Metalcore band THOUSAND FRAMES have their debut single, with a couple of other single's coming out soon enough. They just did a show recently, with plans of doing more shows, releasing way more music and much more to come.


1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members. 

Kyle and I go way back to middle school, where our friendship began. In 2006, we even started our first band together, a little gem called Fade to Grey. Unfortunately, Kyle's family made the big move back to Minnesota in 2007, his hometown, and that marked the end of our Fade to Grey days.

During that period, I jammed with various garage bands in high school, and then, when I hit college, I hopped on board with a cover band. Meanwhile, Kyle pursued his musical journey by drumming for bands like Crashing Daylight and Forever Waiting. But here's the kicker – despite the miles between us, we managed to stay tight and keep our friendship rock-solid.

Our paths took an interesting twist when Kyle decided to move back to Colorado in December 2012, where his then-girlfriend (now wife) was. It couldn't have been better timing because my cover band was calling it quits around the same time. Kyle sent me a demo of one of our songs, "Tighten Your Wings," and bam! It hit me like a lightning bolt; I knew I had to be in a band with him.

Now, when it comes to drummers, we've had a bit of a revolving door situation. But lucky us, we stumbled upon our current drummer, Ryan Smith, through a Facebook post. This guy is a musical wizard, and his knowledge spans all corners of the music world. It's like he was custom-made for our band.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name? 

Believe it or not, our band name Thousand Frames came from a totally random band name generator. Kyle and I thought "Thousand Frames" had a cool ring to it, so we decided to roll with it. Over time, we've kind of built up a backstory for it, you know, that everyone goes through different "frames" or phases in their life. So, we've given the name a bit of a deeper meaning.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend? 

We're based in Denver, Colorado, and to be honest, the music scene here is quite the eclectic mix. You've got indie, folk, and hip hop/rap pretty much running the show. As a hard rock/metalcore band, breaking through and getting noticed can be a bit of a challenge. But when you do stand out, you really make an impact.

We've got some personal favorites in the scene, bands that we think are seriously kick-ass. Check out Wake Me, Project Vela, Ipecac, Suitable Miss, and In the Variant - they're all on our radar.

4. How would you describe your style? 

We've definitely leaned more towards the metalcore side of things. But if you're into bands like Starset, RED, Breaking Benjamin, and you sprinkle in a bit of Bring Me the Horizon and Siamese, well, then we're right up your alley.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works? 

Up until now, our first single in four years has been "Done Blaming Myself." This track is like the grand entrance to the new Thousand Frames era. It was super cool collaborating with Mirza Radonjica from Siamese on this one; his input really pushed us to make this song as impactful as it could be.

6. Do you have any new music in the works? 

Yep, we have another new single coming out next month and another in late November of this year.

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out? 

We just did a show at The Bluebird Theater in Denver opening for Delain and Visions of Atlantis. Other than that, no other shows as of yet.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band? 

Our top priority right now is to pack The Bluebird Theater next year to the brim for our album release headline show. We believe that's the first big step toward putting us on the radar as a local band aiming for the regional and national spotlight. Once we’ve done that, our next mission is to snag spots at some major festivals and open for those big-name acts.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff? 

Spotify, Amazon. Apple Music, YouTube, etc. We are rearranging our online store as we speak.

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time? 

I know it might sound a bit cliché, but honestly, what we're after is a deep connection between our music and our listeners. We want our songs to whisk you away on a journey, whatever that particular track is all about.


Russian metal band Korella released their new single "Stardust". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikolai Bazhenov at "METALSTUDIO".

Check out the new single linked below:


Initially, this musical work might seem like a breathtaking cosmic journey, transporting the listener into the depths of the universe and prompting contemplation about our future, the future of planet Earth, all of humanity, and its place in the infinite cosmos. The song's lyrics tell of a time when, due to the expansion of our Sun, it began to scorch the Earth, and humanity was forced to leave its home to find a new one in the depths of space. The track also narrates the connection between all of us in this endless universe and how we are all linked by a delicate red thread through time. However, even such an outcome does not provide a complete salvation for people.


Norwegian Heavy/Thrash/Groove Metal band MATANZICK released their new album "PANDEMONIUM". The release was recorded and produced by the band in their own studio, mixed at Red Line Studios, and mastered by Jelöy Sound Mastering.

Check out the new album linked below:



MATANZICK was formed in 2010 by guitarist and vocalist Tore Lunner and bass player Fredrik Vindfallet. They quickly gained a reputation for their aggressive sound and hard-hitting lyrics. The current lineup consists of Tore Lunner, Fredrik Vindfallet, drummer Pål Gundersen, and lead guitarist Terje André Rønningen.


Swiss Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band Powerhill released their new single "I Can Wait for You". The release was recorded and mixed in "Stairway Studio" (Switzerland), and mastered by George Nerantzis - Sound Engineer/Music Producer (Greece).

