June 2018

The Southern California-based symphonic black metal group EMPYREAN THRONE, hailed by Decibel as “one of U.S. black metal's most exciting up-and-coming bands,” will support Dutch occultists Carach Angren on the Western leg of their fall tour. Dates are listed below.


10/9 Seattle, WA – Club Sur
10/10   Portland, OR – Analog Theater
10/11   Oakland, CA – Metro Opera House
10/12   Los Angeles, CA – 1720
10/13   Santa Ana, CA – Malone's
10/14   Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
10/15   San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
10/16   Mesa, AZ – Club Red

Los Angeles, CA based heavy metal rock band VOID VATOR has announced their SOUTHWEST 2018 TOUR. Launching July 19th in Las Vegas, the tour will wind through Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico before winding down Phoenix on July 28th. The band has also released the official music video for "Until It's Gone," off of their 2017 released, debut EP, "Dehumanized". Check out the video HERE and tour dates below.


07/19 @ Count's Vampd - Las Vegas, NV
07/20 @ The Quarry - Bisbee, AZ
07/21 @ Rockin Cigar Bar - El Paso, TX
07/22 @ Dirty Dog - Austin, TX
07/23 @ Metal Monday At The Mix - San Antonio, TX
07/24 @ Rudyard's - Houston, TX
07/25 @ Three Links - Dallas, TX
07/26 @ Blue Note - Oklahoma City, OK
07/27 @ El Patio - Las Cruces, NM
07/28 @ Yucca Tap Room - Phoenix, AZ

The Texas-based "super metal" quartet IMMORTAL GUARDIAN – whose "face-melting shred" takes progressive power metal to the extreme – has released a digital single for their new song "Zephon," the first taste of the group's forthcoming full-length debut. The track can be streamed now on all digital platforms, while a lyric video – which also includes live footage of guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian performing jaw-dropping solos on both instruments simultaneously – can be seen here https://youtu.be/OiTHWJiZaTg.

Please take a moment and read this, think about it, and try to get involved / do something. It’s about Bjorn Mertz, the drummer of The Satellite Year and Atlanta Arrival and our brother in music. It will make you stop and think for a moment, maybe help others, inspired by his incredible creativity a passion for the music and life he loved: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=196511944338883&id=152227035434041.

"On 17th May, we had to say goodbye to our dear son, brother, uncle, friend and drummer Björn Mertz. He was a fighter and an optimist, always determined to support his beloved ones instead of burdening them with his own stroke of fate. After months of battling cancer, it seemed like a miracle when he left the hospital cancer-free at the beginning of this year – still full of enthusiasm and joy of living. He enjoyed the time with friends and family and poured all his energy into his music, his one true passion. So, after our former band The Satellite Year split up, we composed an album that was supposed to be our next project.

Björn was about to go to a health resort, so we wanted to record the songs afterwards – but as if he had had a vision, he insisted on finishing the recording of the drums before his leave. And so he did: 9 songs in only 8 hours! At this time there was no way that anybody could have known that he was already developing a number of new tumours. While his friends believed that Björn was at the health resort as planned, really he was staying at the Uniklinik Homburg, a hospital, again fighting a battle against cancer with only his family by his side – and he did fight to the last. There is no rational explanation for what had happened during the last few weeks of his life or why this even had to happen. Similarly, there are no words for the pain and grief we feel. But should pain, emptiness and misery be the only things left? He himself would not have wanted this.

Therefore, it’s the deepest wish of his family and friends that Björn’s music and with it his unique spirit live on. We finished Björn’s favorite song of the album as well as a music video and kindly ask you to donate whatever you want and can afford to give, in order to support the German Cancer Foundation".

Colliding Stars Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=jOTSwAYPzfQ.

You can download a digital version of the song on our bandcamp page and also have the possibility to order the single CD version of the song (limited, only 200 CDs) for 5 € (or more if you like to donate more). All profits will be fully donated: https://atlanta-arrival.bandcamp.com/releases.

Donation via paypal:

If you don’t like to use paypal, you can also donate via bank transfer, immediately to the bank account of the German Cancer Foundation. Please use AK49006741 as a reference.

Bank account:
Kreissparkasse Köln
IBAN DE65 3705 0299 0000 9191 91

We, Björn’s family, friends and band, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each cent we are able to donate to the German Cancer Foundation in Björn’s name.

