April 2010

Sincarnate had begun its descent to the dark side in 2005 and now five years later and an EP "On the Procrustean Bed" later, Sincarnate has resurrected their sound and style in a whole another manner, with "As I Go Under" due out this October 2010.

Though Sincarnate had a confusing set of years such as 2006, a year after their formation, this year was the first when the first set of live concerts had taken place and the band had just started writing material for some songs for their very first material, that can be found on their EP "On the Procrustean Bed", which was actually recorded a year later during the Spring of 2007 out at the Taine Studio in Bucharest.

Sincarnate had then began to look for a producer to release its debut, and found somebody which whom they agreed to work with Axa Valaha Productions to release the MCD in pro-format in early 2008. The end of 2007 had come and gone, and brought the band's first departure but the band had overcome that occurrence and pulled themselves out of the depths of the fiery pits of hell and continued to tour and record and have let their fans with the upcoming release they shall be forever grateful to unleash.

As I Go Under is the name of our first full-length, which was recorded during November - December 2009, the mixing and mastering part being handled by Jeremy Krull at the Strategic Sonics Doom Room in Chappaqua, New York, during January - March 2010. The new material has a length of about 60 min. and contains following songs:

01. Acedia - Tristitia de Buono Spirituali
02. Song of Eternal Return
03. I Defy Absurdity
04. Getting Over Jocasta
05. On Earth, The Furthest
06. Unbearable Lightness of Guilt
07. Nurturing the Gods of Doubt
08. Doomed As We Are
09. Ecce Homo!
10. Rituals of Obnubilation

The cover design is signed by Costin Chioreanu from Twilight13Media, who also redesigned our MySpace, where three new songs from the upcoming album can be listened to: “Nurturing the Gods of Doubt”, “Ecce Homo!” and “On Earth, the Furthest”.

The new album is to be released in October 2010 and further information concerning the launch will be revealed soon.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Drive A is a punk rock band on its way to punk rock stardom- made up by lead guitarist/vocalist Bruno Mascolo, rhythm guitarist Jason Nott, drummer Terry Stirling, and bassist Chris Bowman. Since none of the members are over the age, these youngsters have managed to already make a name for themselves, in which filling in certain slots for numerous tours, and opening up for such bands as, Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, HIM, and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus just to name a few.

Though little has been done, Drive A has gotten one thing down, the success of releasing their first-ever full-length debut, entitled “Loss Of Desire”, choosing their lyrics wisely, being "Fuck you" songs rather than the usual material as most of the other types of punk rock bands tend to cover. Though this little mishap is a minor detail the music is rather punchy raw in your face attitude than that bouncy momentum that other bands have stringed along in their craftsmanship’s.

Take “Are You Blind?" "Can't Sleep it Off", "Head Underwater", and "It's Getting Worse", these selections are pure influence taken from the past and thrown right into the present and what is to become of the future material that is to come from Drive A.

Drive A is purely raw-energy both on the stage and in the studio, letting the music taken you in and spit you right back out isn't that what punk rock is suppose to be?

It’s a cold dark night nothing unusual about that or is it? Well this night something happened unlike anything you’ve possibly experienced well perhaps some have experienced but those who have are now long gone. Where am I going with this… well it just so happens that the holocaust is upon us! But not just any old holocaust this is Toxic Holocaust.

Founded in 1999 Joel Grind the man behind the music wrote and recorded all of the band's music himself over the years building up quite a portfolio of tunes, unleashing over a handful of various demos, splits, EPs, and several studio albums to keep the music well balanced. After unleashing such brutality across the world there was nothing left to do than to spread the word and that he did, by touring all over the world winding up in a city familiar to everybody’s knowledge Los Angeles and not just any Los Angeles, this was Los Angeles, California.

Out at a place called The Blvd spectators of all ages gathered watching and waiting for the night to wrap itself up as brutality was about to commence the stage, Joel and his fellow band mates Phil Zeller (bass) and Al Chambers (drums) walked upon the stage grasping their instruments as the brief sound checking had begun. But as soon as it had begun it was soon over for the real performance was underway thundering right along through its hour long set. This contained such tunes as “Wild Dogs”, Joel discussing briefly “Let’s summon the beast” breaking into “666”, which kept on rolling right into other hits such as “Future Shock”, “War Is Hell”, and “Nuke the Cross”.

As Toxic Holocaust continued to play the crowd brought on the heat more and more not only being soaked in sweat from head to toe, but the crowd standing in front of the stage were being tossed around quite a bit some even falling to their knees if not being thrown or slammed onto their back from another spectator. It was a night unlike any other because this night was the night of the holocaust!

Even though Easter Sunday (April 4) wasn’t happening until the following day, it sure had arrived a lot sooner than expected…. Why do you ask? Well it just so happens that Los Angeles, Californian’s known as Terror have something to do it with because on April 3rd the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California had let loose to a dozen if not more, bunnies of their own accord….

What do I mean exactly? Well let’s say that front man vocalist Scott Vogel encouraged most of it asking the audience of hardcore thrashers to hop right up onto the stage and dive right back into the crowd. Thus the term “bunnies” now comes into a better perspective don’t you think? Anyway as soon as Terror’s set had begun it was soon over because the hardcore thrashers have indeed a short length in songs but the set just kept on flying right through everybody witnessing it.

As the set was rolling right along though numerous fans who had invaded the stage jumping from the left hand side and the right would occasionally snatch up the microphone and begin doing their own rendition of how the song went, believe it or not all the fans knew each and every song word for word. But as the set was wrapping itself up and Scott had stated that he had wanted the fans to help sing-along to almost every song performed, it was time to close it up once and for all, Terror concluded their set with such songs as “One of the Under Dogs”, “Lowest of the Low”, “Keep Your Mouth Shut”, and “Always the Hard Way”.

Terror’s enthusiasm brought out the best of the crowd of concert goers for they would not be here if it wasn’t for them and if it wasn’t for the music that had started it.