April 2013

Another face-melting thrash tour will invade North American venues in the coming months. New Jersey thrash legends Overkill will co-headline dates with German thrash masters Kreator with opening act Warbringer in tow, making for one of the most must-see metal tours of 2013.

“Overkill and Kreator is powerhouse combination, a serious one,” raves Overkill vocalist Bobby Blitz. “Two thrash punch. This is what it’s all about! Hang on, LET’S DO THIS!”

Check out the full list of tour dates below!


10/30 – Baltimore, Md. @ Soundstage – Kreator close
10/31 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Trocadero – Overkill close
11/1 – Worcester, Mass. @ The Palladium – Overkill close
11/2 – Montreal, Quebec @ Club Soda – Kreator close
11/3 – Toronto, Ontario @ Opera House – Kreator close
11/4 – Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Altar Bar – Kreator close
11/5 – Columbus, Ohio @ Al Rosa Villa – Overkill close
11/6 – Joliet, Ill. @ Mojoes – Overkill close
11/7 – Lawrence, Kansas @ Granada – Kreator close
11/8 – Englewood, Colo. @ Gothic Theater – Kreator close
11/9 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ In the Venue – Overkill close
11/11 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Rickshaw Theater – Kreator close
11/12 – Seattle, Wash. @ El Corazon – Overkill close
11/13 – Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne Theatre – Kreator close
11/14 – San Fran, Calif. @ Filmore – Kreator close
11/15 – Anaheim, Calif. @ The Grove – Kreator close
11/16 – Tempe, Ariz. @ Marquee Theatre – Kreator close
11/17 – Albuquerque, N.M. @ Sunshine Theater – Overkill close
11/18 – Dallas, Texas @ Trees – Overkill close
11/19 – San Antonio, Texas @ Backstage Live – Kreator close
11/21 – Louisville, Ky. @ Diamond Pub & Billiards – Kreator close
11/22 – W. Springfield, Va. Empire – Overkill close
11/23 – New York, N.Y. @ Stage 48 – Overkill close
11/24 – New York, N.Y. @ Stage 48 – Overkill close

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Finnish icons HIM has been around for over 20 years since then they have toured relentlessly, recorded various albums and still to this day have not stepped down from doing what they love. Going onto what is there eighth album to date, "Tears On Tape" is straight to point being more noisy, grungy, just heavier than what they have covered before making it even spooky at times. With that, frontman vocalist ad acoustic guitarist Ville Valo himself took some time to discuss this album's expectations and further plans for HIM.

1. You're on album number eight did you ever see this day to arrive?

Ville: No obviously not. It's always stuff that keeps us on our toes and if we were to speculate at any album even like our 13th it's not how we do it, for us it works one day at a time as AA says.

2. What were you trying to achieve with Tears on Tape?

Ville: Keep ourselves entertained. It's such a big part of our lives when we formed over 20 years ago so we try to spice things up a bit.

3. What was on your mind when you were writing the album?

Ville: Probably the lack of sleep I didn't get, everything else was just a blur but afterwards we just went with the flow. Me I just get the ideas down then show it to the guys while at rehearsal. So from there we just bang our heads having a good time so that's the best way we do it. We don't have a strict plan on doing things, I think it's just great to have that magic and excitement not knowing what you're going to get, it's just like opening a box of chocolates.

4. Can you tell us how this album differs from the previous ones? What can we expect and what is the message behind it?

Ville: I think there is no message. It's more of the process that evolves. We're not political or religious so there is no statement behind our music. So with this one it's more noisy, grungy, and straight to the point, much heavier than our last one and spooky at times. It has everything we are known for we tried experimenting a bit but I never write the same song twice so it's left to the ear of the beholder to decide on whether or not if it's something new or not.

5. What are your expectations for the CD?

Ville: I think the basics would be to be surprised, touring, meeting some new people, just wanting to be successful in this industry taking a lot of timing and luck. We don't know what's really going to happen with it but we are happy with it, the style and sound of it so by that we have fulfilled our expectations of it already. So now we just have to wait on what the people think of it whenever they get it.

6. How did the deal with Razor and Tie come about?

Ville: It was an odd situation, we were signed to Warner Brothers and everything changed. So we wanted to see if there would be alternatives out there so we went with Razor and Tie, due to them giving us a decent deal, so it's important to have a situation when calling a record label and having all of this assistance available. So we will see what happens next.

7. Will we ever see Ville Valo flying solo doing a solo career?

Ville: Not me, our bass player did a solo project and our guitarist worked on a side project, since I am the main song writer for HIM that's enough for me. If I did go and write something it would probably sound just like HIM if not sound worse so I am happy with the band the way it is.

8. Why did you want to do this mini tour in support of this album?

Ville: Since the album is coming out late in the Spring time, all of the summer festivals coming up, we had wanted to do this tour to let everyone know that there is a record coming out and we are around, after that tour we will be doing another in the fall but not sure of where it will start. We just wanted to do more intimate shows for the loyal fanatics out there.

9. You have done work in the past with the guys of The 69 Eyes, would you ever consider touring with them in the U.S.?

Ville:  We've known each other for years like 90 something, singing backing vocals on the albums, but there busy so whenever we're in the studio they're touring or if they're in the studio we're touring so our paths never cross. But yeah it would be nice to do so I gota ask them next time I see them what they want to do.

10. What are your favorite things about touring in the U.S.?

Ville: The scenery, big skies, like touring in the U.K. the cities are like 100 miles from one another where in the U.S. it's constant traveling and makes it great. Seeing these shady motels, gas stations, it's nothing like a tourist you get to see the different sides of things. All of the states have different things it's the best of both worlds when it comes to touring.

11. You guys have toured a lot over the years but where hasn't HIM set foot in?

Ville: We've never played Africa, India, Alaska, Latin America, only played Japan once, there are a lot of places we would love to go to, to see what it's like but the problem with touring is that if you wanted to see all of those countries and cities you'd be on tour for years. By doing that touring can be tiring being away from home, so we're still trying to find a balance between being in the studio and being out touring it's a fine line, so hopefully we'll get to see some new places soon.

