The Dead Lay Waiting – We Rise

At first glance you would never think that a band like, The Dead Lay Waiting would be considered death metal/metalcore but it just so happens that they are just that and pull it off quite well. Since the signing to Rising Records their debut album is just what the band wants to do, rise so "We Rise", is just what they intent to do.

With that said, the opener “Anxiety of an Obsession”, may sound like your typical anxiety disorder but it actually isn’t this rather catchy demonic tune maintains to possess the death metal riffs and chorus structure that is quite catchy all round. Following this is “50S”, coming off as a more enforced response to its previous counterpart appealing to the more extreme source of metal rebellion. When it comes to the rest of the album other tracks like "I'll Hunt You Down", "What We've Done", "Just in Time", "We Stand as One", and "I Will Return" is the absolutely take on what these guys are made of, bringing out the similarity to that of As I Lay Dying meets Bleed from Within.

“ We Rise” by The Dead Lay Waiting is just what will happen so by all means keep your eyes on these guys for they will rise up above all the rest.

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