Éowyn is a Christian Diva with a Gothic Heavy Metal Twist!

Christianity never felt so....heavy? While the Christian religion as any other religion has dealt with the belief of loving and believing in God as well as his son Jesus Christ. By enforcing these believes into the form of music anything is possible whether it'd be smooth sailing on the waves of jazz or swaying back and forth to the ways of rock n' roll. But in this particular case we deal with the heavier side of music, introducing a more in-depth appeal to the likes of the underworld, the goddess of the night, Éowyn.

Her name should be quite familiar to those of you are who may be suck in the fantasy realm, for her name is named after a character from the "Lord of the Rings" books and films. Her dad was a huge fan of this series as many others have become over the course of time. Éowyn goes into saying that people always approach her asking her if it is indeed her real name, and it truly is.

Since the age of 19, Éowyn has been engulfed by the styles and sounds of music writing and creating her own material, going through not just one but a total of three albums whilst in the process; "Identity" (2006), "Shattered Illusions" (2004), and "Silent Screams" (2008). Whilst her latest album "Silent Screams", focus's to encourage the ones who have dealt with the insanity of depression, anger, and loneliness, or facing the insecurities to wanting to cry out for help. Éowyn goes into explaining that "It breaks my heart to see people hurting. I can't help but cry, because I understand what they’re going through, and I truly know how they can be whole again."

There are of course many types of “Christian Musicians" within our world trying to minimize their own role of what Christianity means to them in terms of music or the public image. It’s quite refreshing to find someone such as Éowyn who manages to create not only her own sense of style and music but build upon her own beliefs. Like she says "I hope my audience will be pulled into a deeper more honest relationship with God. Sometimes I think we try to hide from God and others what we are truly feeling, but the truth is, He already knows. The beauty is he already cares!"

1. Tell me about growing up in Nashville, have you heard of a town called Jacksboro - that’s where my Boyfriend grew up before moving out to Los Angeles.

Éowyn: I actually haven't heard of Jacksboro, although I haven't lived in Nashville that long. I mainly grew up in Kentucky and Alabama, which is where I got my strong southern accent! :) My husband and I moved to Nashville 4 years ago, but I've wanted to move here for a long time. I love this city. There are so many amazing, diverse people here. Where I live you can literally walk out your door and see cows, and then a few miles later you are surrounded by tons of shopping stores.

2. What’s your newest album "Silent Screams" all about?

Éowyn: "Silent Screams" focus was really to try to encourage people to ask for help. It centers on the concept that a lot of us walk around in our pain and insecurities and yet we never actually deal with them. Instead we bury our feelings and in turn end up feeling alone and abandoned. My hope for “Silent Screams” was to encourage people to cry out to others but especially to cry out to God.

3. Is you’re touring band the same band you used on your album "Silent Screams"?

Éowyn: No, although I have always had amazing players touring with me on the road, they can change from year to year. At the time of recording "Silent Screams" I had been off the road for a year so I had not yet put together a group of guys who would be touring with me. The musicians used on the album were mostly from a band called "Pillar". It was actually a dream of mine to get to work with them and it happened -the producer I was working with knew them so he talked to them about coming in the studio.

4. When and where do you go when you write?

Éowyn: I guess there is really no set time when I like to write, but I do like it to be away from everyone. I even kick my husband out of the house or make sure he's asleep so he can't hear me while I write. The only real reason I can give for doing this is that I get embarrassed for people to hear me. I make a lot of "noise" as I like to call it as I try to work out all the ins and outs of the song. My lyrics can also sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo at first.

5. What's your favorite song from the album and why?

Éowyn: I think my favorite song changes from month to month. I always write what I am feeling personally, so my favorite song also tends to change with what I need to hear or what I am feeling on a particular day. Currently, the one that I would say is my favorite today is "Saving Grace." Basically this song talks about how when everything in your life is in shambles, God is still there to save you. We have to make a lot of decisions right now concerning the direction of the music and I constantly have to remind myself that no matter what is going on, God is there and He is my saving grace.