Having been following and a fan of Bullet for my Valentine since high school days of the past. The band has come a long way, since their debut album that started it all, especially for me, with "The Poison" (2005). Follow that with fourth more full-length albums, "Scream Aim Fire " (2008), "Fever" (2010), "Temper Temper" (2013), "Venom" (2015), and their most latest recent album thus far "Gravity" (2018). So then, where has the band taken their directional approach to their metal genre tactics this time around. Well let's discuss the matters that come in the form of the first single taken from the album "Over It". This track, is fueled with energy, angst, and the classic formula that Bullet for my Valentine is always known to create, dating back to their first few releases of way back when.

Now for the rest of the material, such as "Letting You Go", "The Very Last Time", "Under Again", and "Coma", are probably a step back from the metalcore genre of their past, being more into the later releases. They got more melody, harmony, and downright tight neck riffs, that keeps the solo working's at a level of aggression, yet heaviness to its fullest of possibilities.

In short, it's a cross mixture of old and new Bullet for my Valentine material, except perhaps this work being more grounded. "The Very Last Time" and "Under Again",  are very reminisce to their previous tracks "Tears Don't Fall" part I and II, but without the heaviness, just keeping the material more mellow. Don't get dishearten, but their classy styling's with screaming antics is provided within such tracks as "Piece Of Me", "Letting You Go", "Don't Need You", and "Over It".

When it comes down to it, "Gravity", is a whole another direction for an act such as Bullet for my Valentine. It does sound like their originality of previous content, but it is more redefined, rounded, and takes a step into a direction, that could either make or break them. This release at least to me, makes their material a continued listen, from past or present.

Ice Nine Kills will release their new album "The Silver Scream" through Fearless Records on Friday, October 5, 2018. The album's 13 anthems are based on 13 respective horror classics. The physical pre-order is available HERE.

The band has shared the cinematic video for "The American Nightmare," which is a twisted and tasteful homage to director Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. The video provides a thematic feast for children of the '80's who grew up loving Freddie Krueger, the first film, and its sequels. It's accompanied by an eerie yet arena-sized hook that commands the listener to sing along.

The video was directed by Daniel Hourihan and is the first installment of an over-arching film that will be a counterpart to the "The Silver Scream".

Check it over HERE.

YOSHIKI shocked fans at LUNATIC FEST. 2018 with a moving tribute to X Japan guitarist hide and guest collaborations with members of LUNA SEA, GLAY, and MUCC in his first-ever solo classical performance at a music festival.

YOSHIKI opened his set with Beethoven’s "Moonlight Sonata" as a thematic homage to the festival’s organizers, LUNA SEA. As the final notes resonated over the audience, an image of HIDE appeared on the screen above the stage, causing shouts and tears from fans. With scenes from the documentary film We Are X and the newly-released HIDE 20th Memorial Project Film HURRY GO ROUND playing in the background, YOSHIKI performed a special arrangement to accompany HIDE’s unreleased vocal recording of "HURRY GO ROUND".

YOSHIKI was joined by guest musicians SUGIZO (LUNA SEA/X JAPAN) and TERU (GLAY), who came on stage for "Say Anything", RYUICHI (LUNA SEA) for "Kurenai", and SUGIZO, RYUICHI, TERU, Tatsurou and Miya (MUCC) joined together for "X". 20,000 fans joined together to do the "X-Jump" with YOSHIKI and the all-star musicians on stage.

"Without You" was dedicated to TAIJI and HIDE, and "ART OF LIFE" brought emotional reactions from the crowd, and the set climaxed with thousands of voices singing "Endless Rain".

YOSHIKI later returned to the stage for LUNA SEA’s performance of "I for You". In the 30 years they have known each other, this is the first time YOSHIKI and LUNA SEA have performed on stage together, and each of the band’s members embraced YOSHIKI in appreciation. At the end, he appeared with HIDE’s guitar in hand and played together with all the performers for a grand finale.


6. X

One way to describe an act such as Castle Black, is easy, post punk with alternative rock. Think Joan Jett and Jet, that is whom you get with an act such as Castle Black. Their latest and fourth EP release to date titled "the gods that adored you", is an entertaining rock anthem of a release. For it features an array of tracks, take "Man On A Train", "River", and "Sierra". These alone, set up the entirety of this EP's offering. You get hit with this push of aggression with fierceness that is strictly rock music to its finest of possibilities. In other words, Castle Black just makes rock music, come alive again, upon this workload of material upon this EP "the gods that adored you". Surely without doubt this act, is one that will not be forgotten, but be more recognized, than ever before, when it comes down to this release sweeping across the rock scene. Castle Black have got spunk, with lots of attitude to follow suite of course, this EP along with the rest, will easily continue to push their way, ever so further along, that all will know their name by then. If not, given time it will likely happen.

