Boston Manor - Welcome To The Neighborhood

Boston Manor's debut album "Be Nothing" was released two years ago, now that some time has passed, the band is back with their sophomore album "Welcome To The Neighborhood". This time around, the band's sound has been built upon what was heard on their last album and EP as well. As soon as the title track of the album goes, forward "Welcome To The Neighborhood", erupts into this assortment of fun, entertaining, tracks of material, ranging from not just the title track, but others as well. Like take "Flowers In Your Dustbin", "Halo", "Funeral Party", and "Digital Ghost". These tracks bring out that building momentum, that Boston Manor disclosed about doing with said working's. The material sounds fresher, more raw, exposed and just downright edgy. The vocalization and instrumentation used is very flowing, as each of these tracks plays through, the energy just moves along, creating this non-stop pace of beat and overall tone for the entirety of the album. Boston Manor themselves, captures a mix between Muse crossed with Coldplay, but they are more modernized of those style of acts. All in all, the release is a lot of fun, has a lot going for it, and just makes it rather complete. Surely this band will be going places with this set of releases, taking them ever so deeper into the music spectrum of the scene.

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