SexyDeath - Demo

Who would ever think that sex and death could lead to something dealing with the likes of industrial meets alternative rock, known only as SexyDeath. Having an emphasis on the 'T" being an inverted cross, SexyDeath combines their sources of industrial alternative rock by enforcing it with similarities to that of Marilyn Manson meets London After Midnight with a minor crossover of Dope Stars Inc. meets DeathStars. A rather crazy mix-up of other resembled acts all known into one solution but it manages to pull itself together in the end.

With that said, SexyDeath is nothing more than your average take on the goth industrial society showcasing their own abilities within this genre mix-up combining a rhythm of guitar riffs with a bouncy upbeat drum tactic that keeps the music constantly flowing without ever missing a beat. Whereas the vocal tones are rather deep and hypnotic memorizing its listener by its enchanted technique for one “Beautiful Disaster”, rather displays a heavy yet mellow take when it comprises itself showcasing a raw but emotional concept that overpowers the music altogether, compelling such texture and grief it keeps the listener at bay to want to hear more.

“Lick Out The Pain”, continues to rotate this heavy but mellow drift of emotional concepts overriding the music with its heavier aspects unleashing a thorough glimpse into what Marylyn Manson sounds like when put together with London After Midnight, you end up with a rough and tough tune with such heartfelt emotion written all over it, it compels the music drowning it into sorrow and bitterness.

‘A Chemical Rabbit”, embraces the listener taking the music down a notch or to going down the lines of sounding precisely like Dope Stars Inc. except with a softer tone, while the concluding song “Sins So Dirty”, has a repeating formula going back to sounding just as the begging songs once had done. Overall SexyDeath have expressed their own skills and obsession with the dark side of life, one of which will forever reign within the deepest depths of their misguided souls.

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