. Having taken this into consideration we have possibly experience somebody either close to us or a friend of a friend that has been placed within this predicament. In any case these so-called outcasts can find an easily solution it’s called music.

Though music has been here since the dawn of time there has been one place in particular that has seen it all.... Los Angeles, California. This one famous hot spot has homed some of today's rockiest acts around, Kiss, and Motley Crue, and now welcomes up-and-comers the Black Veil Brides to its roster. After formation just three years ago relaying on their message of truth “Be yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” expressing lyrics of hope, strength, accompanied with passionate hook-laden instruments, that would become their most successful single/video to date, “Knifes and Pens”, in which has received over 9.5 million viewings since its debut on YouTube in 2009.

This was of course just the beginning but with such success as it were, having short but brief tours in between one being a headlining tour while the other comprised of them being a part as the mid-center openers kept the crowds wanting more. So more is just what they got the band promptly entered the studio with their manager-turned-producer, Blasko, to begin recording "We Stitch These Wounds".

Now the introduction has this embedded voice which foretells the listener that "This record is for the outcasts following our story of love, life, and never giving in, we are the Black Veil Brides." As soon as this intro ends the title track begins with this stirring yet sinister guitar riff that builds up immediately permitting this gut-wrenching outcry from frontman Andy Six trialing off to a series of guitar riffing solos with double back bass drum attics that keeps the music hard but heavy. Percussionist Sandra takes complete control on “Beautiful Remains", having a non-stop thunderous beat that echoes against the rupturing chorus of “Woah-ohhhs” portrayed in between.

Since the release of their 2009 hit "Knives and Pens," the band has since released the follow-up single/video "Perfect Weapon"; allowing Andy Six to yet again do what he does best wrench his lungs to the extreme by screaming until his heart’s content. This of course has the songs doing numerous guitar riffs with interesting solo techniques that allow the music to build over and over again. Now while their first single “Knives and Pens”, has been an eyesore for the masses the band went and re-did the single and this version doesn’t compare to its original counterpart. This updated version has some added differences thrown into the mix such as Andy Six's vocal chords sounding a lot more clear having the extra added vocal screams to make the music pop just a bit.

"The Mortician's Daughter", places the Black Veil Brides at a standing point because of all the heaviness that was presented previously this song turns the volume all the way down with this acoustic tune being very forwarded having a string of violinists in on this out of tone tune. “Sweet Blasphemy", is a somewhat acoustic shredder being the first of two ballads offered. ”Carolyn", rounds off the album it becoming the second ballad of the two, this one being the foreshadowing of what is to become.

Over the course of time there have been several armies from World War I & II to the Civil War, Cold War, so many various types. But those weren't the only types there are even wars within other topics you probably wouldn't even think of. Like music for instance there has been a variety of acts that have their own type of recruits working for them, getting their name out into the open letting everyone know who they are. Well these so-called music wars began with the legendary army of heavy rock n' rollers KISS. Well now a new era has embedded itself among out mists the era of the Black Veil Brides….

Who have welcomed in people by the masses into their own army taking in all the unwelcomed outcasts just wanting to be accepted for who they are not for who they’re not. Bassist Ashley Purdy reached out to me to discuss this summer’s most anticipated album “We Stitch These Wounds” released by Standby Records. If that’s not enough the band is currently on their second headlining run being a part of Hot Topic’s The Scared Ceremony Tour alongside Vampires Everywhere!, Modern Day Escape, and Get Scared, there is no telling as to where this will all end up next.

1. How did Black Veil Brides originate?

Ashley: Well, Andy 6 the Vocalist started the band in Ohio a few years ago and penned the band name Black Veil Brides. There were various member changes in trying to find the ideal players that fit the concept and vision of the band. It wasn’t until Andy moved to Los Angeles and met myself that we then began to shape that vision and then find the rest of the members that are currently in the band. Black Veil Brides became a natural progression visually and musically to come into full fruition that it is now.

2. Can you tell our readers a little history behind the name of the band?

Ashley: Black Veil Brides is a Roman Catholic term used for when a woman marries into the church and gives up all the pleasures of life to devote her life to God. She is then deemed a Black Veil Bride. Sorta’ similar to a Rock band where you have to give up many things in pursuit of what your passionate about or believe in. It also has the dichotomy of the positive and negative. The happiest time in one’s life, could be getting married. And the opposite of that in one’s life would be at a funeral of a loved one. It all tends to fit really well for a dark and heavy rock band.

3. It is good and catchy. It does stick in your head. What would you say is the main message behind your music?

Ashley: We carry a message of believing in yourself and letting no one tell you otherwise. We stand up for the underdog and the disenfranchised. Anything strange, odd, or unique… we embrace that. So basically standing up for yourself; have fun and live your life how you choose. You only have one life, make the most of it.

4. When going into the studio how many songs did the band have written and how did you decide which songs would make it onto “We Stitch These Wounds”?

Ashley: I couldn’t put any number figure on it. But like any band or process we started writing and a lot of the initial writing either got scrapped or re-written. Some made the album and some didn’t. Through our progression we shaped an album that is consistent and is a seamless story from beginning to end. I wouldn’t call it a “concept” album per say, but it is a very cohesive album.

