Victoria Celestine - Good Heart to Hide

Victoria Celestine's EP "Wasted Tears", not only has the title track as a single but another track as well titled "Good Heart to Hide". Both tracks express the ability behind the artist Victoria Celestine. Her style being modernized yet hip. Her choice is pop crossed with alternative creating this sense of being like Paramore meets any other pop diva in current fame and fortune. That is how "Good Heart to Hide" sounds like pretty much really.

Surely if more was known about Victoria Celestine, her tunes would be played across the airwaves of in car radio if not internet radio stations taking in up-and-coming acts. Her styling of choice is very catching, uplifting even, that her voice and tone of music is very listenable. Her vocal chords do not dwell, they are enjoyed because of the spunky hyper-ness that she provides. Whereas the tone of the actual track, is more danceable than anything else. It is how this track and its accompanying artist play with one another.

Victoria Celestine's "Good Heart to Hide", is just another one of those tracks that lets it all sink in. Then lets it all out, with an expression of relief, but happiness atop it all. Her method of music creativeness being a forward of abilities that makes the music fun to hear.

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