Veil of Maya – Id

If it wasn’t noticeable by now, the label known as Sumerian Records goes into insisting that they favor deathcore out of most of the metal related genres given to the famous one hit genre “metal”. With that said, Chicago has their take on what they consider “deathcore” to be, and they claim it to be simply as this, Veil of Maya.

Now that Chicago has claimed who shall roam and rule over their terrain Veil of Maya has just unleashed their third album to date, entitled “Id”, having worked with producer Michael Keene guitarist of The Faceless who’s also taken the time to produce "The Common Man's Collapse” that was released back in 2008.

Two years later, “Id”, has swept the deathcore lands, with tracks such as "Unbreakable", "The Higher", "Conquer", and "Codex", among a few instrumentals thrown into the bunch, Veil of Maya has managed to pull it off quite well in the long run. Having numerous instrumentals as said beforehand along with a variety of guitar riffs with constant breakdowns that keeps the growling screams well under control.

Unlike previous works “The Common Man’s Collapse”, Veil of Maya has taken their music up a couple of notches on their latest release “Id” which clearly showcases the band’s maturity and availability to pursue a long last relationship with the genre they call home, deathcore.

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