6. How long did it take Éowyn to get inked to a record deal?

Éowyn: I actually don't have a record label. I have been offered three over the last several years but after praying about it, felt they were not the best fit. My goal has never been to "ink" a deal. I'm not against labels, but I'm also not against being an "indie". So whatever the future hold is okay with me. It's actually awesome to see the doors that God has opened even without having label. I have been told many times in my career that "this or that" can't happen without having a label. I always feel "this or that" can't happen unless God wants it to. :)

7. If you could pick one artist or band alive or dead, past or present to perform with who would it be and why?

Éowyn: I honestly am having a hard time picking one band or artist. I just love to perform and I love being on stage, so honestly it doesn't matter who that's with. Even if it's an act that is totally against what I believe I would want to perform with them as long as I got to share what I believed as well. That way the audience could hear my side of things! :) I know I should be saying a band name right now with the chance that maybe they'd read it and then let me share the stage with them, right? :) So, I'd like to share the stage with everyone. :) So every band or manager reading this...I’m talking to you.

8. Do you think talking about spirituality in music is becoming more popular and accepted in mainstream music?

Éowyn: I would say "I hope so!” I'm not sure if it's becoming more popular or that more people are just stepping out to do it. I think the audience wants to be offered a hope and music that has a spiritual meaning does just that.

9. What’s something that would surprise your fans to know about you?

Éowyn: I rarely ever listen to music. I get made fun of all the time for how little I know of music and bands. It's sad I know, but I think I own about 15 CDs and have about 75 downloaded songs. Even when you asked me the question about "which band I would want to perform with" I really had to think about it! :)

10. What do you say to someone who has done the church thing, said all the prayers, fasted, heard all the sermons and yet has never experienced the “Presence of God”?

Éowyn: I would first ask them, have you ever had a point in your life where you asked him to come? Have you ever truly asked Jesus into your life and into your heart? You can do all the "proper" motions of going to church and fasting and praying, but that doesn't mean you "know" Him. Secondly, if they have done that and are not feeling His presence then I would probably ask them "what is in your life that you have been holding onto? He's always there, but often times we feel him more than others. There are months when I say "I don't feel Him at all". When I don't "feel" Him, then I begin to ask myself what is in my life that could be hindering feeling His presence. Often times it could be bitterness, anger, anxiousness, or any other feeling that I have been struggling with that is not from Him. Once we deal with those things, we will feel Him again. :)

11. Why do you suppose that life seems easier for some, and painful for others?

Éowyn: I think all of us struggle. I think all of us go through very painful things. But I really believe that God only allows as much as we can handle. The thing is because of our individual personalities we can each "handle" different things. I also believe that He allows us to go through things to not only mold our character and to form us into who He wants us to be but also to use us to help others. You see, when we go through a death of a loved one, we can then be there for someone else who loses a loved one. If we have struggled with drug additions, but then we are delivered from that, then we can be there and love others who are going through the same thing.

12. Where do you see Éowyn 5 years from now?

Éowyn: I honestly don't know. Where I want to be is still out ministering to others and sharing God's love. I don't know if that will still be from the stage or not (although I hope it will be) but either way I hope to be doing it on some level.

13. What do you have planned for the future?

Éowyn: It all depends on the funds, but I hope to have a new album by next year. I already have some of the songs written, the album name and music video planned, and I am very excited to share what God has been laying on my heart over the last year and half at home. I want to go overseas soon too for a tour. Other than the music, my husband and I buy and sell antique furniture, so I would love to be still doing that as well. :)

14. Anything you'd like to say to your fans and our readers?

Éowyn: I am always very blunt at these types of questions, so readers please bear with me. :) If you are one of those people who have not yet experienced the presence of God, I encourage you to run to Him today. No matter what you think you have done, He loves you and is waiting open armed for you. Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ! If you need prayer please write me on my MySpace at www.myspace.com/eowynmusic. God bless you guys!

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