Harmless Habit - Tight!

Like many who have had the "mission" to "reinvent" the music genre of their choice, the same is no different for Harmless Habit. Their sophompre EP release "Fronterror" released this past summer, brought on a music video series titled "Fronterror". In which the assorted tracks off the EP would be made into said singles and music videos. This included what is part III of IV with the track titled "Tight!"

This track being not just a single, but having an accompanying video to go with it, that is very shall we say interesting? It is a typical band performance piece, with added elements as well, such as the band partying a board a party bus of sorts, as the song plays through, going between the performance segment and the party piece, together the whole thing puts itself rather nicely together. It's like Poison crossed with Motley Crue mixed in with some punk like Say Anything or At The Drive-In.

These acts are what make Harmless Habit so unique yet very familiar in style and tone. With a track such as "Tight!" you are taken to a time that once was, their rock infused punk structure is so 60's to 70's era it brings itself right into the 80's it just happens to skip the 90's that it rather stick to the 2000's time frame in it all. In short, this act knows what rock n' roll music is truly all about, being hard, heavy, and lots of fun!

It is how Harmless Habit plays their genre choice of rock music. It follows suit with all the rest of the material that comes off their EP "Fronterror", and surely many more releases to come after it. Be on the look-out for these guys, because they will not be forgotten but remembered.


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