5. Can you explain the meaning behind the new album’s title, “We Stitch These Wounds”?

Ashley: Again, the message is one of hope and over-coming adversity. We all have a past or a scar, but we learn and grow from it. It makes us who we are, so we cherish that. Have fun, live life with no regret… life’s short and is about learning. Learn from the things you don’t like in life and make one that is enjoyable to you.

6. Do you have a personal favorite track off the new album?

Ashley: Perfect Weapon stood out to me right away in the writing process. It’s probably the most straight ahead grooving rock melody with the Bass and Drums just pumpin’ on it!

7. With so many people downloading music instead of buying it do you think this is the beginning of the end of the CD?

Ashley: Yes and No. Yes in the sense that if you have a crappy product and music with only filler, people will just download the one or two songs. But if you put together a solid album, people will buy it and want to have it. It’s pretty simple. I know that we take this notion into consideration and we try to make every song a single, so that you will want to purchase them all individually or as an album. However, we do come from the school of music where we loved having something tangible to hold and look at while listening to the record, so I can guarantee you, every Black Veil Brides Album will have killer artwork, hidden treasures and extra inserts in the Album that you can only buy at stores. It gives you more of an incentive to purchase the album. But it also gives our loyal fans something more they deserve for their money.

8. Are you surprised at the success Black Veil Brides has achieved so far?

Ashley: Not really over all. It’s come a little quicker than anticipated. We are a little enamored everyday when we achieve something new before our debut album even comes out. But generally speaking for myself and Andy; We always knew we were Rockstars, we always believed we were going to be ones, it’s what we always wanted to be as kids and basically embodied the “fake it, till’ you make it” motto. So everything we each did on a daily basis was in ways of creating a larger than life Rock band like that of KISS and Crue that hasn’t existed in decades. We’ve learned from our predecessors in what to do and what not to do, so far so good in ways of us putting out a product for a large audience that enjoys what we’re doing. We are also grateful for that.

9. Where do you see Black Veil Brides 5 years from now?

Ashley: Wow, that’s a big time frame. But Sky’s the limit! Right now, we’re already doin’ so much before our record drops, that even in the next year I see us growing out of the large club circuit into Arena venues. But in 5 years, definitely in Stadiums and we’ll most likely be on at least our 5th record and on top of the world if things keep progressing as they are with the help of our loyal Bridesmaids..!!

10. What does the band do with their down time when they are out on tour?

Ashley: We each are constantly working on Black Veil Brides on a daily basis on every aspect. From writing, conceptualizing, image, staging, booking, art, merchandising, etc., basically working on all the business of BVB to up the ante’ and try to bring you bigger and better music and a live show than the previous one. We’re always thinking and working ahead to outdo ourselves of where we’re currently at.

11. What is the best way for a diehard Black Veil Brides fan to get their CD signed by their favorite band member?

Ashley: Just come out to a show. We love our fans and take the time to meet and greet every single one of them. We’ll stay for hours after our set and sign autographs and take pictures. Without our fans we wouldn’t have a CD to sign.

12. What do you think of the other bands playing on The Sacred Ceremony Tour?

Ashley: They’ll all good guys. For a couple of the bands on the package, this was their rookie experience for touring so they got to learn the ins and outs of touring and being on the road. Glad we got to be the ones to pop their cherry and make their touring experience an enjoyable one! ;)

13. Do you have anything left to say to your fans?

Ashley: We Love YOU..!! BVB Army Forever...

Founded and fronted by Steven Juliano since the journey began in 2004 heavy metal rock n' rollers I AM GHOST brought the power and energy that was embedded within their hearts and souls of wanting to play and write music. By doing this the band went on to get signed by Epitaph Records and went on to releasing an EP "We Are Always Searching”, (2005) and later released two full-length albums "Lovers' Requiem", (2006) and "Those We Leave Behind" (2008). A year after their second full-length release the band had performed a special live showcase in which they would recorded their first ever live album entitled "LIVE In Orange County" (2009). In between all of these release were of course the videos, "Civil War and Isolation Thirst", (2005) "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps", (2006) and "Saddest Story Never Told" (2009). With the success of all of these various releases and countless touring all over the world, there was nothing that stood between I AM GHOST's ways and abilities with music. Except one thing... maturity according to Juliano whose recent posting announced the band's break-up. Juliano stated the following;


“Say goodbye… thank you for what you have given me.”

To all our fans,

Sometimes you just know. It’s hard to comprehend; no one can really pin point that exact moment when you know it’s just right. There was really nothing more we ever wanted then to write music. That was it. Nothing more and indeed nothing less. It started in a garage in 2005 and three shows later gave birth to some twisted juggernaut called I Am Ghost.

