Bongo Boys Episode 10 Season 7 Rebalance

Bongo Boy Records, is not just a record label catering to an international roster of various artists, but it is also a television show series airing on real live TV, among streaming services online of course. This brings the record label to have it's TV series merely titled the Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show, in it's seventh season on episode 10, called "Rebalance", featuring several music videos by such artists as Dhruv Visvannath, Radiator King, MKX, Kelly Padrick, Kyla Imani, Jackie Green, and My Silence Bravery.

Kicking things off is India’s own Dhruv Visvanath’s “Wild”, track and accompanying video, which go rather hand in hand with one another, as it plays off rather nicely. The artist’s vocalization being calming yet peaceful, the music being acoustically driven, making the track being nice in all areas of it playing off from start to finish.

Next up comes New York artist Radiator King with his track “So Long (Charlie)”, his styling falls along the lines of sounding like country crossed with acoustic rock, or folk even. His voice being much like a lot of the modernized pop acts in and around the music scene currently these days. The track plays off just like the previous one, being more acoustic based, keeping things heavy yet deep with such depth, it makes it more rounded and fine.

MXK is next and is from Boston terrain, and right off the bat comes “One Sided Love”, taking on the likes of rap and hip hop sense, the styling being a lot like Drake, meets with Nelly. The song plays off mellow yet soft, keeping the melodies at a steady beat, that you can easily sing along to or bob your head with really. It becomes somewhat catchy yet lots of fun for the ears.

Kelly Padtrick’s “Heavenly Ride”, out of Los Angeles plays off next, this female artist bringing the sunny sides of the sunshine state, one of many, alive. Whilst the sunny days of the summer time have come and gone, with the fall season in full swing,  Kelly makes the summer time come back again. Her style being a mix up of pop, rock, and some country elements if only slightly. Her voice make the beats of the track pop out, become upbeat and catchy at times, it becomes a type of track that becomes a repeatable type, that leaves you feeling the heat of the sun shinning once more from the summer time.

Another New Yorker is Kyla Imani, featuring a guest spot from Jay Critch, with the track titled “Sitting Up In My Room”, this one, is a lot like the other artist off this episode’s listing as MKX. Except Kyla’s style is a female than male. Her style being still rap mixed with hip hop, but more on the level, sounding more fluid yet in check with the music happening around the entirety of the track as a whole. In short, the track becomes very comfortable in term’s of style, that it is enjoyable with lots of beats to sway your body to. That guest spot given from Jay Critch adds some flare that makes the track more fulfilling and even more body lifting to dance to and move around to as well.

“Crazy Comes Easy”, is one to come out of Jackie Green, another California resident. Whose style is purely country and rock instantly. His style being much like a lot of the other country acts in and around the country scene, except the added addition of this track, makes it more entertaining due to it’s energy driven passion. The flow of it, as it goes along, makes the track much more fun, it picks up the pace at times, as it never fails to slow down but keep up with all going on. It likely to become a track that you can hear at all times, never getting bored or annoyed by it.

Lastly is My Silent Bravery’s “Everyday is the Weekend”, out of Worcester, whose styling is pop rock merely. Keeping your mind off all else, but the music happening. The energy involved within this particular track is so much fun, it keeps you wanting more, that you cannot get enough of it. If you are not tapping your feet to the beat, then by all means you are easily just having an outgoing sense of time just hearing it as a whole.

Overall really, Bongo Boy’s episode 10 of season 7 titled “Rebalance”, is packed with an assortment of artists and acts, that keep the music fresh and highly entertaining as a whole. These acts being some to take notice of as a whole.

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