Bullet for my Valentine’s Feverlicious Interview

Bullet for my Valentine's bassist/vocalist Jason "Jay" James or Jay as he likes to be called sat down with me at the band's pit spot in sunny California to discuss with me the lowdown on the who, what and the where of what brought out the "Fever" within them and us.

1. It's been 12-years for Bullet for my Valentine what comes to mind?

Jay: Well 12 years for what….since we’ve been around? Just really proud the four of us being best friends we’ve actually done it it’s something we’ve always wished for could hope for and one day it happens ya know? We’re like the coolest friends being able to do what we do so it’s been 12 years of fun.

2. Throughout that 12-year span you've released EPs and three full-lengths, would you say that "Fever", captures what Bullet for my Valentine is all about?

Jay: Yeah the best we’ve done so far. We tried to capture what we could this time the same way we did The Poison and we went back to that style, because Scream, Aim, Fire was to rushed. This time we took our time and wrote what wanted to do and set our minds on it.

3. How about this current Spring US Tour, how have the fans been reacting to the new material set to the live setting?

Jay: Quite surprising because they’re singing every song. This time it was hard to choose a set list this time because we have so many songs to choose from it took us days to figure one out. So we finally picked a solid set list we liked and we keep on swapping things around everyone really gets into our music even the kids in the mosh pits it’s really cool.

4. Don Gilmore was the producer who pushed you to the limit what was it like being a part of that experience.

Jay: It was cool and Don is a really cool guy. At the start of the process because wer’re using to working differently so he raised the bar and building this comfort zone and he approached us and showed us what we should do from the last time. So we gave it a go but while we were out in Malibu we were having a hard time getting along with him during the writing sessions so we pulled the plug there and went back over to Wales and him and Matt chilled and worked at it becoming friends and the vocals were just outstanding and everything fell into place.

5. What sorts of new influences were brought in while writing this album?

Jay: Don Gilmore to be honest just his ideas and the way he went about doing things he had so many ideas he wanted to bring to the table ya know? For weeks Matt kept coming to my house saying how he couldn’t handle this guy and then Matt gave him a try and Matt understood where Don was coming from and the two of them took it from there Don had a lot to do with it.

6. After working together for so long, does everyone know what to expect from each other or is there still that element of surprise, like "Whoa where'd that come from"?

Jay: It flows now we’ve gotten use to the way we do things as far as songs go. But when we go back to writing again we’re not going to rush things.

7. In your own words what does Bullet for my Valentine do differently than other bands? What elements set you apart most? What are you most proud of with this new record?

Jay: Me, I think we play what we want to hear. Back in the day when we got signed it was that era so nobody was playing heavy metal so we wanted to take it to the next level and play what we wanted to it marks us as who we want to be.

8. As a band, how have you grown between "The Poison", "Scream, Aim, Fire", up until this point with the release of "Fever".

Jay: Probably the production of songs we learned lots of lesions when making this record and how to make this record better knowing of where to place what and where at exactly. These songs are catchy and really strong material so the next album should be huge.

9. What does the title "Fever", refer to?

Jay: It was a catchy name it’s one of the songs off the record. So we thought it’d be a catchy name for the record as well. The song itself is about what guys tend to do go to the strip clubs and do their thing being a sleazy song. Matt is the one who could tell you more, Don and Matt are the ones who were behind it all really pushing one another to the limit.

10. What inspired the lyrics for this album?

Jay: Again Matt was the one behind it all. This time every song is strong and huge that’s what we wanted to accomplish this time so we made it worked and all the directions we took worked out well.

11. How about 2010 what else can we expect to see from you guys?

Jay: This year now… we spent a good few months working on this album and now that we’ve gotten to the end of it we plan to do the fun stuff to it and just tour, tour, and tour some more.

12. For those that don't know who Bullet for my Valentine is, what should they know?

Jay: If you like heavy rock come and check us out I’m sure there is a song that you’ll love that will change your life so come check us out we’re Bullet for my Valentine.

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