We never knew what the future would entail. The band was just six people against the world, with nothing to prove and really everything to gain. We had our fare share of doubters and non believers- most of whom didn’t even know any of us. But, we kept moving forward. We said “fuck you” to the local scene and tried our best to be true to ourselves and to our fans. I Am Ghost had never sold out; we had always done what we believed was right. Many times we were told by the people above to write more hardcore, scream more- “oh, you need more breakdowns in your songs”- but we didn’t listen. We never wanted to play that. I Am Ghost was something more we believed…

So, with endless touring and a thousand new faces we had met after five years, I saw the music scene change. Not good or bad; just changed. But we kept fighting the good fight. Our fans came and supported us throughout the entire world. The cities, states and countries we have seen have been tattood to the back of our heads and will be with us to the day we all die. All of us have seen things that have made us better people. And for that I thank God that I Am Ghost was around in my life. The band saved my life more than a few times; and its best to note that we have in fact saved a few of your lives out there as well.

And, sometimes you just know. It’s hard to comprehend; but when it finally hits you like some out of control boxer- you have to feel the pain, really feel it, and take a step back and just say “goodbye, I have had enough”. Today is that day. I Am Ghost is no more.

I wish it was something crazier. I wish it was the fact that I hated everyone in the band, or that we had no more music to give. But, in reality, it’s nothing like that. I love everyone in I Am Ghost: Timmy, Ronnie, Justin and Chad are my brothers. I would step in front of a fucking train for them, and they would do the same for me.

The fact is, we have grown up. I am not the same guy I was five years ago; none of us are. And for me, new doors have been open for the next chapter in my life. The same goes for the rest of the members. We gave the good fight and toured through rain, sleet, hail, snow and with broken and bruised bones. Members came and went, but again, I thank God I met those people. To the past members: Kerith, Brian, Ryan, Gabe and Victor- we could NOT have done any of this without you.

The hardest thing to deal with is the fans. We are going to miss you more than life. You were our lives, and we traveled this fucking world to play for you. No one else. Only you. Seeing your faces and hearing your beautiful voices singing along with us is the only reason we kept on going. Without you there was really no reason to play. We were the body but you all were in fact the life blood that made I Am Ghost real.

Thank you to our managers, Yogi and Devin, for believing in us. Thank you to Brett and everyone at Epitaph Records for taking us under their wings and watching us grow. It was an honor, indeed. Thanks to all the bands we toured with in the past…and most importantly, thanks to everyone who came to our shows and rocked out with us. We will NEVER forget those days…. ever.

Love always,

Steven, Timmy, Justin, Ronnie and Chad

Since the dawn of time the underground music scene has seen its terms as far as rock and punk music goes with the likes of the Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles it doesn’t take much to understand the concept behind what makes 1476 so unique. After countless hours and time spent in the recording studio 1476's debut album "A Wolf's Age", was released this past February of this year and from then on there was absolutely no telling as to where this would end up or what would become of them.

Except this, "Anno Domini", opens up the album and delivers this catchy yet upbeat rhythm of punk rock that goes down the lines of sounding a lot like The Misfits meets The Clash. Having the music take its course it erupts into a slow fashionable beat with "Herne's Oak", which tones down the music quite a bit having the vocal chords balance a top the verse that slowly entangles itself within the beat of the music.

While this album is indeed a mix-up of slow and heavy from time to time the two end up crossing paths on "Swallow The Sun", combining the two pieces and creating a piece of art that rumbles the music to its core. So "A Wolf's Age" does take its toll every now and then offering a variety of options like take "Der Vampyr", this toned down goth rock anthem adds some very different vocal tactics having a clean but steady beat of goth rock meets acoustic punk.

With all of this said as it is, 1476 has a variety of styles to offer it's listeners and this band surly has the ability to go in any direction they wish to choose because their skills are quite capable of handling any type of style given to them.

Fronted by a punk legend is one thing but to keep the music still sounding solid and heavy even while being in a whole another project? That’s exactly what frontman Mark Civitarese (The Unseen) has done. Ashers aims to pick up the pieces that The Unseen had just laying around except this sense of aggression is provided in a whole new method of domination in terms that is "Kill Your Master" the debut full-length that combines the elements of hardcore, punk, rock, and metal to create this unique but upbeat sound that cries out aggressive music. This also being their first release since their debut EP, "Cold Dark Place" had made its mark in 2008.

Civitarese states “I’m pumped on this album,” also adding that “We recorded it at The Outpost, the same place where many great bands recorded: Blood for Blood, Dropkick Murphys, Slapshot – along with mine and Billy’s other bands – The Unseen and Crash and Burn. The album sounds killer but is not overproduced – we wanted it to be very raw.” With that said artwork comes courtesy of Amy Toxic and the layout design was done by Justin Brooks.

"Raw" is the term to describe this album because that is exactly what you receive when it comes to such songs as "Blood and Grain", "Killing Time", and the title track which demonstrates what makes Ashers so intense and so aggressive in their style and ability. The guitar work used throughout the album is crisp clear keeping this rush of rhythm flowing right along through riding atop the lyrics so to speak which provide a very powerful and raw sense of aggression that just makes the music pop and bounce.

For fans of The Unseen, Cheap Sex, and The Casualties fans will be pumping fists long into the New Year.

With a name like SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER you would never think that a band whose formation began just nine years ago would still exist today. But that is what the likes of metal music can do to you. Once it’s entangled itself deep inside of you there is no way of dislodging it. Except perhaps with the way of the Lord…..but when that name is spoken within the ears of SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER they find it inhuman, their term of it would be “anti-Christianity”.

