Gnarly Wave Vol. 3

Sharks are apparently all the rage in recent years, with numerous films like Jaws, Sharknado, and most recent The Meg, who would not recall the beach, sun, and fun times. Anyone would, but back when a time was more at ease, having a calmer not so scary tone, as today's modernized times, came a time that was the late 1960's. Preferably 65 through 68 at the most, is where all would go to the beach, enjoying the sun, water, and tunes!

That is where The Gnarly Wave Series commences, consisting of not just volumes one and two but a third as well. The third volume in the series, all of which provided by Bongo Boy Records, brings just as the others had done, a very funky yet upbeat tone in pure instrumental tracks from numerous artists. Indeed right, all of the 11-tracks off this release, are strictly instrumental based, no vocalization provided whatsoever. Not saying that no vocals is a bad idea, but it provides more of an in-depth look into how music would sound without vocals in place. It's like the era of jazz, except the "smooth jazz" time frame or classical music even.

Like for instance take such tracks as "Vortex '59", by Susan Surftone, this catchy upbeat of a track, really brings in the melodies of tone, it just has a lot of flare going for itself. Whereas "Dragstrip", by The Chillers, this being another one of those upbeat yet catchier types, that has a lot of spunk for itself. In short, a lot of these tracks off this release, just provided a similar trait upon one another. They got a flow that makes you immediately think of the sea and it's roaring rush of the waves.
The Gnarly Wave series that is volume three, collides with the previous volumes perfectly well. So well in fact, that this series, could continually expand further reaching as long as a tenth volume if possible. Each release, offers for its accompanying artist to showcase how they keep a surf and ride the waves of making music.

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