Amilia K Spicer - Harlan

Amilia K Spicer has released another single off her most recent album "Wow and Flutter". This single being titled "Harlan". Like the previous single choices, this track does not only come in the form of a single but has an accompanying video for it as well. As a single standing alone, "Harlan", like the entirety of her album "Wow and Flutter", make themselves very unique and original. This single at hand here, is mellow driven, making the music an easy listening type of experience. The acoustics standing out more so than most other acoustic releases by individuals released today. Amilia K Spicer's styling of tone, just has her music abilities be more fluid, original, and ground bending, that her vocalization even has something for itself. It's just how well the music and vocal chords stand side by side, let alone playing with one another, just makes the material come full cycle. Her tone is very uplifting, that it becomes a working's source that becomes welcoming at times. "Harlan", gives the aspect into the uniqueness very much, that everyone else that may come from the album "Wow and Flutter", just is perfect. Nothing else is needed to be expressed with words about the content here, Amilia K Spicer's latest single that is titled "Harlan", gets the word out best, more works from her will do well for her creativeness.

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