But of course not forgetting the blood and gory concepts how could a style of music especially metal not live without talking about blood and gore it would be pointless if not included. If that’s not enough, SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER has unleashed one but two, “The Rebirth” (2002) and latest addition “Spontaneous Suicide” which was released just last year what more could you want? Perhaps some musicians to back it all up…. This as of right now consists of - Aaron T. Whitesides (guitar), James Pavey (guitar), Bryan Roth (drums), and Steve Worley (vocals). If that’s not enough for you then maybe an intense live showcase of this unstoppable or what frontman Steve Worley considers “Death Thrash” will put you into you place. Speaking of whom, spoke to me via email about what SACRIFICAL SLAUGHTER means to him.

1. How did the band form?

Steve: I started the band almost ten years ago back before High School. I was introduced to heavy metal at an early age and I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Steve: I describe our sound as "Death Thrash." We utilize the best concepts of old school death metal and blend it with the fierce, aggressive and in your face attitude of Thrash Metal. In my own opinion I would give you the most fun and most extreme form of music available on this planet.

3. The vocals are very distinctive, and not the normal thrash/death metal style with the processing. How did the idea to use that style come about?

Steve: Well, the vocals are a perfect example of what I mentioned in the last question. In the early days of the band I only did death metal vocals. It was probably because of inexperience or whatever. But that was all I could do. As time went on we all progressed as musicians. After keeping it together for ten years, recording albums and learning from our mistakes, I can finally say that the music is where I want it to be. The vocals are a perfect bridge between Death Metal and Thrash Metal, I’m comfortable singing them, I love the way it sounds and we can’t wait to unleash the next album on the entire world!

4. How did you come to sign with Crash Music?

Steve: After some lineup changes in 2007, we recorded a 3 song demo to feature new songs with the new lineup. I sent that demo to every label you could think of and Crash was one of the ones who responded. They liked what we were doing and wanted to work out a contract right away. Of course they wanted 10 songs as soon as possible and we only had 3 recorded! So in between tours and working, we hit the studio hard.

5. Why don't you give me a summary as to how "Spontaneous Suicide" came to be?

Steve: At the very same time that we were working on a contract with Crash, we were on a West Coast tour with Anal Blast. So this is where the story gets crazy....Our last show on the tour was in Sacramento CA, and we decided to have a big party back at our hotel room. So I made an announcement to the crowd while we were on stage to come party. I wasn't expecting so many people to actually come. But we had at least 50 people in this tiny hotel room. It was rowdy! I remember seeing this dude hanging out and I remember seeing him at the show. So everyone is having a good time and all of a sudden this dude is gone. Of course nobody noticed because we don’t pay attention to dudes. But this guy’s girlfriend went looking for him and she found him alright!

He was hanging from a fucking dumpster in the parking lot of the hotel. I shit you not. I don’t know if someone was fucking his girlfriend or what the hell his problem was. But this random dude seriously committed suicide at our party. It was weird. We called the cops and they came, cut him down and took him away like it was no big deal. It happens like every day. So yea, Spontaneous Suicide! Ha-ha.

6. Tell me what does SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER mean to you?

Steve: Sacrificial Slaughter is everything to me. This band is a way of life. This shit is full time. Whether it’s touring, writing, recording, or doing this interview, everything is for this band. We live for this shit.

7. What do you guys have planned for the future?

Steve: We are just going to keep doing what we are doing. Working hard, staying busy, kicking ass and taking names. You can see us on tour this June in North America with Pestilence, Warbringer, Vital Remains and Enfold Darkness and our new album is coming together very nicely right now as well. So everyone can expect a release date later this year for that!

8. How about the songs what specific themes do they cover?

Steve: We only have one rule when it comes to picking a theme for lyrics in this band. It has to be real. I feel that our music expresses itself the best when we write about things that really happen to us. When you see us on stage and we're all pissed off and I’m singing about going to jail or kicking someone’s ass or drinking booze, you know it’s real and people relate to that. I didn’t want to be just another generic metal band singing about murder, hate, and death, whatever. So this has been the best way for us to separate ourselves from all that.

9. Is SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER in writing mode for your follow-up to "Spontaneous Suicide"?

Steve: Full blown writing mode. We already started tracking some of the new material and I can tell you that it already kicks Spontaneous in the ass. I’m proud of what we accomplished with Spontaneous Suicide but the material we are working on right now takes it to another level. It’s going to be unlike anything we have done before and we are really excited to see what everybody thinks.

10. What’s the first thing you do when the band arrives in a new town while on tour?

Steve: The first thing we do would definitely be finding a toilet. After a long bus or van ride, everyone needs to shit. Then of course we'll find the food and the beer. If the food sucks then maybe I’ll walk around town and find something else. But other than that it’s pretty much all business. I'll figure out where I’m going to set up merch that night and get to work.

11. Have you ever had an audience member give you the willies because they kept looking at you all weird?

Steve: We have done 2 full tours of Europe the past couple years and we have had a lot of people creep us out maybe even once a night. People come up to you when you get off stage and they want to touch you and kiss you, which is a sign of respect in some cultures. So I try to explain to them that in my culture that kind of shit gets your ass beat. But then we have a language barrier so they keep getting way to close to you and the whole thing kind of gives me the willies.

