The Gary Douglas Band - Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

The Gary Douglas Band has got a new single entitled "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned". The track like their previous single "River Road", is much alike. This track is a bit more mellower than the previous release, making it more grounded. The material is still all presentable, that it becomes solid yet ever flowing. Like listening in to the track so many times over, it never gets old. It rather becomes more enjoyable with each play through. The track is very upbeat yet driven in style that the mellow pattern it carries, makes the vocalization stand out more so than the instrumentals. The instruments not disappointing at all. Their just more on the down low is all. As a whole though, "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned", is another one of those tracks that just makes the material worthy for all it is worth really. It's spunky tone of usage that is folk, blues, and rock n' roll, make it not like others in existence. Their uniqueness and originality is what makes a band like The Gary Douglas Band stand out from everyone else. "River Road", demonstrated their style at first glance, and "Nothing Ever Goes As Planned", continues that, except expands upon it. In other words, their material works is just steady yet fulfilling with every listen.

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