12. What can the fans expect to see from you for this year?

Ville: Hoping that there will be fans because without them we wouldn't get to do what we love to do. We'll just be touring as much as possible, just shot 3 new videos which should be out soon, next week we will be working on the live set list bringing back my acoustic guitar for some songs, and playing songs we haven't played in a long time. So just switching things around just a tiny bit to get people's interest up.

13. Anything else you want to add for your fans?

Ville: I think we covered all of the basics and I think that's the toughest question in the world.

Razor & Tie announces the addition of the Finnish rock band HIM (His Infernal Majesty) to its North American label roster.  The band has completed work on their forthcoming new studio album, Tears On Tape.

With this happening the band's newest addition to their collection of releases turns out to be just that an addition to their extensive collection. It's all the same material when you listen to it, same formula used over once more. Guitar structure, drum tones, bass lines, vocal chords everything aligns in the right way in every way, shape, and form. Each and every song sounding just like all the rest. If you're curious as to know which songs are worth listening to there is a selective few; "Love Without Tears", "I Will Be The End Of You", "Into The Night", "Hearts At War", and "No Love". These selections alone really indicate the directional approach that HIM has set-up here. But again it is nothing but the same old material it is what the HIM fans enjoy and surly will continue to expect to hear time and time again.

Nothing more to it than that really. HIM has gone on to release a new album under a new label using the same routine of formula yet again making it be a repeat of sorts, you wouldn't have already heard of before.

Reign Of Lies and Melechesh will be going on tour together this summer find out where below!


SAT 6/15 - Mexico City, Mexico - Circo Volador**
SUN 6/16 - Los Angeles, CA - The Joint
MON 6/17 - San Francisco, CA - TBC
TUE 6/18 - Portland, OR - - Hawthorne
WED 6/19 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
THU 6/20 - Vancouver, BC - TBC
FRI 6/21 - Edmonton, AB - Pawn Shop
SAT 6/22 - Regina, SK - The Exchange
SUN 6/23 - Winnipeg, MB - TBC
MON 6/24 - St. Paul, MN - Station 4
TUE 6/25 - Joliet, IL - Mojoe's
WED 6/26 - TBC
THU 6/27 - Toronto, ON - WreckRoom
FRI 6/28 - Montreal, QC - Petit Campus
SAT 6/29 - Keene, NH - Railroad Tavern
SUN 6/30 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theater

**Melechesh Only

Experimental doom metal act A2aThoT has written and recorded a new EP called "Trust Your Ear" all done by a one man source. This act is nothing like any other act around right now and the main guy behind it all gives us the rundown.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in A2aThoT, and how long has this project been together?

This is a project started in 2011 after a long time of musical hiatus for me, Fabrizio "A2aThoT". I started a project with only one thing in mind: to play the music I like, with no limits and no problems at all. So I decided to be alone in this, without anyone to tell me what to do or how to do it. In 2012 I finished the recordings of enough songs to release my first record "A2aThoT", but now I see it as a very confusing album, not really something I would do now (apart from some songs). I do everything, being a one-man-band... So I play every instrument, program the samples, record/engineer/produce everything. I try to sing my song too, and sometime I think I do a good job in some part!

2. Where is the project based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Italy is a weird country when we talk about music. We have a very very strong metal scene, but what comes out from the underground are always shitty pop bands and singers. Anyway, Italy has many many good bands (usually Power/Epic metal, but also Black, Dark, Death, and even some other modern styles). I'm not very into the most famous Italian metal bands like Rhapsody Of Fire, Lacuna Coil, Linea77, and I really like that Europe has always had great metal bands. In fact, European metal scene is very active, Metal is always something not very supported by media, so it's not "fake" like pop music. I love to see a metal festival with as many people as in a Lady Gaga show! Fuck it, that means we don't need Mtv to tell us what to listen to! Metal is not something you listen to because it's a fashion, you FEEL it!

3. How did the band come to get the name, A2aThoT and is there a meaning behind it?

The name Azathot (actually is "Azathoth") is taken from H.P. Lovercraft (of course), but I wanted it to be less "classic metal" and more "electronic/experimental"... I mean, with the number 2 instead of the Z, and the different letters, it's very 2000s, like a nickname for a chat, or a DJ name! I like that dualism, but still someone in my past approached me as "A-two-A-thot" :D

4. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

The lyrics are usually about love (not the romantic love, in a classical view, but more in a very gloomy vision of love), or madness, or rage. I think madness is a very interesting theme, because there is no "normality" for me. Who can be really normal? What is normal and what is insane?

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

I write everything, music and lyrics. Music usually comes first, and I have many old lyrics scattered in my hard-disk that sometimes I find very good even if they're 10 years old (or more) and I use them. Or, I write something new.

6. What image do you think your music conveys?

Madness. I want people who listen to my music to go insane, in the worst way possible, sitting in the corner of their rooms, talking to themselves. Is that a little bit too much?

7. Is there any story or concept behind the Trust Your Ear title?

"Trust Your Ear" is something I always say about music instruments, music in general, bands, songs... I don't like to try a new guitar, or a new band, or a new album, and have to think about something I read somewhere about that. I just FEEL what it gives to me. That's all you need to do when listening to music: you just have to trust your ear!

8. Who produced Trust Your Ear and what was it like working with them?

I did all by myself! Maybe with a "real" producer I could have had a more professional album, but I wanted this to be "my record" in everything.

9. Why did you want this to be a one man ordeal what sets you apart from all the other acts out there?

Because I don't want to have anyone around me! :) Actually, being a one-man-band is something very hard to do, but for me is very useful because I can play every instrument and do it just like I think it should be done. Very selfish and cocky, right?

10. Who did the cover art for Trust Your Ear and how much input did you have on it?

The picture for the cover was done by a little boy named Simone, he's about 15 years old and is a very good photographer! I just added a purple effect on it and the writings, no strange effects! It's very impressive to think it's done by such a young boy, isn't it?