Pop singer/songwriter Charlie Moss has been steadily gaining speed with his music career, let alone said releases accompanying said path choice. His last single release 'The Winter Song" was a successor, just as the next upcoming single "This Girl" plans to be and likely will be as well. With that said, "This Girl", is a lot like the previous processor was, except this take of Charlie Moss's music is more modernized, upbeat, and frequently catchier. His vocal chords, sounding crisp, hip, and downright fun and exciting to. The music just gets bouncy, energy driven, and is a type of tune, you can find yourself humming along to, if not swaying right on to with its beat of tone. If Charlie Moss is not one to be familiar with, then his style may ring a bell, as it resembles to other acts of today, ranging from Ed Sheeran, James Bay, and The 1975 for instance. When it comes down to this particular style, Charlie Moss just becomes one of those up-and-comers whose work, gathers up in due time, gaining speed as noted beforehand, people around realizing and taking notice, to who and whom this person is, not just because of his music but as he is as a person. In due time, he will be bigger, with each and every one of his releases in no time at all.

DEVILDRIVER has revealed the final segment in their series of interview commentary videos supporting the release of Outlaws 'Til The End: Vol. 1. The sixth segment, entitled "Playing These Songs Live", features members of DEVILDRIVER and various album guests discussing performing the songs on the album live and how they'll translate to the stage and on the road. Watch here via Loudwire: http://loudwire.com/hank-iii-randy-blythe-devildriver-outlaw-metal-concerts/.

Austin-born, soul/pop guitarist/vocalist, Jackie Venson,  announces the release of her new video, "Never Say Die","  follow up to her EP "Transcends" (9/30/17), hot off a string of a European dates and ahead of a summer of shows and Austin City Limits in October. Watch the video as premiered on idobi radio HERE. View her tour dates HERE.

Brisbane Australia’s award-winning metal band A BREACH OF SILENCE have revealed a brand-new music video to celebrate 150,000 Spotify plays of their metal cover version of "Shameless" by The Weeknd. The video was directed by Matt Donaldson. Watch their ‘Shameless’ music video at this location right HERE.

Loud Rage Music proudly announces the signing of the extremely promising Ploiesti, Romania based death metal band Saddayah for the release of their upcoming debut studio album, "Apopheny of Life". Saddayah‘s music is rooted in traditional Death Metal, but the band’s serious technical abilities rose to a fresh, melodic and technical type of Death Metal with progressive and blackened influences, an interesting result highlighted by the first single taken off "Apopheny of Life", the track "Born in Singularity", now available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MHu7g4BF_8.

Perhaps it is a play on the name "Halloween" with its use of "ween" but perhaps not. In any case though, Kingkween see the use of "ween" and how it may relate to "Halloween", anyway this particular act has been around for a while now. Having released a debut full-length "Wild One" in 2016, with the follow-up being a debut EP "Futurepast" release out now in 2018. This release containing the track titled of all things "Sex".

Now you may be thinking the obvious but believe it or not, this track is not about that. Upon listening to the track, the style was even questionable, assuming immediately that just by the title choice that this would likely be something out of the likeness of rap, hip hop sense, but it goes down a whole another path completely. The style being indie, alternative pop, and fusion as well. Their style being a combination throwback of late 60's mixed with 80's era momentum. That is what "Sex" brings forth, and how the tracks content fits right into the tone of beats coming from the track itself.

The track brings to mind that one hit wonder of the past titled "Danger" by The Flirts. That one and "Sex", being slightly similar in both tone and style. But only slightly due to the instrumental side. Vocalization side of things, the two tracks sort of sound alike but not so much. As for the actual content, as mentioned beforehand, the context of the track does not detail actual sex details, but expresses the individual waiting for the other for the entire night.

Whilst the context of the actual track, is fine and dandy, the music itself is again, very fluid and fun going. In short, it is just a type of track that has a lot of energy, essence, and is one you will remember for countless times over. Kingkween's "Sex" from their "Futurepast" EP is a track that everyone can enjoy and recall again and again.