VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! Vamp Up Billy Idol's Immortal "White Wedding"


Vampires Everywhere! are back for blood with "White Wedding" single release just in time for National Goth Day 2024.

Michael Vampire of Vampires Everywhere! says "When I was a young boy my mother used to play Billy Idol for me nonstop! His music is in my blood (no pun intended) and I'm beyond excited to share with the world my rendition of one of his most iconic songs 'White Wedding'. I remember seeing the OG version on MTV and being blown away! I wanted to make sure I did the song justice and pulled no stops setting up a music video that even Billy Idol would be proud of. I absolutely feel this is my best music video to date and I couldn't be more thankful to everyone that was involved. Alex from Black Wolf Imaging did a fantastic job bringing my vision to life and understanding the importance of storytelling in music videos. I wanted to pay homage to the classic movies that defined my childhood. Movies like "Carrie" and "Queen Of The Damned" helped inspire me to create something memorable. I've always been the underdog in the music industry and treated like Todd from "Wedding Crashers" haha! So I wanted the video to have the separation between the popular crowd and the so-called freaks. It was actually mind blowing to see the cast get so involved in the video and even genuinely clapping when the groom and bride get together in the end. It's amazing how powerful music can be and I'm proud to show the world my version of 'White Wedding'."

Watch "White Wedding" HERE.

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