11. How do you describe your music to people?

After the release of my first album, in the late summer of 2012, I started new recordings with a new project in mind, something that wanted to be a very psychedelic, yet obscure form of metal. I think that Doom Metal is the closest thing to my style. Still, it's very influenced by some rock sounds like Pink Floyd, or Jane's Addiction, or Radiohead.

12. Do you have any new music in the works?

Not much, I have some new songs I'm working on, but nothing ready.

13. What are your dreams and goals?

To be a musician, in all its ways. To always experiment new music and try new stuff with music.

14. What do you hope for in 2013 and the plans for the rest of this year?

I hope after this summer I will be able to star writing and recording new stuff. Finger crossed. I hope to find a way to reach as many people as possible, so that I will be able to give my music to everyone and see what they think about it. I also hope that soon I will be able to play live in as many country as possible, to share A2aThoT music! Keep it metal!

15. Any final words of wisdom?

Metal is not like other musical genres. Metal is a way of thinking, a way of living... You are metal, you don't listen to metal! That's not in a epic way ˆ-la Manowar, it's something more introspective, like when you really need to be part of something. Metal is the greatest family you will ever find, and you can't be alone when you are a metal-head!

Disturbed's hiatus has somewhat tided over the fans since David Draiman's new project Device was made. With that, you get Disturbed version 2.0 some are calling it, thus Draiman took what would be a single for a soundtrack into a full-length self-titled debut, making the industrial scene grow ever so further with his own classy take and style of it. Guitarist Virus was the one who took the time to discuss the band and how the current touring trek is going for everybody and what plans these guys have lined-up.

1. How did Device form?

Virus: The band wasn't really a band at first Geno had reached out to David to do a song for a soundtrack and did it having so much fun, so David had so much fun and wanted to do an album and make it a band so Will and myself got together and here we are.

2. Why is this band a 3-piece? Do you feel the pressure of it just being the three of you?

Virus: That's a good question, I like that it's a 3-piece I was cautious at first but thought of it as seeing the bands that I love like The Police and others, it's a power industrial trio and I embrace it. It's good to be different.

3. How did you guys get signed to Warner Bros Records?

Virus: Well Disturbed is on there so connect the dots.
4. Could you describe the song writing process? What comes first – the music or the lyrics?

Virus: David and I do write similarity, coming up with the music first then bending melodies going between chords then plug in words and lyrics last which is difficult and painful but it's what me and David like to do.

5. What would you say is most different about this album?
Virus: I do think that some songs are a bit Disturbed based but its track heavy and industrial definitely, but for me I am looking for good music and good songs, so when I first heard the album I was in. So that's the important thing for me, if the songs are there. What makes it different is a lot of bands don't make albums anymore, they make singles then put it altogether onto an album. So with this album front to back it's different on each song which is awesome so it's different in itself.

6. With your new album you decided to go Self-Titled. Do you feel that's a big statement? Band's tend to name their albums self-titled when they feel it's indicative of the sound they've been trying to craft. Do you feel this is the sound you've been trying to achieve with the band?

Virus: I know that sometimes bands want to define their brand so to just self titled it, it's a brand and we want to make it bigger.

7. How is the tour currently going for you guys?
Virus: The touring is going great! We're being embraced by all of the fans, it's being reflected by the albums we're selling and how great the shows have been so it's been amazing so far!

8. What song would you say is your favorite to play live?

Virus: I love playing the single because people go off and nuts about it, it's just amazing from that energy because of what you're playing then you have your own favorites but I'd sure the others have their favorites as well.

9. Where else does the band plan to tour?

Virus: Well we're confirmed for Gigantour this summer.
10. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Virus: We're going to be just touring, more tours are coming.

11. Anything else you'd like to say or add?

Virus: Yeah thanks for reaching out to Device!

Alternative goth rockers Bella Morte sings songs of love and loss, hope and despair. By combining electronics, graveyard ballads, emotive storytelling and unique guitar riffs, Bella Morte have developed a style that is solely their own. They have released 2 EPs and 7 full-length albums, the latest (titled “Before the Flood”) released in 2011 by Metropolis Records. As the band continues to tour the world and write new material, they remain eternally thankful to have been able to make a living doing what they love: singing songs about the dead and winning over the hearts of the living along the way.

1. What type of band are you?

Andy: We’re an electronic rock band with a heavy dose of goth in our sound.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Andy: I started the band with Gopal Metro in 1995.  There was no goth scene to speak of anywhere near us at the time, so he and I would get together in an old warehouse space, set a loop on the drum machine and pound out hours worth of dark, melodic dirges.  Eventually we expanded to three members and then four.  Brought our friend Tony Lechmanski in around 2001 or 2002 on guitar and he’s been with us ever since.  Gopal left the band to pursue other things around 2008, but we’re still close friends.  Our sound took on some heavier influences when we hired a live drummer, but at the core of it all was the foundation of sound we’d built years before.

3. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Andy: I love writing about ghosts, the end of the world, nostalgia, and despair… but almost always with a shovel full of hope in the mix.  We don’t use words in our songs that would point to a specific time period either. In that way our songs can outlive us and be relevant long after we’re gone.

4. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Andy: Absolutely! That’s the best part of being in a band in my opinion.  Well, that and the live shows.  Generally, me or Tony will bring the skeleton of a song to the table and let the other one of us write a part to it.  Sometimes we have to tear a song down and rebuild it, but lucky for us we do this without letting our egos get involved.  I usually start with a synth line and follow it with a beat.  Lyrics always come last… I like to sing stream of consciousness nonsense over the song for a while before settling on words. It allows the tone of the song to dictate the mood of the lyrics… makes sure the two fit.

5. Who are your musical influences?

Andy: Some of my biggest influences come from film soundtracks. I love John Carpenter’s work on Halloween and Escape From New York.  Another one is the Goblin soundtrack for Suspiria. Truly brilliant stuff.  My favorite album of all time is the original Conan The Barbarian soundtrack. Too many people overlook it because they think the movie is campy or whatever.  I happen to love the film, and a huge part of that is the brilliant musical accompaniment that brings the atmosphere to life.

