Aiden - From Hell...With Love

In a little of over seven years Seattle, Washington formed Aiden in which during that time span a series of events had commenced in just a matter of moments. Being lead by front man Wil Francis (vocals, guitar, piano, lyrics), Jake Davison (drums), Nick Wiggins (bass), and Angel Ibarra (lead guitar) Aiden had expressed their talent through music thus taking the world by storm with EPs, LPs, and a everything in between there wasn't anything that these guys could not do.

After the New Year had begun Aiden set off on a tour and made a pit stop in Chicago there stood a venue known as there stood the Bottom Longue music venue where this foursome of musicians would be given their lives to the likes of the Devil. “From Hell…With Love”, takes what Aiden has done over their seven year run and comprises it all into a double-disc set. The DVD for one consists of the 10 song set taking material between the time span of 2009's "Knives" all the way to the far reaches of the past with fan favorites like "World By Storm", "Die Romantic", and "The Last Sunrise". Front man Wil Francis doesn't ask the crowd to participate as much as he'd like but rather orders his followers to destroy everything in sight. The crowd, which is always in frame, looks like a blur every so often until “Scavengers of the Damned”, when Francis demands that his fans join him upon the stage and they do just that in a great number too. It's during these precise moments that you realize that Aiden is a band that continues to thrive. In despite of how tired, sore, or sweaty they may be, everybody in attendance seems to want to out-scream the other just to grab the band's attention. One fan looks like a exact replica of Francis during the era that was "Nightmare Anatomy". It's quite clear that this show is the fans home than a show perspective.

In addition to this, Aiden offers its fans their entire music video catalog as well as adding on an interview segment, documentary piece as well as some in-depth performance clips of their more down to earth acoustic moments. Aside from the DVD being the main contender here, the CD portion takes the concert segment and allows the listener to relive Aiden’s concert experience over and over again.

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