Bullet for my Valentine Shred It to the Max

Tonight was the night that would end it all, touring that is…. Due to the fact that tonight’s showcase was indeed the last day of the whole touring route ending up right here in Hollywood, California at the rebuilt Hollywood Palladium. In which both locals and outcasts would get to strut their stuff.

Drive A:

Los Angeles locals Drive A had started off the night with their energetic set of rebellious proportions that it ended in a whirlwind of head flinging madness down in the pit and up above in the crowd surfing arena people going flying left and right. Drive A of course has that mad skill of nailing an audience by the throat not letting go until they’re good and ready. Their tactics being well planned out with bouncy guitar beats and over used drum attics that just keep the music very bouncy and upbeat to say the least. They are surly to become the new theory of what punk rock is truly about.

Black Tide:

Black Tide was up next, whose last appearance back in 2008 suited them much better than this lengthy segment. Their set was filled with old meets the new and what seemed like a lifetime of repeating chorus texture and musical rapture it made the music just sound downright awful from start to finish. It’s clear to say that Black Tide has managed to lose their touch a whole lot quicker than expected.

Escape the Fate:

The last remaining acts of the night included Escape the Fate and Bullet for my Valentine and for their sake they aside from Drive A’s set were the most enjoyable. Escape the Fate comes from Las Vegas and all that is there is nothing but sin, sin, sin so you know all of this “sin” is surly to suite them well right? Of course it does because Escape the Fate as Black Tide had done came out with the old meets the new but managed to keep the new material alive and well enough that the crowd was very into their set-up. Escape the Fate went on to sing such tunes as “Issues”, “Bad Blood”, and “Massacre”, along with older material “Situations”, “10 Miles Wide”, and “This War Is Ours”.

Bullet for my Valentine:

Their set was enjoyable but rather fast and edgy because as soon as they had even begun to perform their set was soon over with. So all that remained was Bullet for my Valentine which had a performance that went on what seemed forever. The band had sung a series of their best hits; “Scream Aim Fire”, “Waking the Demon”, “The Last Fight”, “Begging for Mercy”, “Hand of Blood” and “Suffocating Under the Words of Sorrow”, among many other well known hits .Though throughout the entire night of festivity all of the band’s had done their own versions of the “wall of death” which splits a crowd of people down the center and then has the two parts come rushing right at one another it was a surly an event you wouldn’t want to miss.

Besides that Bullet for my Valentine’s skill and base of performing has come a long way since their first trek out ever so long ago. Looking at them as of right now their skill is solid and complex filled with dramatic abilities that keep’s the music fresh yet fulfilling each and every time. 

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