6. Where did the band get its name and does it have a meaning behind it?

Andy: Gopal named the band.  We had a long list of names we’d written down, and Bella Morte stuck.  Took me a month or two to get the pronunciation right! *laughs*  I remember we almost chose Stygian Shores at one point, but I know we made the right choice.  Beautiful death… it says everything you need to know about our sound.

7. Tell me about this "Best Of" album you have coming out.

Andy:Yeah!  I’m so proud and excited about it!  To think we’ve been at this for 18 years blows my mind.  And I still love it to death and have no plans on slowing down.  I want to release a second best-of in 20 years. *laughs*  It was hard as hell choosing songs for the album!  I asked our fans on Facebook for input and took their suggestions to heart along with what me and the guys had in mind.  I think the track listing is perfect, or as close to it as one could expect.  We even re-recorded Evensong as a nice bonus.  The updated recording sounds phenomenal!

8. How about the horror novel that you have been working on, it happens to be your fifth to date?

Andy: Yep! This will be number five!  I’ve written a couple of werewolf tales, one with some truly nasty vampires, and another with a group of creatures I call The Family who may be the nastiest of them all.  My new one starts as a zombie novel but gets much, much worse a little ways in.  Eventually I want to get into making horror movies. In the meantime, my books are available on Amazon.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Andy: There’s a player at BellaMorte.com, and we’re also easy to find on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, and damn near everywhere else.

10. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Andy: We’re wrapping up our next full length album right now and plan on releasing it in the fall.  It’s got a slower, driving, gothic thing going on.  Very melodic and synth driven.  I’m psyched about how it’s turning out!  We’ll be making an official announcement in a month or to.

11. What are your upcoming touring and show plans?

Andy: We’re going to appear on the Gothic Cruise this September and then we’re heading back to the UK for Whitby Gothic Weekend.  And I’m sure we’ll be playing our way across the US sometime as well.

12. Anything else you'd like to say or add?

Andy: I personally handle our Facebook page, so if fans get in touch they can count on me responding.  See you all on the road!

Canadian industrial act The Rabid Whole have big plans for 2013, including international touring, new music videos, and hitting the airwaves again. Frontman Andreas Weiss does the writing, programming, vocals, guitar, and keyboarding work for this industrial fun box and while the band is on the road currently, he took the time to talk of the band's plans and touring route for this year.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in The Rabid Whole, and how long the band has been together.

ANDREAS: I'm the singer/songwriter and creative driving force behind the band. This current line-up has been together only for about 2 years but the band/idea has been around about 5 years now back when I was juggling it and a day job as an engineer for the oil and gas industryÉ I want to say that everything really started when we got serious and moved to Toronto in 2011.

2. How did you guys come up with your band name?

ANDREAS: Bands like Skinny Puppy have a lot of cool, double meaning song titles, word play. I wanted people to see that there is more to us than meets the eye. I never felt we'd be a typical rock bandÉ I want people to feel they can escape, that they're entering another world, going down 'the rabbit hole' with our music. At the same time, I feel The Rabid Whole; 'the fanatical entirety'Éreflects the passion we put into all that we do.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

ANDREAS: We are based out of Toronto, Canada. The music scene there is CRAZYÉ too many bands, saturation. You could drown in a lot of shit before you finally find a breath of something fresh. :S I personally really like Toronto-based Schoolcraft, the solo project of Cradle of Filth's keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft. She's got an amazing voice and some great songsÉcheck her out!

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

ANDREAS: The lyrical themes depend entirely on my own personal experiences and feelings at the time of the writing process. The couple of years leading up to this album I was going through a lot of personal changes in my life and 'Refuge' is basically a direct reflection of all this. 'Refuge' is about change and all the emotions and experiences that an individual will pass through in the process and ultimately the search for personal peace of mind at the end of it all.

5. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

ANDREAS: I have huge respect for artists/bands that aren't afraid of doing what they want to do musically regardless of the current trends and scene. Bands like NIN, KMFDM, Filter, Garbage, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, U-Ziq, and more have all had an influence on me and The Rabid Whole's music.

6. Is there any story or concept behind the Refuge title?

ANDREAS: Refuge is the title/last track on the album and it basically wraps up how I was feeling at the timeÉfeelings brought upon by the process of change; missing familiarity, the comfort of security, safety, home, refuge.

7. Select two songs from Refuge and tell me what inspired the lyrics.

ANDREAS:  Serenity Falls: Lyrically the song is about missing or longing for someone,a time,a place. Stargazer: Lyrically it's about thinking that you didn't need someone or something anymore only to realize that you were still and much more dependent on it than you thought.

8. Who produced Refuge and what was it like working with them?

ANDREAS: We worked once again with Karl Schubach (Misery Signals, Solace) who is an old friend of mine. We learned how to play guitar and were in bands together from when we were 12 until about 2006 when he joined Misery Signals. He has a good understanding of how I work and write and isn't afraid to be straight up about ideas and parts.  If they suck he will make it very clear. Although there are times when we are at each other's throats, I appreciate his input and he really helps push us to our limits. He's a very talented dude and a great producer.

9. Who did the cover art for Refuge and how much input did you have on it?

ANDREAS: The cover art was done by a very talented old friend/fan of the band, Adrian Bobb in Montreal. He was originally commissioned to design the art for our debut album 'Autraumaton' but ended up doing 'Refuge'. I told him we wanted something to do with 'home', 'safety', a baby in a womb,but cooler. Understanding our themes and direction, he drew it up and added the x-ray look and scattered numbering. The result was great.

10. Do you guys have any new music in the works of a follow-up release to Refuge?

ANDREAS: Definitely. We're always writing. We're hoping to put something new out in early 2014. We're gonna continue pushing things musically as much as we can. A lot of influence will come from the past couple of years of touring and experiences since this most recent incarnation of our live band and our move to Toronto.

11. Has The Rabid Whole ever played in the States before or is this their first time doing so?

ANDREAS: We have but minimally. For example a couple of showcases last year at SXSW 2012 in Austin, TX. This is definitely our greatest US exposure to date!

12. You are about to start a fantastic US Tour with Dope Stars Inc.. If you could think of one thing you would like to accomplish the most through that tour what would that be?!

