Goatwhore’s Apocalyptic Nightmare Done Local Style!

Though the night started off to an empty start the crowd that stood watch was intrigued by what they saw…. Some local musicians known as Torment Id who have made their way around town had delivered an impressive 30-minute set up that comprised of such songs as "Infernus Legio Incedo", "Anthem for the Dead", "War of Souls", and "In the Shadow of Satan", among others their set consisted of fast driven guitars with heavy bass blaring beats that kept the music intriguing from start to finish. Front man Joey was the one snarling and growling with all his might while standing in place for the most part at times he presented some energy but could have given it more enthusiasm. Guitarist Beast and bassist Slade had done their own thing presented throughout their set-up doing fast yet steady beats that made the music bounce but still impacted heavy duty material held within. Whereas drummer Dustin provided the bearing feedback of aggressive beats that brought Torment Id’s set to a drawing point ending their tormented set of doom.

As the night progressed onward the so-called foursome of bands that were said to have played did do just that but it was time for the night to end and so it did but on a heavier note because Goatwhore were about to erupt the stage’s empty presents and bring on a night of absolute pain. This pain was indeed brought upon but not by the likes of the usual head banging mania but by a pit of destruction as the center of the room was consumed by a rotating clock of people running, pushing, and shoving their way to the beat of the music while some people ended up falling face first into the stage itself. While some ended up being thrown upon the stage gladly just jumping right back into the crowd. When it was all said and done, Goatwhore had pushed out several tunes both old and new; "Carving Out the Eyes of God", "Blood Guilt Eucharist", "Invert the Virgin", "In Legions, I Am Wars of Wrath", and "Apocalyptic Havoc". Goatwhore's showcase may have started off as an empty spot but ending off filling in the spots that were mislead.

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