Fabp Aka Fabpz the Freelancer – From Then Til’ Now 2011-2015

Fabp Aka Fabpz the Freelancer has such an assortment of content his most extensive is his release titled "From Then Til' Now 2011-2015" released back in 2015. This mixtape of tracks, contains not just 10 or even 20 tracks of material, but 39 tracks total. All of which being recorded by Fabp Aka Fabpz the Freelancer himself during those years of 2011 through 2015.

Opening up the mixtape is the track titled "Blasting Blasting", which brings forth an idea of what to expect, from this hip hop, rapper, whose work is shall we say decent enough. The track being grounded yet fine, whereas other tracks such as  "Dip It Dung", "Anytime I See", "Come Get It Girl", "I Chat This", "Do It Do It", "Be Strong", "Type of Man", and "Sing On the Mic", are all a mix bag of sorts really.

Each one being different but similar as well. Like take “Dip It Dung” and “Anytime I See”, have similar traits in the sense of styling, but the vocalization is purely different. Same goes for the others like “Come Get It Girl” and “I Chat This”, they have a similarity in the styling ways, of beats and melodies, but the vocals are all different. The tone even sounds not much alike but slightly, due to the time frame given.

As for the others “Do It Do It”, “Be Strong”, “Type of Man”, and “Sing On the Mic”, along with the entirety of the whole mixtape that is “From Then Til’ Now 2011-2015”, as a wholesome truths about it all, it is just built up as this extensive array of content that is is endless at times. You think it wraps up but it keeps going never ending. The material being different yet so much alike, it becomes tiring at time when listening in. But you continue to hear it, because you want to see how it turns out upon each of the many tracks offered off it.

Fabp Aka Fabpz the Freelancer’s releases seem to never disappointment that much, but become content  that can be tamed yet sought out after. In other words, the material has stuff to go off of, that make it listenable and right.


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