12. When it comes to your merchandise what would you say is the "best seller".

Steve: Well everything sells eventually. But I guess if you want a number, I would have to say that the "Spontaneous Suicide" CD has sold the most units so far. But our shirts sell really well too. The cd is cheaper though. Maybe that’s why.
13. If you had your life to live over again, what one thing would you change?
Steve: Nothing.

14. Who was the one that came up with the logo design for SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER?

Steve: I had several ideas on how I wanted the bands logo to look. I wanted something brutal but legible. Just like our music, I didn’t want it to be so crazy brutal that you couldn’t understand it. So I had a logo created that represented us well. Its metal as fuck but it’s not so over the top that it becomes a joke. Thanks to Lou Rusconi for drawing it!

15. Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?

Steve: Hope to see you all soon!

As most bands tend to do they all deal and have to face in one time or another if not several times deal with line-up changes, label switch offs, the basic drama of what it’s like to be a musician. It’s not always fun and games and this game could not be better played than by Fallen Figure. An act that has infused their portrayal of death metal is and enforced such an amount of energy it’s uncanny of where all of this intensity will all lead up. One thing is for certain it did all lead up to one source, known as “Devival”.

This one forsaken resource of material that has banished all its meaning from the ground up has been revived to unleash such terror and hatred upon us there is no telling as to where it will all end up in the future. Fallen Figure took the time to talk to me after their set about the past, present, and future outcome of what is to become.

1. From what I heard off your MySpace I’m really digging the tunes.

Thank you so much!

2. How long did it take you to write/record the new record?

The record was recorded in 2008 we were waiting on releasing it but it took about 6-7 months to write and we were in the studio for about 10 days with Zac Oren, up in Oakland but in the long run it turned out great and it was a lot of fun to make.

3. Who does what when it comes down to the writing process?

Jonathan and I would create some riffs and then patch it out with our drummer and then flush it all out and then write out the lyrics and try to master it as best as we could before entering the studio. Surprisingly enough we didn’t practice any of it so we just went in and got through it all and it turned out great. Nick and Carlos had joined the band way later but when it’s all said and done the rest is history.

4. Are there any musical influences that contributed to the music of making this album?

Hmmmm at the time we were probably listening to The Fallen, The Faceless, Beneath the Massacre, just anything that was metal and very straight forward.

5. Tell me about the album what does Devival mean?

You said the name right, pretty much it’s a word we made-up it’s basically the opposite of revival and the rebirth of evil. We made up this character and his name is “The Keeper” he was born in the womb of the earth from all of humanity and all of that cruelty that is hidden inside of us. The Keeper is our path to that reality. When it comes to the album itself we were just sitting on it for the longest time and even changed the album title at one time but then switched it back and it has a darker vibe to it that we all really liked.

6. Have you guys filmed any videos for the album?

We actually have one video that we filmed in 2008 we had different members we all looked totally different. “Wake Up” was filmed by a Los Angeles Film School student and then another video we had filmed was a live video and Josh Bordon another college student had just blown our minds. We were really surprised and it turned out amazing.

7. How have the handful of shows that you’ve played been going?

It’s just been totally amazing all around. The vibe we get from each other is awesome and all the fans that come out and stick it out till the very end to see us play because sometimes we’re the headliners at some shows and we don’t think we’re really a headlining type of band not yet. But that just feels awesome we respect our fans without them we wouldn’t be here. We have some new material that we’re stoked about and we’re going to have way more shows that we’re just working on and just plan on getting better and better.

8. Do you have any crazy tour stories you’d like to share?

Our bass player likes to walk around in his boxers. Two tours ago we got busted at the border of Arizona and we had a bunch of weed on us in the car and the dogs were just tearing our van apart and it took them so long to find it that the dogs just went nuts. That was an epic tale.

There’s another tour which was our first tour and we had a van fight with Upon a Burning Body so somehow we were having band wars and they got us really good. We had gotten some tuna and seafood and had gotten all of it and threw it all onto their van. But they had gotten us back and trashed our van because they had snuck inside and put anchovies in our van so it smelled awful. We got a lot of stories that need to be told.

9. What songs do you get the best audience respond to and which ones do you like to play the most?

We all have different feelings and opinions to various songs. We like to play “Sactum” a lot because the crowd is interacts instantly by headbanging just the energy from it is amazing. “Origins of Decay” is another one they’re all pretty good songs really.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Our album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, you can also check us out on lastfm. Basically everything about us as of now is all “NEW”, new members, new material, and new merchandise that you can get your hands on, on our next touring route happening very soon so keep a look-out for us because we’re going to be coming for you. Also we just want to say thanks to all of our fans and that we love you all very much, everything that you do for us keeps us going so keep coming out to our shows and we’ll be seeing you all very soon.

We've all bear witness to the phenomenal that is Vampires and Werewolves thanks to the likes of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries among other resources from books right down to music which in this case we're delivered with Vampires Everywhere! who's recently signing to Century Media Records have given them the chance to expand their eerie horizons by allowing us mortals to listen in and be welcomed in to the life of the undead.

