Bullet For My Valentine’s Pre-Summer Fever

When it comes to the sounds of music something comes to mind where exactly does all of this originate from? What is its purpose? Why is it here and what does it all mean? Well there’s a simple solution to that it’s that it makes us human being’s feel less miserable than we already do. If that doesn’t make any sense then perhaps some aggressive attitude needs to be put into its place, with the stylish soundings of Arcanum. These heavy metallers bring out that pure obsessive sound with such intensity it overpowers their music altogether thus the front man Sinn pretty much portrays this dark demonic being that is possessed by this misguided source of music, bringing out this similarity to that of London After Midnight meets a more modern mix of Bleeding Through. While their set was short but slim it was brought out with such confidence and pride it won the audience over in the long run.

With that said, the real heavy duty aggressive side of things was merely just getting started and was going to continue on with what Australia had to offer its viewers, the hard rock n’ roll styling’s that is Airbourne. These modern every day rockstars have nothing better to do than to rock out long and hard long into the night. With a set that consisted of about 30 or so minutes comprised of the old meets the new, the old being their previous works “Runnin Wild” (2007) and newest addition “No Guts. No Glory.” Bringing out the better good of things in terms of music, with such hits as “No Way But the Hard Way", "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast", as well as "Runnin Wild" kept the energy flowing long into the night.


When their set was all said and done, hardcore rockers Chiodos entertained the crowd with the help of one of their newest members, vocalist Brandon Bolmer whose addition to the band made no difference reallt except perhaps showing off a mellower side of Chiodos than they were able to present to begin with. Their set lasting about 30-40 minutes unleashing such fulfillment of energy it was grateful to see the stage left wide and open for the remainder of the night to complete its course.


Now it was the time everyone there had been waiting all night for, to welcome in the UK metal destructors Bullet for my Valentine. Throwing out a heavy duty set list of again the old meets the new not having any song be a misleading event. But rather a compelling effort, with such tunes as “Begging for Mercy”, “Your Betrayal”, “The Last Fight”, and “Alone”, among their other newest hits offered off their latest release “Fever”. Bullet for my Valentine brought the venue down no matter which way you looked at it, with much older classics as “Hand of Blood”, “4 Words to Choke Upon”, “Tears Don’t Fall” “All These Things I Hate”, among others this set list was a rather worth opponent in the eyes of the viewers, the fans who know what they like and this time, Bullet for my Valentine had set it up all right.


Written/Photographed By: Natalie Perez

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