Dawn Ahead - A Trip Of Violence

Thrash metal never sounded so metal! That is due to the guys in Dawn Ahead and their sophomore follow-up release "A Trip Of Violence", the one followed by their self-titled EP debut released back in 2014. With this all new release, comes new material of course, except this time, the works upon it is much more modernized yet heavier than previous. Like think of Destruction mixed with Sodom, that is how their thrash metal style sounds a lot like really. You get heaviness with a fast paced adrenaline rush of energy that just pushes through the entirety of this EP. Take for instance such tracks as "A Trip into the Dark", "The Betrayal", and "The One and Only", these select few, are just chalk full of intensity, overwhelming angst, and so much more, it sends you in a spiral of brutality. If persistence riffs, solos, and loud music is what gets your blood boiling and pumping, then Dawn Ahead's works is for you. After listening the EP as a whole, it became obvious that this band, will surely become a big thing within the metal scene, let alone the thrash metal environment of the metal community really. They have got style, expansion, with their delivery of music at hand, and with two EP's available, more is surely to come forth from these guys, because they got it!

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