1. So tell me, do Vampires really exist?

Michael: In my opinion yes they do.

2. Do you consider yourself a Vampire?

Michael: I do.

3. Moving on, how is your first full-length album coming along?

Michael: The album is coming along amazingly we’re almost finished tracking about 2 and a half weeks ago we’re in the studio with Fred Archambault who’s worked with the Deftones and Avenged Sevenfold and things are going great actually.

4. You've mentioned that it should come out by the fall; will we be expecting a Halloween release?

Michael: We’re hoping it’s going to be October so yeah we’re thinking October.

5. Do you know what the first single off it will likely be?

Michael: I don’t yet we haven’t mixed anything yet so we haven’t chosen a single yet but we do have a lot of good ones to choose from.

6. What about the lyrics is there a certain concept or theme?

Michael: There is, almost everything I write is based on journal entries of being an immortal of things somebody’s seen things are a bit scattered on this album but this album should be a little bit more edgy but as far as the sound goes it’s a pit more divers so you’re going to get a bit of our softer and harder side of us going through stages.

7. Have you chosen an album title or not yet?

Michael: Right now it’s called “Kiss the Sun Goodbye” that’s what it’s called.

8. What is your fascination with Vampires?

Michael: It’s been my way with me since I was a kid it hasn’t sparked itself for a while so a lot back stabbing from previous bands lead to a darker path and I felt that I’ve been embraced and changed my views on the way of life and now have changed my views on life.

9. How about the band's name I've seen it with and without the exclamation point is there a correct way the name is used?

Michael: Yes the name is actually based off the comic book in the Lost Boys movie which has the exclamation point. You and I both have the same issue with saying exclamation I can’t say it very well.

10. Speaking of your band's name it's based off the Lost Boys comic books/films - have you had a chance to check out the sequels?

Michael: I did have a chance to check out the movie, I use to hang out with Corey Feldman and Corey Haimback in the day; we’re big fans of the movie I prefer one than two but that’s my opinion.

11. What about touring your going out on the Sacred Ceremony Tout what’s happening afterwards?

Michael: We’re going on that tour with Black Veil Brides, Modern Day Escape, and Get Scared we’re pretty excited about that tour. After that tour probably do some local stuff and then release the album in between and put out another video so that’s what we have lined up.

12. Besides that tour, what does 2010 have in store for you guys?

Michael: Hopefully a lot we’re super excited to be a part of Century Media so we’re excited to show everyone our music.

13. Is there anything you'd like to say to all the Vampires out there?

Michael: Come out, come out wherever you are….

It's been sometime since we last saw or even heard anything from the scariest yet dirtiest rock band around the Murderdolls. Having only released a single album "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls", (2002) over the miniature course of their musical career all was lost after their hiatus had struck a course and everything we had once known would be terminally lost....

After this being a reliable source there was no word whatsoever of the Murderdolls return rumors had been buzzing of course but nothing was surly for certain until finally original members Wednesday 13 along with Joey Jordison got back together and talked everything over on what they intentionally wanted to do with this project and that was to bring it back from the dead! So after a course or so of a good amount of years that just flew right on by the resurrection of the once horror stricken rockstars was revived yet again except this time with a full rock force, with guitarist Roman Surman (Gunfire 76, Bourbon Crow), Racci Shay Hart (Wednesday 13, Dope, Genitorturers) on drums and Jack Tankersley (Bullets and Octane) on bass.

So having reunited and gathered everything in its rightful place the Murderdolls are back and ready to punch your face in with the release of their sophomore release “Women and Children Last” as well as a full blown set of tours that will make your skin crawl and your body bleed.

1. First off Welcome Back!

Wednesday 13: Thank you it feels good to be back.

2. Is this the official return of the Murderdolls?

Wednesday 13: It is the official return. We took several years off it’s been eight years since our last release which came out in August (2002) and the new one comes out this August so it’s been eight years since the first album. We had talked over the years and it just never worked so I’m glad now because the chemistry we have now is so good -it’s a good that we waited and I’m really proud of this album. To me I put everything I had into this album this to me, was the hardest I’ve ever worked on a record in my life.

3. So tell me about the new album what can fans expect from this brand new release in comparison to your previous efforts?

Wednesday 13: Well the first album it was kind of campy tongue and cheek funny details here and there. But we were always funny and laughing backstage but this time around we didn’t want to be too funny. The lyrics are funny but this record is heavier and in your face and more violent. This time these songs are not horror based it’s a lot of various elements and this time I told stories on this record so it’s eight long years of material. If you could imagine writing a demo in 2003 versus now being 2010 your style and writing methods change and now everything is flowing so well it’s become a whole another record.

4. What about the title "Women and Children Last", what is the meaning behind this title?

Wednesday 13: First off, it’s a parody of the Van Halen album “Women and Children First” so we wanted to be dicks and were like “Women and Children Last” because we’re funny guys so we’re always centering ourselves around the “FUCK YOU” title so that made us laugh along with everybody else who thought it was funny.

5. Do you know what the first single will likely be?
Wednesday 13: It is the song “My Dark Place Alone”, which came out on download today and we’re shooting the video for it and it’s a really cool song. It’s a course of the last five years so it’s a pretty dark and intensive song about us going crazy even though we seem pretty sane right now.

