Arcanium – The Architects

When it comes to the likes of royalty you would never think that metal and hard rock would be involved but as you'll discover there is a time and place for everything. Which brings to mind the heavy metal styling’s of Arcanium, their leading frontman Sinn covering vocal duties, while Cate works on the guitar and vocals, The Mystress covering the keyboards, Messiah on bass and vocals and Thommy Razor on drums and programming. When this is all said and done you are left with the band's debut release "The Architects".

Which by itself is quite impressive the blaring blast beasts of the drum attics with overpowering guitar riffs compels the music into this haunting yet melodic heavy as hell sound wave its hypnotic. Some songs that really pull the listener into its surroundings includes, “Gone Away,” “Ruined,” “Strangled Heart,” and “The Knife” are the band's calling card possessing the band's enigmatic live presence with becoming steady crowd pleasures and likeable favorites in terms of the live setting meets the recording version. Unleashing this clashing of the two versions if you will which showcases its own accord what Arcanium is really capable of.

Arcanium has taken the stage several times over the course of their musical careers having the honor and privilege of performing with such bands as DevilDriver, Devine Heresy, In This Moment, Hed PE, and Firewind and recently just toured with Airbourne, Chiodos, and british heavy metallers Bullet for my Valentine, now that is saying something.

With countless touring routes and the successful unleashing of their debut CD, Arcanium has been increasing in size obtaining a national amount of airplay, and an incredible source of live material that will master itself in no time.

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