Red Light Sky’s Seasonal Flight

Look up in the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not by a long shot because it’s RED LIGHT SKY! Uh.... who? Red Light Sky Los Angele's influential power-pop hardcore punks who formed oh not so long ago and have been hitting the streets with their pop-house rock! Vocalist's Matt Koruba and Marc Wysocki and guitarist Jussi Karvinen spill the goods on their upcoming self-titled EP debut along with what they have lined up for the upcoming holiday season.

1. How did the band come up with the name Red Light Sky?

When people think of a red light in the sky, they think of something ominous, looming, even scary perhaps aliens or maybe a nuclear blast. Either way it conjures up feelings of fear. We have always been about embracing that fear, delving into the unknown, and seeing the new beginning in every ending. Life is constantly changing and moving around us, and if we don't continue to grow and change with it we will all get lost in the storm. We offer that same strength to our friends and family (fans) and pride ourselves on our adaptability. Life rules and aliens’ rock!

2. The band has a new EP coming out, which is a self-titled release. What are your thoughts on this release?

We had so much fun making this record, and were having even more fun playing these songs live...we REALLY can’t wait to release the EP because were dying to hit the road and share this with everyone!

3. Do you have any personal favorites off it?

We really like Dying Young because it was the first song we wrote as a band...and it’s cool to hear how far the song came and how much it changed since we first wrote it.

4. How can Red Light Sky fans get the EP?

It will be released on ITUNES, ZUNE, and every other digital outlet on NOVEMBER 30th! Hard copies will be available at the end of the year!

5. What was it like working with Max Coane and having Nick Thompson and Omar Zehery of Hit The Lights be featured guests on the EP?

Max Coane is the Hunter S. Thomson of recording and making a record with him was so much fun. It really was an epic adventure! We’ve been close friends with Hit The Lights for a long time now and it worked out perfect because we had talked about having Nick and Omar on a track but didn’t know if they would be touring or around when we were making the record. But it just so happens that they were in LA at the same time working on their new record, so we called’em up and BOOM SUCKA! Hit The Lights meets Red Light Sky!

6. Why do you feel music has become so complicated?

Well...with all the technological advances made in the last 10 tune and THE INTERNET - it’s pretty hard to keep up! I don’t think it’s a bad thing that music has gotten so crazy with genre blending...metal with dance...punk with all adds to our inspiration as artists and makes it damn near impossible to get bored listening to the same thing over and over.

7. Is Red Light Sky in discussion with any labels at this time or nothing as of yet.

There is definitely some talks being had, but unfortunately nothing we can discuss JUST yet.

8. How about touring, when will Red Light Sky be hitting the road?

Our goal is the start of the New Year!! So January/February baby!

9. Though it’s a month away, what do you want for Christmas? Staying on the topic of holidays how was your Halloween and what do you have planned for Thanksgiving?

Marc wants a T-Mobile G2 phone, Matt wants a husky puppy, Jussi wants a Les Paul custom 1979 and 2 Alaskan snow owls (male and female), Derik wants a car, and Steve wants Derik and Jussi to get cars. HALLOWEEN WAS AWESOME! Played an incredible costume ball, and partied for 3 days straight WOOT!! Everyone is pretty much going home to see family for thanksgiving.....mmmmmmmmmmmm turkey. *drool*

10. What about the future where do you see it taking Red Light Sky and what is in store for you in 2011?


11. Do you have anything to say to the fans of Red Light Sky?
Party on Wayne!

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