Ironbound Releases New Album "Serpents Kiss"


Polish heavy metal band Ironboud has released their newest album titled "Serpents Kiss". "Serpent's Kiss" continues the musical path taken on their debut album, offering traditional heavy metal in the style of Iron Maiden, which is the main inspiration for the Polish band, but not the only one. The spirit of Maiden is strongly present here, but while the Brits may have slightly lowered their flight with their latest album, Ironbound seems to be on the rise.

The album consists of eight compositions, some of which are fast-paced, but there is also room for long, epic monuments charged with epic pathos. The album is full of excellent riffs, masterful solos, and magnificent melodies. It's a must for fans not only of Iron Maiden but of traditional heavy metal in general.

You can listen to the album in its entirety here:

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