Check out the new single linked below:




Swiss guitarist Cep has melded his two great passions: Heavy Metal and cows - to create the one of a kind  Powerhill. Dubbing it “Farm Metal”, Powerhill is a band of head-banging peasants delivering a brew of classic Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Sleaze Rock. Debut single "New Dimension" found its way onto the "Heavy Metal Nation III" compilation in 2006, and Powerhill’s unique live show caught on in a country which claims a strong hard rock-metal legacy (Gotthard, Krokus, Killer). Despite the good momentum, a forced hiatus shut the peasants down. In 2018 the band was reformed again together with Veronica Torre (Drums, Vocals), Dan Eeloh (Keyboard) and Uncle Beast (Bass) and released their debut EP "Bunnies & Eggs" and many other singles.

Horror punk, a combination of sorts involving what else horror elements except with music! It has been done with countless bands most notably The Misfits, then many others followed suite including Arizona’s own Calabrese! A trio of Vampire brothers, taking their last namesake “Calabrese” as the band’s name, and being together for quite sometime. Releasing close to 10 albums, this brotherly trio would break a part into just two of the brothers, having the third move on, having his bass position being filled for the time being, as they would tour for the first time in like five years!

Last time they did a touring cycle was back in 2018, and this time they would do another touring cycle commencing it’s first stop in Los Angeles, California at the venue known as Catch One. This venue featuring several rooms with various stages. Calabrese would play in the back, performing a late night showcase taking place at midnight! A “midnight spookshow” if you will…..

The band having some minor issues tuning their instruments and setting up, did cause them to have some troubles once performing. Doing an hour long set list, having a lot of newer working’s sung, with just very few of their older and earlier working’s performed. Some covers including The Misfits “Halloween” was done, with all else being their own material, sounding good enough but older material should have been done.



The bassist filling in for the brother did do a good job, with the two brothers also doing a superb job, even a mosh pit broke out several times, with a “no moshing” signed posted, it didn’t stop the crowd from having fun, minus the security guard dragging individuals out the door. Two of the mosh pits were disabled sadly, but everyone there still danced and jumped along, if not clapping along to the beat of the tunes played. But it did appear the crowd was getting restless, the band performing quite late into the night, that even the venue turned on house lights before the band was even finished, and turning off their equipment, so that was a bit disappointing.

As such though, Calabrese’s first night of this touring cycle was one that could have been better. Previous years, their performance was intense, interactive and more fun. Tonight’s performance was fine, but their music could have had more mix-ups with earlier works, getting the motion moving more or less. Otherwise they are an act that should not be miss, but hearing earlier workings is best, with newer material being not bad either.


American Industrial Metal band Flesh Mechanism released their debut EP "Chasms of the Past". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Stasik in his home studio.

Check out the EP linked below:


Flesh Mechanism was formed in 2012 at West Virginia as a one-man project by Paul Verizerwho started when he was laid off from a job and needed a release from the almost futile hope of finding new employment. While those days are long behind him, for the most part, Paul continued to improve and write new material, trying to veer away from the typical and established styles and patterns and create something more representative of his inner demons.


Following the recent release of their new, critically acclaimed #1-charting album BLACKOUT via Better Noise Music, rock vanguards FROM ASHES TO NEW have announced a headlining tour in late fall/early winter with support from rockers The Word Alive, Catch Your Breath and heart-hop artist Ekoh.

The 20-city tour launches November 11 in Boston at Big Night Live and will stretch across the Midwest before returning to make its final stop December 16 in FROM ASHES TO NEW’s home state Pennsylvania at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC). See full dates listed below.

Vocalist Matt Brandyberry says: “Our new album ‘Blackout’ dropped recently and we knew we couldn’t finish 2023 without the ‘Blackout Tour.’ We are beyond excited to be headed out on our first headlining tour since 2022 and can’t wait to run it back with our friends in The Word Alive! We added Catch Your Breath and Ekoh because they have both been killing it and we know the FATN family will absolutely love them. This will be our biggest production and highest quality stage show yet, so get those tickets and get ready to tear it up this Nov/Dec.”


11/21 Portland, ME - State Theatre

11/22 Boston, MA - Big Night Live

11/24 Syracuse, NY - Sharkey's

11/25 Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom

11/26 Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground

11/28 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue

11/29 Ft Wayne, IN - The Clyde Theatre #

11/30 Flint, MI - Machine Shop

12/1   Harrison, OH - The Blue Note

12/3   Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall

12/4   St Louis, MO - Red Flag

12/5   Fayetteville, AR - JJ’s

12/6   Oklahoma City, OK - Tower Theatre

12/8   Colorado Springs, CO - Sunshine Studios

12/10 Lincoln, NE - Bourbon Theater

12/11 Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater #

12/12 Milwaukee, WI - The Rave #

12/13 Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall

12/15 Niagara Falls, NY - Rapids Theatre

12/16 Harrisburg, PA - HMAC

# From Ashes to New with The Word Alive & Ekoh only