Rhett Repko - Lately Baby

Rhett Repko's debut EP was a "Self-Titled" release, followed up just a few months later by another EP "Thnx for the Ride", both of which were released in 2017. Before and between said releases was more content including a handful of singles, including "She Loves Me" (2016), "One the Run" (2016) along with "Before She Knows" (2018) and newest and latest addition of "Lately Baby".

This track falls into the same pool of content as previous works. Each of Rhett Repko's assortments being alternative pop music. Think of All Time Low crossed with 5 Seconds of Summer. Same elements of edginess mixed with upbeat tones, that captures the essence of the pop alternative realm that is music.

"Lately Baby", is a lot like these other acts, it has this spunk to it, keeping the music in check, but very upbeat to itself. You can easily find yourself swaying to the beat, dancing along, if not immediately singing to it as well. The song is as said prior, very much like the other works from these guys.

In general the material is just very fun to hear and take in as a whole. The vocalization is very in tune, keeping the melodies of the instrumentals consistently flowing. It becomes a track of sorts, you can press "replay" on, letting it play endlessly for hours at a time. With each playback you get the same upbeat, fun, feeling sparking through your ear drums and body system.

That is how Rhett Repko's "Lately Baby", reacts to its listeners. Making them feel things, but enjoy the essence of the content itself. It is how their music tends to have their music go, with each release provided.


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