ANDREAS: Getting along hahaÉ we're gonna be crammed together in the tour vehicle for almost a month and that can drive even the sanest, most peaceful human being to extremes! Really though, we're looking to expand our fan base, meet new people, open new doorsÉ we have a lot of crossover potential with our sound and styles. I think we're a good fit and the fans will appreciate that.

13. What have you done to prepare yourselves for the tour?

ANDREAS: Practice hard, come up with a killer setlist, make sure we've got everything we need equipment-wise/backups, spread as much promo as we can, get into the habit of eating as best as possible, etc.

14. What are you looking forward to about working with Dope Stars Inc. on this tour?

ANDREAS: They've been one of my fav bands since an old roommate introduced their music to me back in 2007 before our band even existed. It's pretty surreal to actually be doing a full tour with them just a few years later. Looking to make some new friends in the scene, learn a thing or two and hopefully work together again in the future. Dope Stars Inc are a great band and really know how to rock a room.

15. Once the tour in the USA is over what do you have planned afterwards?

ANDREAS: A couple of weeks later, we will be hopping on a Canadian tour with Kingdoom, an industrial rock band featuring ex NIN, Marilyn Manson member/collaborator Chris Vrenna. Looking forward to it, it's going to be AWESOME!

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

ANDREAS: We're about to shoot a video for 'Stargazer' off our album 'Refuge' with director Peter Arvidsson, more national/international touring, more writing for a 2014 release, some collaborations including one with Cradle of Filth keyboardist Lindsay Schoolcraft. All in all there's a lot of awesome in the works and the fans will NOT be disappointed, stay tuned! ;)

Rock addicts The Raven Black Project is the best new hard rock band from Los Angeles, California! Having said that they are a project which is fast pacing with rising to boot. Drummer Muppet talks about the band's progress for the new EP they have been hard at work on and will be releasing soon enough.

1. What type of band are you?

Muppet: We are a Metal band with a Hard Rock influence

2. Where are you guys from originally?

Muppet: We are based out of Los Angeles

3. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Muppet: The Raven from Edgar Allen Poe for its dark, taunting song.

4. Your first EP Demo is in the works can you tell me about it?

Muppet: We have 2 EP's being released in May and June; One that will be more of our heavier driven songs and the other contains our new pop-metal being released with well-known producer, Logan Mader.

5. Where are you in the recording process of the new EP Demo?

Muppet: Right now we are tracking both EP's, mixing and mastering to be completed late April, early May.

6. Where are you recording it?

Muppet: We will be recording at Pawnshop and MAder Music Studios.

7. How would you describe the overall sound of it?

Muppet: With our EP with Logan, the songs sound very much like Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson heavy grooves with more of a catchy and full chorus. On our heavier EP, we are going for that heavier groove as well, but adding more syncopated drum, bass and guitar riffs.

8. When did you start writing?

Muppet: Both we started writing at the beginning of this year.

9. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new EP Demo? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Muppet: 1- Burning All of You - Co-written with Logan Mader, he gave us a guide of what he was looking for in the song and we would take that and all add each of our own styles into it to make it a great blend of different sounds.

2- Died Inside - Was originally recorded as a demo for a competition we played in last year and because of the positive feedback we've been getting, we want to re-release a better quality version of the song.

9. How is the vibe in the studio?

Muppet: Amazing, there is a synergy that translates between us that makes the work we put into it a lot of fun. Every member of the band shares the same energy, excitement and commitment which translates into our music.

10. When can we expect the new EP Demo to be released?

Muppet: Mid-May (fingers crossed for both).

11. You guys have a unique style, which bands would you say influence you the most?

Muppet: Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, Metallica and All That Remains.

North Carolina's southern gothic heavy psych act Bloody Hammers has blended together a unique creation on their own accord and thus a self-titled release was made and bassist and vocalist Anders Manga discusses the act that is Bloody Hammers.

1. What type of band are you?

Anders: Hmm... we I guess we are just a simple hard rock band. There are so many little boxes and we've been put in many of them... stoner, doom, retro, proto metal (whatever that is), goth rock... we just play the songs that we write and like and ditch the ones we don't, it's really that simple. We're not trying to be retro or any of these things. Just whatever happens, happens.

2. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Anders: I've been writing and recording for so many years. Hard rock, electronic music... whatever I feel like at the time. My wife Devallia who plays organ/synths helps me out quite a bit as well. I had a few songs on the Bloody Hammers album finished on my hard drive for a while and finally I just decided I needed to write more and finish it. 6 or 7 more songs came to me pretty quick. It was nice creative burst where everything just came together without force. When I was finished, I put it up on bandcamp and figured that was about as far as it would go. However, the feedback was really good very quickly and labels started mailing. I ended up going with Soulseller Records out of the Netherlands who are really good people.
Next, I got a band together and now taking it wherever it takes us. We're having a good time.

3. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Anders: It was really a homage to Roky Erickson who is a real hero to me and one of my favorites. He is a southern psychedelic rock legend and brilliant songwriter. "Bloody Hammer" was a track on his self titled "Roky Erickson and the Aliens" album from 1980.

4. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Anders: In addition to Roky there are so many. Alice Cooper, Bauhaus, Black Sabbath, Coil, Pentagram, Rozz Williams, John Lennon, Rush, there really are so many.

5. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Anders: The debut album was really all inspired by horror. Each song is a little short horror story inspired by urban legends, campfire tales or weird bible stories.

6. Who writes the songs?

Anders: I am the main songwriter but my wife Devallia acts as a producer. She tells me what sucks and what doesn't. We agree 97% of the time.

7. How did you get signed with SoulSeller Records? Are you happy with the results they have to offer?

Anders: So far so good. Jorn just hit me up one day after I uploaded the album to bandcamp. He's pretty proactive and aggressive. Super nice guy as well.

8. Why did you want to self-titled your debut album? Would you say that this is a concept album?

Anders: It was the first album so self-titled seemed to be a good introduction. There is no recurring concept but there is an overall horror theme.

9. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD?

Anders: Pretty much the same as it's always been. I'm a singer so a good vocal melody it what always comes first. My phone is full of me mumbling melodies when one pops in my head.

