Chad Rico - Myth

Chad Rico's EP "Myth", is the latest to come from the up-and-coming artist. This release filled with an array of content, including such tracks as "Big Numbers", "New Level", "Click Click", and "Workin". Out of these picked out, these assorted bring in a sound that has style, uniqueness and catchiness as well. Each one is different, but does have a similar familiarity to one another to. The energy source is upbeat in tone, keeping in rhythm with the music, vocalization even sounds in check with all else happening. In short, the whole EP "Myth", as a whole, is really fulfilling really. This artist is capable of creating content that is modernized, to blend in with everyone else in the same genre pool. Except his methods of creativity is just very mellow, yet fun for the ears. His styling never gets tiring or boring, they make the music upon this EP release to pick up. Making the music more rounded, in-depth, and creative. Not much else to be said or had about this EP as far it is concerned. The material is solid, has creativeness written all over it, and the styling  flows with all else happening in the genre scene that is hip hop and rap. Chad Rico's "Myth" is just more than this mythical business it is said to be about.

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