Lo-Pro – The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge

We have all heard the term "revenge is sweet" but exactly how sweet is revenge? In most cases revenge is not the answer but this time we’re able to make an exception. Why well it's because of "The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge" of course thanks to American rockers Lo-Pro.

After having a promising 2003 self-titled debuting effort the long-awaited sophomore full-length follow-up was at hand, and "The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge", has become easily one of the most addictive and passionate mainstream rock records of this year. This being their third formal release in the lines of music, after which the self-titled release back in 2003 and then the "Letting Go" EP released in 2009 enough had been said about Lo-Pro and the fans were wanting more from them.

Whilst Lo-Pro’s climb has been a steep one but a rewarding one at that, reflecting an honest yet brutal talent when it comes down to their newest album, front man Pete Murrary bluntly and unapologetically retraces his band’s rocky road, with such songs as “Texas”, (Maybe I did it all because I wanted to”) to a much aggressive song like “Early Morning Anger”, (“Was I so out of line to think you’d be there?”). Yet, the album goes into a more in-depth motorization with “A Life That’s Just Begun”, and “Wasting Away”, in which both possess a more aggressive side to Lo-Pro that we haven’t seen before.

Though the album consists of 14-songs, most have appeared in other formats, for instance "Texas", "Hang On", "Alive", "Breath', and "Letting Go", have all appeared once before on the band's previous release, the "Letting Go" EP (2009). While others like, "Ingenious", "Blame Me", "All I Have", and "Clean the Slate", were available for streaming well before this album was even released. Demo versions of "Ingenious", and "Blame Me", were available back in 2005-2006 via the band's MySpace while an acoustic version of 'Clean the Slate", had become available in the streaming format via the acoustic MySpace account that was made. While a live acoustic version of "All I have", was performed during the 2007 term and became available in 2008, bits and pieces of Lo-Pro's work was an unfinished puzzle that had yet to be finalized for completion. Luckily enough, the songs "Wasting Away", "Say", and "Early Morning Anger" were never released nor heard.

“The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge”, may sound beautiful on the outside but on the inside this is Lo-Pro’s calling card to what is considered as their angry album.

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