10. What are your expectations for the CD?

Anders: I expect some people to like and some people to not like it. It's all subjective. We're lucky so far there has been more good than bad.

11. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Anders: New album is all written and will likely see a release in 2013.We have lots of touring planned as well. I hope to meet lots of cool folks out there.

Robert Reger, creator of  Emily The Strange, has announced that his well-known character has found her voice as a musician in her five-piece band, Emily And The Strangers, and has started a $55,000 Kickstarter project to fund the creation of her first animated single, "Calling All Guitars." Find out more via the video below and see how you can help Emily And The Strangers get their start at the Kickstarter page HERE.

"Our Vision for EMILY AND THE STRANGERS is to make Emily and her band REAL," the campaign page states.  "And give her a real voice that sings, rocks, and is alive. Of course by 'alive' we mean animated."

You can check out a video discussing about the Kickstarter page and word about the band and single by going HERE.

Death Of An Era's new EP "The Great Commonwealth" is a follow-up to previous EP "Reviler" this time around the band's sound has improved and evolved like never before. The vocals are stronger, heavier, and more brutalizing than before with the instrumentals are done so well it's flawless. With the release of the new song "Shapeshifter" the rest of the material just falls into place like "American Dictation", and "The Helpless Settlement", for instance really bring out the ability that is built here. These Ohio go getters have got it going on and there is no telling as to where it will all end up next.

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been around for years since the day of his time as being the guitarist of The Misfits he's taken his love and concept for horror rock and era of those golden days and infused that into his newest side project he'd like to call after himself, Doyle.

Doyle's debut release "Abominator",  is a heavier approach to his previous project Gorgeous Frankenstein, now he's taken that horror aspect developing a fresher concept and appeal if you will. Doyle being an impressive and creative twist of art when it comes to the music itself, is quite compelling with songs like "Learn to Bleed", "Cemeterysexxx", and "Bloodstains", it goes without saying that with titles such as these, this is compelling with that alone. As such the material is heavily infused with roaring guitar riffs, fusing drum attics, with ghoulish vocal chords that spindles it altogether into a giant spider web of material, having the horror concept with heavy metal blended right in.

In short Doyle's "Abominator",  release takes what he likes and loves exposing it once more to a generation of music go getters just eager to take in that fresh air of horror inspired music!

The Fabulous Miss Wendy is a recording artist from Los Angeles, CA. She sings, writes her own songs, and plays lead guitar. She took the time to discuss of her fabulous musical career and upcoming plans as well.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and how you got started.

Wendy: I am a recording artist from Los Angeles, CA. I have been singing, writing songs, and playing guitar for as long as I can remember. Gerald Casale ( the bass player of DEVO) produced my first record. I toured with Green Jello, Nashville Pussy, and Slash. I also toured for the American Troops in Iraq. I just finished my second record with Kim Fowley (who put together The Runaways).

2. How did your music career get started with only $20 to your name?

Wendy: I began by burning and printing up my own CDs and selling them. Before I had a band, I played acoustic sets  at Open Mics, Coffee Houses, Clubs, and basically anywhere that would let me. I would sell the CDs after my performances. Pretty soon I was able to afford my own apartment from the money I was making selling CDs.

3. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Wendy: I would describe my style as Punk and Alternative Rock. My big brother Brian introduced me to a lot of old school bands that I might have not otherwise heard like Green Day, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Misfits, and The Cramps. One of my favorite bands of all time is Mindless Self Indulgence.

4. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Wendy: So far I have made two records each with a different lyrical theme. The theme of the first (self-titled record) is rebellion, chaos, and boys. My second record focuses on self-empowerment and partying.

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Wendy: I write all my own songs. When I write, I basically listen to the songs over and over again in my head like a broken record. When I start to feel like I'm going crazy, the song is usually done.

6. A lot of artists and musicians have turned to Kickstarter to get their albums funded and underway why did you decide to use it?

Wendy: A lot of people were telling me that I should use it. I finally cracked and decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Kickstarter is one of the best things I have ever done. Artists have to be pretty self reliant these days.

7. Why did you have to write so many songs for over 100 people?

Wendy: On Kickstarter, you give set prizes for people based on how much they donate. My grand prize was that I write a song just for you.  A lot of people went for that prize.

8. You got signed to Not Dead Yet Records how did this happen?

Wendy: The people at Not Dead Yet Records had been watching my career for a couple of years. They offered me a deal after I finished my new record with Kim Fowley.

9. What can fans expect from the new album?

Wendy: Some of the best songwriting I have ever done.

10. Is there any story or concept behind the “No One Can Stop Me!” title?

Wendy: Yes, I was very inspired by a quote from Ghandi, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

11. Can you select two songs from “No One Can Stop Me!” and tell me what inspired the lyrics?

Wendy: I originally wrote "No One Can Stop Me" for Lita For of The Runaways to perform, but when Kim Fowley (who put together The Runaways and Produced the CD) told me that Lita doesn't use outside writers, I decided to perform the song instead... "Miami" is a 100% true Scene by Scene reenactment of a debauchery filled trip to Miami.

12. Kim Fowley produced “No One Can Stop Me!” what was it like working with him and having her call you a 21st century Joan Jett?

Wendy: It was amazing working with Kim. He is a  great producer and I love the way the record came out. I am thrilled that he calls me the 21st century Joan Jett. I can't think of any higher honor.

13. Who did the cover art for “No One Can Stop Me!” and how much input did you have on it?

Wendy: The Cover art was done by Dean Driscol and Nanda Peterson. I told them I wanted me in the desert on the front and by the ocean on the back. They took the idea and ran with it. I love what they came up with.

14. How has the band’s sound evolved from The Fabulous Miss Wendy to “No One Can Stop Me!”?

Wendy: I have evolved a lot as an artist from the first record to the second. The songwriting is more advanced and the sound is more polished.

15. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD?

Wendy: When I wrote the second record. I laid in my bed for hours every morning running all the different layers of music in my head before I even got up.