6. Is there a particular theme or concept to this album?

Wednesday 13: We didn’t go with any intention really we had probably 30 or so songs so we couldn’t put a 30 song album out, so we cut them down to 23 and then cut them down more and more until it was a record we could call our own. The producer is awesome and he was totally excited to work with us and wanted it to be all about us. So we made this record keeping it inside this one room so it’s amazing out it turned out. Joey and I were facing each other the whole session while doing this record and that was really cool, exchanging tips and changes to make this record sound just the way we wanted it too.

7. What about the band itself there's only two original members what about the rest? Have you found a stable set or not yet?

Wednesday 13: Right now Joey and I over the years were thinking about when we should do the Murderdolls again. We had some issues and drama with our previous band mates and that’s not what it’s about, it’s about friendship to me when I’m in a band I want to build a friendship and be able to get along with the rest of the band. Be able to be on the road and have fun ya know? Our previous set-up was tough and none of us got along so we formed a whole another band and these people are my friends I don’t need to get on the phone because they’re already my friends so I can talk with them anytime if I need to. So we fixed our old problem and now have something brand new that has made us all really happy.

8. Why have you chosen to play only two shows?

Wednesday 13: Well we haven’t started the tour yet because the record isn’t out. The reason we’re doing these 2 shows is because we are shooting our new video. So we were already going to be here so why not do 2 special shows? So once August hits and the record is released we’ll be touring again the same goes for October we already have the bands and dates set so that should be another killer tour with some really killer bands that we can’t wait to hit the road with.

9. Besides the Murderdolls, have you written any new material for any of your side projects?

Wednesday 13: Hell no. The thing is I’ve changed over the years and I’m the type of guy that would constantly write stuff getting ideas non-stop. So when it came down to this album trying to write new material for anything else was tough. When it comes to a new record I just let that go focusing on that source and don’t write anything else. But right now this has been my main thing.

10. Do you have anything planned for the summer?

Wednesday 13: Well Joey is drumming for Rob Zombie and that begins August 14, and after that we start touring. So just check our website and see what’s up with us.
11. What does 2010 have in store for the Murderdolls?

Wednesday 13: World domination I want to take this band where it should have went beforehand the label feels good about us and the industry people tried to push us aside but this time they’re shocked at how great the album sounds so that’s my goal to take this band to the top be the dirtiest, scariest, rock band on earth.

12. Is there anything else you'd like to add or say to your fans?

Wednesday 13: Just thank you, thank you, thank you, we do this for the fans and that’s why I’m here.

What do you do when you feel the way you do? What do you do? Why not break down and let yourself hang loose while listening to the latest in the rock n' roll industry from Hollywood's very own Living Dead Lights! When it comes down to the source of the music, Living Dead Lights have faced those timeless struggles with endless challenges of the modern day life each song sung out capturing the essence and pure imagination of what makes our youthful nation so powerful and so pure. The Living Dead Lights have demonstrated a rebellious attitude that combines all of the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll influence that could ever want from an in your face project with a compelling addiction that keeps the goodness of what rock n' roll is truly all about.

1. Moving on, why don't you tell me about your self-titled EP.? Does it have a particular concept or theme to it?

Alan: The concept is just life, about all of the life experiences that we’ve gone through or some of the things people close to us have gone through. There is a lot of respect for people trying to get through certain situations in everyday life.

2. How about the lyrics what theme revolves within writing those?

Taka: Hard question….

Alan: It depends it’s all about life and people that have been close to us dealing with problems like drugs, encouraging our youth to rise above life’s problems.
Taka: We play hard music but the message is very positive. I’m tired of hearing people talking about whiny shit.

3. Speaking of writing is the band writing any new material?

Taka: Yes we are we are currently in the studio writing new stuff not sure when it’s going to be done but should be done sooner or later.

Alan: It’s a bit darker and heavier.

4. Can we expect to see that material on the full-length whenever that happens?

Taka: Most likely ya know at this point we’re just recording a bunch of new material and see what happens. But all the stuff that we have been writing is all good shit so I don’t see why not.

5. What about 2010 what is in store for Living Dead Lights?

Taka: Well we have a 5-song EP coming out July 13 through Hot Topic with a bonus track on it.

Alan: It’s a surprise for everybody it’s what you should expect to hear from the upcoming full-length.

6. Would you like to add any last words?

Taka: I LOVE YOU MOM! Buy our shit and make us rich thank you!

Alan: Laughs.

LOS ANGELES - LIVING DEAD LIGHTS, the much buzzed about Rock n Roll band straight out of Hollywood, California have set a July 13th release date for the "Hot Topic Edition" of their self-titled CD (cover art attached). It will be available exclusively at Hot Topic stores and HotTopic.com.

The new edition of the CD, which was produced by Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold) and Bradley Cook (Foo Fighters) and features the band's signature track, "What Do You Do?," will feature all new artwork, photos and one brand new track. Fans who purchase the CD will be eligible to receive free Living Dead Lights swag and one lucky fan will win a one-of-a-kind pair of custom LDL Chuck Taylors designed by the band.

