Airbourne Drinks All Day and Plays All Night: the Interview

The two brothers of Airbourne, Joel and Ryan O'Keeffe spoke to me while in the back of their trailer while out on the road with Bullet for my Valentine and Chiodos. They discussed their latest release 'No Guts. No Glory." as well as what they have in store for the rest of 2010.

1. First, tell me about the band's history from its creation up to this point?

Joel: Well I guess the band’s history… well we’re brothers we started in Warrnambool, Australia then we moved to Melvin from there we did a lot of touring through Australia lived in a house together for about 3 ½ years we lived on pasta and then toured America just was on the road, from Europe to Australia all over.

2. How's the tour been going so far?

Joel: Really good ya know. Just back here in the states again sunny weather drinking people beers having a good time it’s a full band bill it’s like a mini festival it was a great idea.

3. What songs receive the best feedback live?

Joel: I guess Diamond in the Rough, Runnin Wild, Chewing the Fat, No Guts. No Glory. They pretty much all do.

Ryan: Born to Kill, Raise the Flag.

4. Why don't you tell me about your new album, "No Guts. No Glory." What does the title represent and what was the concept behind creating this album in comparison to your previous works.

Joel: Well No Guts. No Glory. Was basically giving it all you got. The main focus was to present a more live vibe. To be brought ford with more of the mix of the last one Johnny Cabin spent ages of getting everything in the right spot.

5. How is it being a part of Roadrunner Records?

Joel: Roadrunner’s great they got their own culture when it comes to the label. A lot of the bands on the label are touring bands, spending lots of time on the road. Roadrunner likes getting to their audience and everybody who works there is a fan of metal. You’ve got to be a fan of music to want to work there.

6. "No Way But The Hard Way", was the first single released off the album, and there was a video behind it tell me about the concept for that.

Joel: Yeah the video just get on top of a building and rock out.

7. What are your most proud of about being a part of Airbourne?

Joel: I’ve got my brother Ryan with me.

8. How do you like to occupy yourself in between shows on tour?

Joel: What we do? We have a few beers.

Ryan: We probably drink more than we should but usually just have a beer with the locals. Just have a good time really.

9. What does the rest of 2010 have in store for Airbourne ?

Joel: Tour pretty much. After this tour we go over to the UK for a bunch of festivals then we’re doing a Canadian tour and then come back here to the U.S. for the Uproar Tour. Then New Zealand and Australia then go back over to Europe and the UK again which goes right into Christmas and then back to Australia again.

10. Back in 08, you guys were a part of the Mayhem Festival as well as performing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show what were the pros and cons of those events?

Joel: Well Mayhem was pretty good we went all around the U.S. seeing a lot of car parks it was good to get out in the sun. Some of the days out in Arizona were too hot at times. Jimmy Kimmel was the first American TV show it was really weird trying to get your head around on what to do. But those were both really fun to do.

11. If you could have anybody, living or dead hear your music, who would it be?

Joel: Ummm I’d like Elvis to have a listen and see what he thought of us. See if he loved it or not.

Ryan: Pretty much sums it all up for me.

12. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Joel: Keep drinking and keep playing rock n’ roll.

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