16. What are your expectations for the CD?

Wendy: To make people feel happy and empowered when they listen to it.

17. Why is your band called The Fabulous Miss Wendy, what makes it so fabulous?

Wendy: I studied at The Musician's Institute in Hollywood Ca. One day I was getting up to sing in class and the teacher (Brian Hacksaw Williams) introduced me as , "The Fabulous Miss Wendy." I thought that was so cool, I decided to call my band that. He thought that was great. Then he called "The Fabulous Miss Veronica" to the stage. Turns out he called everyone that.

18. What are your upcoming tour plans?

Wendy: I will be heading out in a week on a month-long nationwide tour. The tour is called Femme-Fest and we will be rocking from Los Angeles to New York and 17 dates in between. The bands on tour are "The Fabulous Miss Wendy", "Hear Kitty Kitty", Mahi Gato, and Sara_Rae.

19. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Wendy: To rock and then to rock some more.

20. Any final words of wisdom?

Wendy: Never let naysayers squash your dreams.  Remember, "No One Can Stop You!"


Hailing from the blistering valley of Los Angeles and touted as rock's new generation is Cherri Bomb, a badass female rock band who has already been taking the LA music scene by storm! Since the release of their debut album and constant shows here and there more music is on the way and who knows what else these guys have got in-store! They discuss the latest departure of their former frontwomen and playing shows on and off and plans for more music!

1. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Miranda: Nia and Julia met each other through an ad online.  Then they found me and then later on we asked Rena to join.  Most recently Nia, Rena and I were trying out new guitar players and Casey Moreta just had the right chops on guitar and he can tolerate our personalities so we asked him to join! 

2. Did the band's come from The Runaways hit song of the same name or did it come from a whole another source and reason?

Miranda: The name came from a book called "Cherry Bomb". It's a compilation of stories and tips about being a badass chick in the rock scene. We were all reading it at the time we were looking for a name and decided it was a good fit.

3. When the band first got their start everyone was young has everyone become adults or is the group still youngsters as far as age goes.

Nia: I think that being in music and playing shows, recording, touring the world, you get a big taste of what it feels like to be an adult.  You learn how to grow up fast and deal with issues and situations that you'd deal with as a grown up. truthfully though, what fun is being in a band if you can't be a kid, too? ;)

Miranda: Yeah, it's true, when you play music, you're always a kid. But at the same time, you have to grow up really fast.

4. So tell me what happened to Julia Pierce, she is no longer in the band and she was the one who started it all. What went down?

Miranda: The three of us wanted to make music that had pop and rock influences so we could be more reachable, broaden our audience, have our music and lyrics heard.  She wanted to play hard rock, so we thought it best that we all go out there and play the music we want instead of going down the road of arguing and negativity. We all took part in founding the band, but just as in any relationship, there comes a point where you have to separate and move down your own paths that will make you both happy.

Nia:Being in a band is kind of like being in a relationship. There are good times and bad times. There are agreements and fights. We just learned that we'd be better off going in different directions. Now she can go on to do what she loves, and we can progress as the band we've always wanted to be.

5. Since Julia Pierce is no longer involved with the band, what do you guys plan to do now?

Nia: We have a lot planned!!! We've started writing for our second album, which we're super excited about. This is going to be a really exciting year!

Rena: Like any changes that happen in life, we're going to move on; writing new music, planning tours and shows, and adding influences to our music that have inspired us like never before.  Change is hard for many people to accept, but those fans who are in it with us for the long haul will get to experience the journey and hear a lot of new material from us. 

Miranda: We also have a ton of shows planned around LA and throughout California with our new guitarist Casey. He played our last few shows with us for fun and we decided he was a perfect fit (and an amazing musician), so we asked him to join!

6. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Miranda: We definitely get a lot of our inspiration from bands like the Foo Fighers, Paramore, My Chemical Romance and Muse. We all listen to all kinds of music, so we like to play around with different sounds until something good comes out of it.

Rena: We all have different individual tastes in music.  I personally love Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, and, recently, Faith No More.  It helps to incorporate these influences into our music to create something we all love to play.

7. What lyrical theme do you guys use in your music? What message do you want to send?

Miranda: We want to send a message of confidence and empowerment! We think it's super important that you take control of your own life and make the best out of it.

8. You guys were signed with Hollywood Records but are no longer with them what happened and are you signed or unsigned?

Rena: We are ever thankful for every opportunity Hollywood Records gave us and all the goals they helped us to achieve, but we're also looking forward to being independent for now and moving forward with a fresh start.

9. When not doing things with the band, what can you guys be seen doing?

Miranda: Eating and sleeping. Actually, we do all kinds of stuff. We write poetry, make all kinds of art, watch Vampire Diaries (we might even force Casey to watch it), read, hang out with friends, and, of course, school.

Nia: We're pretty much always doing something involving art.
Personally, I love to draw and write.  Rena and I also volunteer at an animal shelter :)

Rena: I'm antisocial and don't like hanging out with anyone.  I hiss at the sunlight when the blinds are opened… I enjoy watching The Vampire Diaries, as well as reading and writing poetry.  I also attempt to draw but that never ends up working out too well. 

10. What made you guys decide to form a band?

Miranda: We all grew up with music in our blood. We come from musical families and it was impossible to pull ourselves away from it. (Plus, I wanted to be like Gwen Stefani and Alanis.)

Rena:  Because we heard the catering on tour is really good.   So far, I give it two thumbs up!

11. Would you ever consider recording or shooting for a LIVE CD or DVD release later on down the line.

Miranda: Totally! It would be fun for us and another way to put our music out there.

Rena:  We've got a few ideas like that in the works right now.  You'll simply have to wait and see…;)

12. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Rena:  New music, more elaborate live shows, and more sneak attack photos from Nia on Instagram.

13. Anything else you want to say to your fans?

Miranda: Thank you so much for all your support! You have no idea how much it means to us. And don't forget to eat your veggies.

Nia:  We love you all so much for your endless support.  Thank you so much~  Can't wait to meet you!

Rena:  Each and every one of you mean so much to us.  Thank you always for the love and support!