"Hot Topic has been one of our biggest supporters from the start, so when the opportunity came up to work with them on this release we were totally stoked about it," said guitarist Alan Damien, from his Hollywood studio.

The band is currently writing tunes for their forthcoming full length release and will be involved in several in-stores and performances at Hot Topic locations throughout Southern California this summer. Fans in the area can also catch the band playing some high profile club shows over the next few months while they prepare to embark on their first ever world tour in 2011.

More info can be found at www.myspace.com/livingdeadlights

Four out of the five members of experimental death metal act All Gods Kill caught up with me at their performance trek outside the Key Club of Hollywood to talk about their upcoming plans for the rest of the year. Discussion goes down the lines of talking about various shows they have lined up as well as the anticipation of wanting to unleash the fury that is hidden within the yet to be released full-length album that is due out later this year.

1. How did you get your band name? Does it have any significance?

Sean: I guess that would follow to me... I was actually writing a term paper and I ended up writing it by mistake. But to me it sounded really good so I decided to keep it. To be honest with you it doesn't have any religious significance its more about people misusing the higher power to do their bidding and to cause harm to other people which I find wrong so that’s why I stuck with the name.

2. How did your band form?

Sean: (Laughs) We've all been in bands before Rudy and I were in a former band and talked about creating a new project and things started really clicking and now we're good to go.

3. If you could play on your dream tour, what bands would be on it?

Sean: (Laughs) we all have different people on that one.
Jason: Why don't we all pick one?
Rudy: Meshuggah, Bloodbath. *Looks at Jason he doesn't know what to say*
JP: Meshuggah.
Sean: Slayer.
Jason: I don't know.

4. How do you go about writing your songs?

Sean: Very difficult.

Jason: That depends when I came into the band there were about 6-7 that they had written with their previous drummer who had played some shows with us before he moved out of state. As of right now Ben is our current drummer so the new material is more collaborative between the 5 of us. Recently we just played a couple of new songs at one of our other shows and for tonight’s set we plan to play about 3 new songs. I myself and these guys are definitely digging the new material because before we were very limited but now we are just all over the place with these new ideas.

5. What's your favorite place to go eat together?

Sean: I'd have to say Sonic because I have never gotten sick there.
Rudy: Anything from the $1 menu is fine by me.
Jason: I like top rawmen with torillas tap a toe and paps if you put lime in it it’s called the Redneck-Vacation. That's one of my favorite drinks.

6. Which show that you've played has been your favorite so far?

Jason: We had a really good gig with this one band out at the Galaxy Theater back on May 1st. But it was fun and all but there have been smaller gigs that have been more to our liking with some of our friends bands like Army of Ghosts some of those shows are more fun.

Rudy: it’s usually those small bar type gigs where you walk in and you’re like "What am I doing here" those tend to be the most entertaining.

Jason: Tonight's show should be good we're second up so tonight should be a lot of fun I'm really excited to see Exodus because I just checked out their recent DVD and I really liked their set and check out the new material they plan to play. I expect that tonight's show should have a lot more of the younger crowd and the kids will interact more and get involved and really dig our material.

7. What’s your favorite part of being in a band?

Jason: For me its therapy instead of going to a shrink or getting wasted all the time it’s something that I can do that’s very productive that clears out my mind taking away all of those bad times that I faced but I'm a pretty relaxed easy-going type of guy but when it comes to that stage I'm a whole another person. When I walk off that stage I'm very happy so I love doing this it’s my passion in life.

JP: It's like a drug the more you do it the higher you get.

8. What’s your LEAST favorite part?

Jason: We just love to play live we're trying to capture that live vivid sound on our new record which should be out sometime later this year. We're hoping that we can do it ourselves and our guitarist Rudy is going to handle all of the recording and producing it so we're going to see how that goes and what happens.

JP: Moving gear, loading a trailer, lack of beer.
Jason: Having to drive and hire a road crew. I've been helping a lot lately.

Jason: We have some material that’s like nine minutes long that people would dig but we have to have a short but simple set list cramming 6 songs so our sound should be all set and finalized for tonight.

9. What’s the best movie that you've seen lately?

Sean: Wow...I don't know.
Jason: Gran Torino.
JP: House of a 1,000 Corpses.

10. How about 2010 what does it have in store for All Gods Kill?

Sean: We got about half the year left so we’re going to take a couple of months off to finish our new album. For us just getting the CD out is our main thing to get done.

Jason: One show that we do have is the Long Beach Metal Fest it will be the third annual festival so this year it'll be for 2 days and we have local bands come out and play. It's a good time and we invite the bands that we dig and ones that love to rock out.

11. What is one thing that you just have to do this summer?

Jason: Just finish the record and make it sound the way we want it to sound. That’s a big step for us we did a show before where we played for about 45 minutes and only played like 7 songs. We got about 13 songs so far so we're going to be tossing a lot of songs, possibly a cover that’s what I love about this band we all have different tastes in music so we all take those elements and fuse them altogether to create our own uniqueness.

Sean: (Laughs) yeah.

12. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Sean: Thanks to everybody our friends and family who have supported us.
Rudy: Thanks.
Jason: Thank you Natalie.
JP: Thank you so much!