Cradle of Filth – Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa

Nineteen years have come and gone for English metallers Cradle of Filth who have conquered the world more than once. But over this time period something occurred that made the music that once sparked such an interest soon lose its charge. "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa", is the ninth installment in this studio discography and when it comes down to it, Cradle of Filth has lost it.

"Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder", the previous release surrounds the same concept aspect. Except this time the demon Lilith who's the first wife of the Biblical Adam takes over the central plotline. Dani Filth (vocals) and lyrical writer for this album revealed in the September issue of Metal Hammer that this would be a "feminine" companion piece to Godspeed, " which was a masculine album due to its protagonist, Gilles De Rais. Unlike their previous releases based all upon the historical concept this one tells a whole another tale which Dani says is very original. Going into further discussion in saying that it’s a nice gothic horror story that’s all about the resurgence of Lilith into the modern society of being a deity.

"Retreat of the Sacred Heart", provides us with a look into how much Cradle of Filth has changed since they first got together. The vocal tactic Dani Filth has chosen to use just drowns out the music’s ability and skill. He tends to not fill out as he once had done so long ago so this raw undertone of skill just falls flat. "The Spawn of Love and War", has a brief instrumental intro then soon breaks way for the rest of the band to come thundering through but again Dani Filth's skill is lagging so much so it’s hard to listen all the way through. The other band mates manage to keep it together pushing the music into a spiral aspect of repeating textures. Like take the guitar and drum work both go head to head at various points and then clash altogether.

"Beyond Eleventh Hour", pulls out a softer side to Cradle of Filth allowing the piano to play its brief role as an introduction is spoken fully through and then breaks apart by another rupturing thunder rhythm as did “Retreat of the Sacred Heart”.

Cradle of Filth may have been around for nineteen years but the longer they continue to reign the shorter their career may soon come to an end. 

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