The Owl-Eyes - Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)

"I Could Care Less", was the first and lead single to come off the upcoming album "Hallelujah Hysteria" debuting next year. The follow-up single is one titled "Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)", a much more toned down track, but still keeping in check that energy fused rock alternative angst. That is how The Owl-Eyes like to play their genre of choice.

With that said, "Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)", is pretty basic material, taking the alternative rock genre, to a mellower place. The vocal chords provided are very grounded, whilst the instrumentation is down played but easy going. Their source of style being a lot like Taking Back Sunday mixed with Blink-182. That is whom you can experience when listening in to either one of these current singles taken from The Owl-Eyes.

As a whole though, "Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels)", is just a lot of energy going for itself, it flows in every possible direction. As it would have it, the music puts itself together, that it becomes a type of track you can partake in hearing at any time. Not ever being tired of it at all, but listening to it countless times even.

The Owl-Eyes, is just one of those acts who will be here for many more years to come. Each of their working's being timeless reminders, that alternative rock music is still very much so alive and rather well itself.

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