Monster High’s Frightening Upbringing's

Are you a fan of Monster High? Can you not get enough of its ghoulish goodness? Well then perhaps you better set yourself for what's on the horizon. While the franchise is in its second seasonal run online, the other products are not that far behind. Thus this includes the line of products that has been divided into "Waves". So Wave 1-2 are doing its run and Wave 3-4 will hit home come the New Year. So what should that wave bring?

Well we have the Gloom Beach set showcasing our popular Monsters in their summer/spring attire, that also introduces is to Jackson Jekyll. Another assortment of "attire" includes the fashion lines that goes into an array of school uniforms; soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and swimming. Aside from that we have additional play sets, that feature Draculaura and Frankie Stein's bedroom sets.

Then we get thrown with some brand new characters that have been mentioned recently; Abby Bominable, Spectra Von Hauntington, and Clawd and Clawdette Wolf, the brother and sister to Clawdeen Wolf. If that's not enough, the continuation of the "Dawn of the Dance" series brings Ghoulia Yelps and Draculaura. But wait there is way more!

The “Ghoulishly Freaky/Masquerade”, series which showcases all of the main characters in their formal attire from the sounds of it. Another set of play sets are to be out, the Monster High 3rd Floor School Playset as well as Lagoona's Hydration Station. Still craving for more? Well we got the "Dead Tired" series which from the name sounds like the bedtime set that again includes all of the main characters. Lastly we are presented with the 'Too Ghoul for School 2 Packs" that includes all of the original sets except in an assortment of two not just the one. Also another fashion pack is in the works that comes with the prom dresses for the girls and the tux/suits for the guys.

So in the long run this is surely to become a one hit wonder once this all hits the shelves early next year!

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