Jerelle - Somewhere

Jerelle's latest and newest track of a single titled "Somewhere", is your average take on the genre's that are rap, hip, hop and R&B. Except the way Jerelle does these genres, is somewhat original, and makes the material more vivid and rather vibrant. The way of how this track starts out, you think a pop rock song is about to play out, but insted comes this tune that immediately takes you to a night club setting, if not a quiet relaxing party in someone's backyard. It's how "Somewhere", plays itself. It has energy, spunk, and upbeat tones of melodies, that keeps it in check, but even dancable at times as well.

Jerelle's voice is very in-depth, has this infused tone that makes you feel at ease with yourself. His voice and tone of musical approach he creates, is lot like the other modernized rap, hip hop, R&B takers going on currently, ranging from Drake to Nelly. It's just how his vocals work throughout the music being played out here.

As far as the material as a wholesome truths, it is decent, has good energy, upbeat in tones, and can be one that you would likely hear played all over, from online to offline area's of the music spectrum. Not much else to be said about Jerelle other than, he being an up and comer for his time, and with works such as "Somewhere", this is a track that will get him noticed more so, having him blend in with the many others, getting out there as well.

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