Illusionist - Demo

After picking up a demo copy of what I considered was the next upcoming resemblance to Suicide Silence meets Bleed from Within there was definitely a connection between the two – for one the vocals were quite similar whereas the instrumental structure was indeed well rounded but could use some more development.

As it turns out, Orange County, Californian’s Illusionist brought out the best they could do in terms if performance technique during their set –up at this year’s California Metal Fest which brought on such an impression on my behalf that their demo was surly to do the same. Which it just so happens did - the demo starts off with a heavy but intensive tune "A Sight Worth Seeing", which promises to be nothing more than a mixture of breakdowns meets a round-up of fast pacing guitar riffs clashing against the alignment of drum beats. While “Legacy”, has that same repeating texture of breakdowns but brings out a clear vocal effect that comes and goes every so often tending to overwrite the growling effect it was known to produce on its previous counter partner.

As the demo rounds itself off it completes with “Six Feet Under”, and “Tom Riddle”, both indicating that fast but heavy beat that is rather catchy at first glance but soon changes its course of rhythm returning to that breakdown tone of beat, showcasing that this isn’t just an ordinary illusion but this has been done by the Illusionists themselves.

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