Chasing Avalanche’s Brandon Sammon’s Talks the Talk

During the fall of 2009, Los Angeles rock locals Chasing Avalanche got together to create a band of misfits unlike any other. Brandon Sammons on guitar and vocals caught up with me to discuss the band's debut release "Without the Hour". As well as whom he looks up to and where the band ends up come the holiday season.

1. So who came up with the name for the band?
Brandon: Mike Evans (Guitarist)

2. The band has a new album out called "Without The Hour". What are your thoughts on the album?

Brandon: I feel out of all the years of being songwriter’s in bands, this record is our best work yet. Everything from the songwriting, production, the musicianship, hard work and dedication to always evolving and shaping our craft, this one is "The One".

3. Do you have any personal favorites off the album?

Brandon: "Shame" it's the last track on the record. It’s one of my favorites because it shares a very personal meaning to me. Take what meaning you want from it and make it your own...

4. Who decided which songs would go onto the record?

Brandon: Mike and I, we started writing the record in the fall of 2009. We finalized all the songs that massed the record 2 days before going into the studio to record it.

5. How can a fan of the band purchase this album?

Brandon: You can go to iTunes, or our MySpace page for more online music stores.

6. What bands do you admire?

Brandon: Deftones, Failure, Hum, Dredg, Codeseven, Thrice, Quicksand, Radiohead, the list     goes on and on.

7. What is the best thing about being in a band?

Brandon: The best thing for me would definitely be playing out live. All the energy and creativity getting released is the high of my life. It also works the same when I see other artists live that inspire or move me.

8. If you weren't a musician, what would you be?

Brandon: An Animator.

9. Do you have anything lined up for the holiday season?

Brandon: We are all pretty much LA transplants except our bassist Javi. We usually fly home to Kansas City, Missouri where Mike and I are from. Our drummer Bryan fly’s home to Boston.

10. Good luck with your new CD and thanks a lot for your time.

Brandon: Thank you so much for having me!

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