Sonny Lanegan has focused his efforts into composing his own creative works in the form of White Pulp, an alternative electro-industrial rock project. Now he's expand his creative works into a whole another project made up of a duo act of himself and Isabella called The Dead Good. This duo works just the two of them to develop a unique style of sound and abilities unlike any other band out there. Taking some time to talk about this new project of theirs there is no telling as to how far this can go.

1. So tell me what has “White Pulp” been up to since we last spoke back in 2009.

After the release of my first album "Ashamed of Yourself", we released "Lost Inc" in 2010, followed by "Vulgarity is Not a Felony" in 2012 - our first US release with Full Effect Records/Sony. We build up our fan base here in the US, played several shows and the song "Full Time Bitch" from the latest album got chosen for a commercial of a Canadian energy drink. Currently we are working on ideas for a new music video for the song “Tastes Like Candy”.

2. You have another project in the works similar to that of The Dead Good from what you described, can you give me an insight into that?

Yes, it’s called "The Dead Good". It is my new project with my partner Isabella Knight that we started in the beginning of 2013. Currently we are recording our first EP, which will be released in May.

3. How does this project differ to “White Pulp”?

Most importantly it’s a duo and consists of Isabella as the lead singer and me as the guitar player and singer. It’s not a full band. There is no bass (neither in studio nor live) and we have the drums in the samples instead of having a real drummer. We could have had a full band but we decided not to because we wanted to keep this project between the two of us and it makes total sense the way it is.

4. How would you describe the overall sound of “The Dead Good” and the upcoming EP?

It’s a mixture of rock and alternative with stoner/bluesy elements and a hint of punk.

5. What lyrical theme do you and Isabella use in your music?

Isabella mostly writes the lyrics and sometimes I show up here and there adding something. The lyrics of our songs don’t have a straight line. They are not only about love or only about death for example. There is a dark beauty in the lyrics and our music. And sometimes we like to be a little sarcastic. One song for example is about holding on to something when everything is clearly dead. This song leaves space for interpretation, but uniformly it’s a theme to which pretty much everyone can relate.

6. What bands have influenced your project "The Dead Good" and its sound?

I can’t really tell you what exactly influenced us in order to start the project. Every time I work or have worked on something I never really sat down thinking about a specific band. What we knew is that we wanted to do something pretty raw and straight in your face. I just write what I feel like and I guess in the end it comes out a variety of all my influences from my whole life. From famous musicians to unknown bands, mixed with a signature of my own style.

7. Where are you in the recording process of the new EP?

We just finished recording all six songs for the EP. It’s going to be a free download with the chance of donation. We really like the way it turned out and we just want people to spread the word about our new project and make our music available to as many people as possible. (Pretty much old-school like when my friends and I from our teenage bands used to hand out demo tapes to people.)

8. Where did you record the EP?

We did the pre-production in our home studio. For the recording itself we went to the studio of Tico Zamora here in Los Angeles. He is not only a really good friend of us but also an amazing artist himself. Tico played in bands like Bad Brains and with a member of The Velvet Underground.

9. Who is producing the EP? How has the producer aided the recording process?

The EP is co-produced by Giacomo (Jac) Salani with whom I had the pleasure to work with in previous bands and releases. We both had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted and the same opinion of how the songs should sound like. Jac made sure to make everything smoother and took care of the mix and the master. He has an amazing studio with all state-of-the-art equipment in Florence (Italy) and has been a great supporter of our project.

10. What label will be releasing the EP?

None! For the first time we decided to not go with a label. We are happy to be able to release the EP for free and the only way to do that is without a label. This is our first step; let’s see how we feel after the release and how things evolve.

11. Did you and Isabella have any definitive goals you were shooting for before the recording process began for this EP?

We just wanted to do what we really like and in the way we want to without being underground. Isabella and I saw this project primarily as a private project and now it turned out to be a public one - which we are super happy about. It was important for us to not see the project as a job in the first place, more as an adventure that gives us pleasure.

12. What instruments and equipment did you use for the recording?

Since I decided to not use a bass, I used a Baritone guitar to fill the missing depth of a bass, but still having the sound of a guitar. Besides that I used a Fender guitar, Vox and Fender Amps, a Sovtek MIG 50 (which I love), some Electro Harmonix pedals, a Shure SM7B for our vocals and a Gretsch drum in the studio.

13. How was the vibe in the studio?

The vibe was great! But to be honest when we started I didn’t really know what to expect. Isabella and I do a lot of things together, but working on a music project was a complete different thing. Everything went really smooth; it was fun and really interesting to share this adventure together. She was amazing and I didn’t really miss the experience that I was used to - recording sessions in the studio surrounded by dudes and all the rest that comes with it.

14. Can you go into one or two tracks on the upcoming EP? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds?

“Saw, Drills and Glue Guns” Imagine a freak show, upbeat tempo and ironic lyrics with a funky punk attitude.m“Room 106” is a catchy song, which tells a personal story of our past journey in a funny and sarcastic way. (Isabella asked me if I could write a more “happy” song and so I did.)

15. When can we expect the first album of “The Dead Good” to be released?

We are already working on some new material and we are planning on releasing the first full-length album at the beginning of 2014. We are currently working on several different projects plus I’m working on some soundtracks, which consumes a lot of my time. Outside of the music project we customize guitars, cases and work on different kind of art projects that include painting, photography and fashion. I believe that things happen for a reason, so we’ll see what happens after the EP is released and we’ll take it from there. So far we really like what we did and hopefully you guys will too.

16. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Soon we are leaving for Europe for 6 weeks. The trip is a mixture of pleasure, vacation and promotion for “The Dead Good”. We are both European so many of our old personal and business contacts are over there. So hopefully the European media and radios will like their US import.
Besides that we are working on a lot of merchandising. Isabella is making customized “The Dead Good” jackets. What first was meant to be a one-time-only project for her, turned out to be a highly requested item. She never uses the same jacket model or the same design. Only thing that stays the same is the hand painted logo on the back. I think they are pretty cool. We could start touring in three, six or whatever how many months from now. Most importantly, if it’s going to be fun, then we’ll do it!